Finding the Right Air Conditioning Unit for your Home This Summer

By: Levi Santiago
Finding the Right Air Conditioning Unit for your Home This Summer

When it comes to the summer heat, it is quite literally a “hot topic.” Especially since the Philippines is a tropical country, the summer heat is no joke, to the extent that it may be better off to just stay inside on some days in the summer. Foreheads wet with sweat, patches of sweat stains all over your clothing, and an unbearable heat that’s enough to make you dizzy – this and many other reasons are reason enough to make one realize how important having air conditioners in your Lot for Sale should be in the summer to help cool you down. And if you’re looking to read about how to take care of your air conditioner, the different types of air conditioners, and good picks for brands, this blog post is just for you.

Why Is Having a Good Quality Air Conditioner Important?

Before we get into how to take care of an air conditioner and your overall air conditioning units and what good brands there are, it’s best to remember that buying an air conditioner and maintaining it has to be a solid investment on your part. It’s best not to forsake the quality of an air conditioner just for a cheap price. First and foremost, air conditioners built and kept in good quality combats heat in the environment, especially in the summer, to the extent that mental and physical fatigue from the heat is reduced. Whenever the environment is too hot in your Lot for Sale, you would definitely notice how harder it is to concentrate on work; and that is because your body is allocating its energy towards cooling you down. Otherwise, you would suffer a nasty heat stroke; and heat strokes are a serious issue to consider. Air conditioners are effective at reducing the risk for heat strokes.


Although, air conditioning systems offer more than just cool the environment so that you don’t pass out from the heat. Pollutants, microbes, and mold in your home are filtered by air passing through the air conditioner, so owning an air conditioner of good quality is especially helpful to people who have either asthma or allergies. Additionally, having an air conditioner means less to no sweating at all, which means a reduced risk of dehydration from the heat. Furthermore, an issue you should be aware of when it comes to the summer heat is that it damages furniture in your newly bought house and lot for sale. Moisture destroys leather furniture, and the loss and gain of moisture makes wooden furniture lose its shape. Both you and your house get affected by the summer heat, so air conditioners are worth the investment.

Good Quality Central Air Conditioning System Are Nothing If You Don’t Maintain Them

Even if you bought the best of the best of air conditioners, failing to do regular maintenance and service on that air conditioner will not only destroy it in the long run because it will also do you more harm than good. Not doing maintenance on your air conditioner will cause it to malfunction more often. Lack of maintenance will also cause the air conditioner’s quality to deteriorate more and more over time, causing it to use up more energy and increasing the electric bill in your newly moved in house and lot for sale.


The parts that make up the air conditioner (AC) such as the AC coils, AC filters, and AC fins need regular maintenance so that they all work efficiently to make the air conditioner effective in serving its purpose. Hence, it is important to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year consistently so that minor problems can be solved immediately. Otherwise, those minor problems can become worse enough to make your entire air conditioner break down. Air conditioner warranties usually require regular servicing for a couple of years after buying the air conditioner as well, so not having your air conditioner serviced regularly will render your warranty null. And if your air conditioner were to get really damaged but your warranty is already null, then you’ll have to spend much more on repair expenses instead of the servicing expenses that cost less.

Types of Air Conditioners

To make your home a cooler one amidst this hot summer season you must know what type of air conditioning unit is best for your home, here are the different types of air conditioners.

Central Air Conditioner


Central air conditioners make use of a system of return and supply ducts that allow the flow of cool air from the air conditioner to the rooms in your newly moved in house and lot for sale. From the furnace duct system, the cooled air is propelled by the evaporating unit of the air conditioner.

Window Air Conditioner


Window air conditioners are your usual box AC, which is usually installed in a window. Effective at cooling a room in your house thereby being energy efficient, window air conditioners are also cost-efficient.

Portable Air Conditioner


Portable air conditioners are popular reason for a simple reason: they’re typically quick to set up for use. Many portable air conditioners have wheels as well, although they come with an air pipe where hot air comes out, which has to go outside the house in your new house and lot for sale.

Ductless (Mini-Split System) Air Conditioner


Ductless air conditioners require no ductwork, which is basically those series of big tubes or ducts within a house that serve purposes regarding a ventilation or heating system. This type of air conditioner is not only more efficient is distributing cool air, they’re also a good permanent choice for an air conditioner.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner


Floor mounted air conditioners are named the way they are because of how they’re installed just above the floor near the bottom of the wall. This type of air conditioner is a kind of mini-split ductless AC system that’s worth considering if your newly moved in house and lot for sale lacks enough wall space.

Air Conditioner Brands That Are Great Picks


·        Samsung

·        Fujidenzo

·        Everest

·        Eureka

·        Kolin

·        Haier

·        Midea

·        Condura

·        Carrier

·        LG

Looking for brands to invest in amidst the summer heat? These brands are great picks for giving you that nice cool air that’ll make you exhale in relief. It’s also worth noting that these brands may be bought at AllHome shops!

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