Styling your Face Masks and Protective Gear

By: Matthew Du
Styling your Face Masks and Protective Gear

The pandemic has changed a lot of things. Now, students go to school online. Others work from home. We even buy groceries online now. The changes haven’t only been limited to that. One change we’ve had in our daily life is having to wear face masks and other protective gear such as face shields.

Face masks have become as essential as footwear and the clothing on your back. It’s become part of our day-to-day outfits. And much like our clothes, we want to make our face masks colorful and lively. We want to add a bit of our personality to the clothes we wear. That includes the masks on our faces. To give you some ideas, here are a few ways to turn your face mask and protective gear into a fashion statement and creatively add your personality to them. Keep reading for a bonus FAQ section!

Why wear facemasks and personal protective equipment?

Why wear facemasks and personal protective equipment

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the entire world greatly. We’ve been in quarantine for some time and though a lot of have been vaccinated, there are even more that haven’t been. And so, governments still encourage everyone to wear face masks and protective gear when leaving the house. But can face masks protect you from COVID?

The answer is yes. COVID can be transmitted through droplets of saliva. Whenever someone with COVID sneezes and droplets of their saliva touches you, you could contract COVID. This is when face masks come in. Masks cover your mouth so whenever you cough, sneeze, talk, and the like, you don’t spread your saliva. Although, you must remember that face masks alone cannot slow the spread of the virus. Face masks and preventative measures such as face shields and social distancing are required. Wearing masks and face shields can help you avoid getting infected with COVID.

Why should you style your face mask and protective gear?

Different people have a different sense of style. Some might prefer wearing black. Some prefer wearing white. Some prefer wearing bright colors. Whatever your sense of style may be, styling your clothes and adding whatever you want can be enjoyable.

Why should you style your face mask and protective gear

Styling your face masks can also help you express yourself. It’s much like choosing a home. When you choose a house, you want to make sure that the design suits you and it transforms your house into a home. Finding a suitable house for rent or a house and lot for sale in the Philippines is a must. If you’re looking for a house for sale in the Philippines with a great design, contact Crown Asia and we’ll be sure to help you. We’ll also help you find a lot for sale or a house for rent.

3 Types of Masks and How Effective They Are

1. Fabric or Cloth Masks

The first kind of mask available would be the cloth mask. These can be homemade and sewn using cotton and the like. Cloth masks can prevent those who are infected from spreading the infection to other people. You should make sure your mask fits snugly. It should include multiple layers of fabric yet allow you to breathe easily.

2. Surgical Masks

Healthcare workers use surgical masks more often than any other mask. These masks are loose-fitting and disposable. They also protect your nose and your mouth from coming into contact with anything that could carry germs. A great reason why surgical masks are used more than the other masks is that they can filter out large particles in the air to make sure that you can’t spread your saliva.

3. N95 Masks

These masks are more effective than surgical masks and cloth masks. This is because studies have shown that they are designed to block 95% of particles. These particles include droplets of water that could contain COVID. However, N95 masks are used by healthcare workers and first responders. Because there isn’t a wide number of these masks available, they should only be reserved for those who need them.

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8 Ways to Turn the Use of Face Masks and Protective Gear Into a Fashion Statement

We’ve shown you the different available face masks and how effective they are. Now, to make your plain face mask more you, here are a few ideas. Try bringing your personality into your design.

1. Sew on your favorite symbol.

One great way to design your face mask would be to sew on your favorite symbol. Do you like a kind of flower? Sew them onto your cloth face mask! The design will all depend on you. Be as creative as you want!

Think of this as designing a house. Where do you want to put your family picture? Do you think it’ll look good on your bedroom wall? You have to make choices for the design of your house’s interiors. If you’re looking for a lot for sale so you can start building your house, contact Crown Asia. If you want a house and lot for sale in the Philippines instead, we’ll gladly help you with that as well.

2. Use fun and recycled fabric.

We’ve mentioned the different types of face masks above. One of the face masks you can have is a cloth face mask or fabric face mask. The great thing about this mask is that you can sew this kind of face mask yourself. This means you can design it any way you like. And, you can use any kind of color for the cloth, unlike the surgical masks which will stay blue no matter what you do.

Use fun and recycled fabric

Cute cloth makes for cuter masks. Choose fabric that’s your favorite color. Or a fabric that you think will match your favorite outfit. When you choose fabric, you can also opt for a fabric that is 100% natural. Isn’t that great? While surgical masks are disposable and can only be used once, masks made of cloth can be washed and reused. That helps the environment. Surgical masks are also made of synthetic material whereas cloth masks can be made of 100% natural fabric.

3. Tie-dye your cloth face masks.

Tie-dye your cloth face masks

Another great idea for styling your mask would be to tie-dye them. Not only do tie-dyed masks look fun but they’re fun to make as well. Plus, Tie-dye masks are quite popular this year. However, it is good to avoid traditional tie-dye kits seeing as they are toxic and you’ll be putting these masks on your face. You don’t want to breathe the dye.

To make tie-dye these cloth face masks safely, use natural methods. You could buy a natural tie-dye kit online. There are tons of those. Or, you could look in your kitchen. Do you have beets? They’ll create pinkish or red dye. How about red cabbage? That’ll give you purple dye. You could also grab spice turmeric because that can give you yellow dye. There are tons of other methods that are safe. Once you have your dye, grab a white cotton face mask or any white fabric and tie-dye them. Once finished, transform the cloth into a mask if it isn’t a mask already. You’ve got yourself a fun and colorful mask you can use every day. If the mask is wrinkled, there’s no need to worry. Iron it quickly and the wrinkles will fade.

4. Add pins or stickers.

A lot of the ways I’ve shown you so far are for cloth face masks. This way can be for surgical masks. All you need are a few pins or stickers. You can find stickers online and print them. You can also buy them. Once you’ve gathered all the pins and stickers you want to put on your mask, it’s time to arrange them onto your surgical mask or any other kind of mask. Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow. Be as creative as possible as you think of cute ways to arrange your stickers onto your mask.

5. Match the use of the mask to your outfit.

Match the use of the mask to your outfit

When you choose a shirt, you’ll want the shirt to match your bottoms as well as your shoes. They should complement each other. Now, if you take this concept and add a mask to your overall outfit, you’ll want to make sure that the mask matches your outfit and complements it. That’ll help you stand out. If you have a red mask with white stripes, try wearing a red outfit and then add a white belt.

6. Use fabric markers to personalize your face mask.

Have you ever seen those face masks with drawings on them? Some might have whiskers to impersonate a cat. Some might have polka dots. To personalize your face mask, use fabric markers and draw on any design you’d like. From your favorite food to stripes and polka dots, you can do just about anything when you have a fabric marker in one hand and your cloth mask in another.

7. Add beads or buttons and embellish your face mask.

Another way to design your mask and add “oomph” would be to sew buttons and beads. Grab your cloth mask and sew on beads to spell out your name or buttons here and there. This’ll add fun design elements to your face mask.

8. Choose a cute mask holder.

Some people wear a sort of necklace that holds their mask. The functionality draws people in. Take off your mask and it’ll hang around your neck until you want to use it again. And, you can choose a fashionable mask holder. You could choose a chain and that’ll make it look like you’re wearing a chain necklace. You could choose a mask holder made of beads. The possibilities are endless!

FAQ Section

How do I properly wear face masks?

How do I properly wear face masks

The first thing you should do is wash your hands. Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean. You should wash your hands before and after touching the mask. Afterward, grab the mask but make sure to only touch the bands or ties. Don’t touch the part of the mask that covers your face. Make sure that the mask fits you well. It covers your nose, mouth, and chin. Make sure that you can breathe and talk comfortably.

What mask should I use to prevent COVID-19?

Research shows that the N95 mask is one of the most effective masks against COVID-19. It filters out 95% of all particles that are around 0.1 to 0.3 microns wide. Studies indicate that this includes the size of droplets that carry the virus. N95 masks are known to perform better than surgical masks and cloth masks.

If you’re looking for another option, you should be looking for a face mask made with three layers of fabric. These three layers include the inner layer, middle layer, and outer layer. The inner layer should be made of absorbent material. One such material would be cotton. The middle layer should be made of non-woven and non-absorbent material such as polypropylene. And finally, for the outer layer. This layer should be made of materials like polyester which is non-absorbent. These masks are available in stores.

The Takeaway

Since masks are already a part of our day-to-day outfits, why not make them look as fashionable as what we wear? The results will be just as fun as styling the mask. Follow our 8 ways to style a mask to turn it into a fashion statement. Add a little bling and you’ll walk down the street like you’re strutting down the runway.

Staying indoors in your House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines


Although the thought of styling and strutting outside with your fashionable facemask or protective gear might be a good idea for your Instagram feed. It is still better to be staying indoors in your Crown Asia home. Prevention is always better than cure so be safe and secure in your home with your family!

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