Spice up Your Kitchen With These Cookware Brands

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Spice up Your Kitchen With These Cookware Brands

If there is one thing we yearn for more than our craving for the best things in life, it is our persistent goal to offer the best to our beloved families. That is why we take them out to the best restaurants, enroll them in the most prestigious of schools, and give them the best of house and lot for sale in Crown Asia among many other acts and gifts of love. This offering of the best to our spouses and little ones does not leave any stone unturned. As it should. We do things, we buy stuff, might as well give our all as well as purchase the best, right? This very detail could also go all the way to your kitchen, specifically the tools you use to cook. Why? Well, why not?

If there is another thing that would motivate us to cook the best food for our children other than the fact we want to keep them well-fed with the sumptuous and healthiest of foods, it is a chic yet efficient cooking tool. Read more to know which cookware brands you must have in order to have a grand cooking experience, may it be a lone quest or a shared one with your spouse and/or your children.

Best Cookware Brands for your Crown Asia Kitchen

No flaws with Le Creuset


You can easily pretend you are a world-class chef with this first-rate cookware brand, Le Creuset.

Le Creuset began producing its first porcelain enameled cast iron pots in 1925 from its foundry in Fresnoy le Grand, France. The two founders, Armand Desaegher (a casting specialist) and Octave Aubecq (an enameling specialist), randomly met at the Brussels Fair, a large-scale event held in Belgium showcasing the different art and cultures of 5 continents. Isn’t that amazing? How do two people meet to create something so special? Sounds like you and your spouse, does it not?

This cookware brand makes it a life rule to not have flaws with its no-flaws policy. This brand does not double-check, nor triple check. One word, two syllables: fifteen. Yes, each pot is inspected by 15 different people before it is deemed worthy to sell. And they leave no exceptions. 30% of the company’s items are rejected every year because of imperfections. That is how crucial they are. Nevertheless, they make it a point to recycle the said pots with flaws and make other products out of them.

Though Le Creuset has its original colors such as the Cerise, Artichaut, and Marseille (same, we did not know that such colors exist), it does not shy away from variation with its 100 different colorful cookware to choose from. Additionally, this brand, no matter how historically cultured it is, is always kept up with the times, especially with their whimsical and crowd gathering limited editions such as their Beauty and the Beast collection, and Harry Potter-themed cookware line.

From its famous dutch ovens with nonstick coating, if you’re looking for good cookware, bakeware, pots, frying pans, skillet, and general nonstick cookware, this brand is for you.

Do not stop with Staub


Photo from staub.com

Another elite cookware brand that you must try out is Staub. When it comes to enameled cast iron cookware, Staub is on top of the list of making such. This brand is hardly unbeaten when it comes to the combination of chicness and durability. Their products pride themselves to last many years and even generations.

Producing all their cast iron products in France, this cookware brand has always been compared to the likes of the cookware company Le Creuset, and this is one of the many reasons why you should give this a try. According to Food52, a notable blog site, most sales associates, as well as the writer’s friends/neighbors, recommended Staub over Le Creuset, because of “Staub’s self-basting spikes under the lid (in most of their products), lustrous finish quality (“majolique” coloring and glazing process), standard higher-temperature knobs, and slightly less price-point than Le Creuset”.

Aside from having iron cookware, they also have top-notch ceramic tools and bakeware. Such the opportunity of having various world-class tools in your house and lot for sale is indeed exciting! Lastly, the enameled cookware produced by Staub actually reduces the need for a lot of salt when cooking. Less salt is needed because food’s natural flavors and sugars are retained. Cookware that directly encourages you to eat healthier? Yes, please!

Lodge prides itself to be of a heritage


Photo from foodandwine.com

Do not underestimate Lodge Cast Iron for it is the oldest and longest-running cast iron cookware manufacturer in the United States. Formerly known as Blacklock, founder Joseph Lodge fired up a long-dormant railroad foundry in South Pittsburg, Tennessee in 1896.

Being one of the oldest American cookware companies, Lodge prides itself to be a reliable source of timeless, full-of-character kitchen tools for centuries. Since its founding last in 1896 by Joseph Lodge, its products are exquisite and durable enough to be a family heirloom. “We don’t just make cookware — we make memories that last for generations,” their motto boasts.

Another great thing about this brand that is a total plus to your house and lot for sale, is how they aim to be environmental-friendly. As they had mentioned on their website, over the years, they have developed company-wide recycling programs, uncovered ways to reuse foundry sand, switched to biodegradable packing materials and invested in foundry equipment that reduces pollution and minimizes energy consumption. Isn’t that admirable?

Additionally, if ever you feel overwhelmed with Lodge’s varying products that all seem too good to be true, do not fret so Lodge has provided a quiz for you to help you decide which cookware is best for you! Take it here: https://www.lodgecastiron.com/shop#product-wizard. This quiz would automatically take you to the specific products that suit you and your goals. So let us say that your kids want to learn how to cook and they had challenged themself to cook for the whole family. If they are looking for the most suitable products for their quest, they can easily take this quiz and they will be suggested products such as Lodge’s 6 Quart Red Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven!

Other notable cookware brands


Photo from thedailybeast.com

Fan of the famous chef, Gordon Ramsay? You can emulate his likeness by using the cookware that he uses at home and at his restaurants. He’s been using Hexclad’s stainless steel cookware at home while he uses All-Clad’s hard-anodized aluminum cookware for his shows like MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen. These two brands offer stainless steel pans and nonstick pans, ranging from sauté pans to fry pans. Another good cookware brand you should consider is Calphalon. They offer a wide range of cookware from ceramic cookware to steel cookware.

One thing you should consider when buying pans is the materials that they’re made out of. Carbon Steel Cookware differs from Stainless Steel Cookware. Carbon steel pans are much better heat conductors however they’re susceptible to rust and corrosion as they’re made out of carbon. Stainless steel on the other hand is made out of steel and chromium and lasts very long. However, they have poor heat conductivity.

Indeed, all of this cookware will not only motivate you to cook the best food for your family, but it will also you how the best things in life are always there for your family to take joy in, it is only a matter of constantly giving it to them.

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