How to Take Care of Your House Plants

By: Rehian Vicente
How to Take Care of your House Plants

Plants need water, it is an important element for their survival. It is an integral part for the photosynthesis, a process where plants make its own food. But too much water can greatly affect, or possibly destroy plants. Too much water can possibly drown the plants, making it unable to function well. But all of plant enthusiast know this, what could possible the reason why plants be drown to much of a water? Rainy season is here, this is one of the primary reasons why plants will be drowned. It is an uncontrollable phenomenon, that even the highest official cannot stop. But as responsible plant enthusiast we can prevent our plants from drowning. Below are some of the steps to avoid these situations.

Caring for Outdoor Plants

Plants are basically living outside the house. It is their place, but due to changes, plants also adopted to live inside the house. Although some plants don’t really need sunlight. But we still need to take care of our outdoor plants, especially when it is raining continuously.

One thing you can avoid during rainy season, is to avoid watering your plants when you know that it is raining continuously. By this action, you can prevent your plant to drown with too much water. You can also move or transfer your plant in a pot inside your house for a while if you feel like the rain is too much, heavy volume of water is being released by the rain, to prevent it from drowning. It is completely your call, observe the weather and be proactive and reactive in this kind of situations.


Just like what Crown Asia is doing, we are proactively making key decisions that will benefit our client, that will give our client the best offer they can get from the company. Also, be reactive at times, Crown Asia easily adjust to the needs of the client. A mix of both proactive and reactive actions are relevant to provide quality care for both the plants and the clients, respectively.

Another thing you can do is to check the soil. Check whether the soil is loose. But remember that you don’t want it to be too loosed. The reason behind it is that, loose soils can easily drain the water but you also need to make sure that the soil can support the plant or the plant can anchor its roots to the soil. It is a matter of balance; you need to make sure that the soil you are using can handle a plant and can make your plant to grow healthy. You can also use fertilizer to ensure the nutrition needed by the plants and also to ensure that the soil is a sustainable place for your plant to grow. If you ever have questions regarding this, you can always seek help to the people who are knowledgeable about this concept. You can also search information to reliable sources online. Taking care of a plant requires concentration, determination and dedication since it is not easy to grow plants in your backyard on your own.

Caring for Indoor Plants is more than the bright light or low light for them to survive

There are some plants which are designated to live inside a house, but you still need to know what are the appropriate things to do in taking care of the indoor plants, what are the worst thing you can avoid and what kind of plants are suitable on this kind of environment.


One thing you need to do is to place your indoor pants on the window area or any place where they can still get sunlight, since it is important for their growth. You can designate an area inside your house for your indoor plants to ensure their optimal growth, just always make sure that sunlight and water should never be forgotten in growing a plant. During rainy days where sunlight couldn’t be seen, you can put your plants below a fluorescent lamp to ensure that your plants will still continue on making its own food for them to survive. Adapting to different situations or even in an unforeseen event can show how flexible and prepared a plant enthusiast is. It is really important to think and move fast in this kind of situation to ensure that your plants are still promoting optimal health and growth.

Same as Crown Asia, as a company, we are fast to adapt to ever-changing situations, from the pandemic era, where a lot of things are not expected to come, the company was able to adjust well and made sure that the services and products they are offering is still on its best quality. From the staffs the clients, the company always make sure that they are in their best and always prioritizing their welfare.

Proper Pest Control for an Indoor Plant


Watch out for pests or other organisms which can affect the growth of the plants. Always make sure that you are taking care of your plants to avoid unfortunate events.

Regularly check the potting soil.


It is important that you also took care of the soil not only the plants since these two are regularly working together, if one is defective, it could affect the growth of the plants or vice versa. Always make sure that you are looking for these two things actively to promote optimal health.

Preparing for a life as a plantito/plantita


Before deciding to have a plant inside or outside your house, you must be completely aware that it is not a simple thing to do. Research all of the important knowledge or information you need before proceeding to having a plant at your house. Don’t make rush decisions, do not be impulsive, since there are a lot of situations where you will be challenged especially if you are not prepared to this kind of changes. Always be proactive and reactive at the same time. But it will only be possible if you are duly prepared, ready and alert for most of the time to fully ensure the best care you can offer for the plants.

May it be a snake plant, flowering plants, a spider plant, a foliage plant, or air plants, owning a house plant is a commitment. From making sure that it has indirect light, artificial light or proper direct sunlight and keeping the soil moist it is a task that might be a bit tiring, but also rewarding.

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