Self-Defense Strategies You Need to Know to Survive

By: Rehian Vicente

The rising numbers of people being abducted, kidnapped, physically abused, and sexually abused cause havoc and panic to everyone, especially women who are more prone to this kind of unforeseen event. Although the government is doing its part, as an individual and average people, we should also take our own action to ensure our own safety. There are a lot of tips online or even from professionals dealing with this kind of situation. Some of these are bringing items that you can use to protect yourself, always having someone who will accompany you, and many more. We will explain and comprehensively state all of the necessary actions one can take to prevent, protect, and safeguard oneself when one encounters this situation.

Here Are Some Basic Self-Defense Knowledge or Self-Defense Tips You Can Use Whenever You Are Going Out of Your House and Lot in Bacoor Cavite:

1. Be vigilant

As much as possible, always be wary of the surroundings, If you feel like there is something wrong with the environment or the surroundings you are currently in, try to get out of the place or go to a place where there are a lot of people. Don’t wear or use earphones or headsets when walking alone in streets or even in a crowded area outside your house and lot in Bacoor Cavite. One should be fully aware of what is happening to be able to respond quickly and also to have the time to think in dealing with such situations. Always remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Being vigilant is something that you should always practice whenever and wherever you go.

2. Avoid being an easy target/practice target denial

If there is a chance to avoid dealing with this kind of situation, always choose to stay away from it. But if there is no choice or you feel like you have no choice but to deal with it, try to think of ways to limit the effect of your interaction with that certain individual. For example, if you feel like someone in the same room is having ill intent against you, try to move away or ask for someone who can accompany you until you feel safe. In this kind of situation, always try to clear your mind to have better judgment and decision-making for the best result possible.

3. Always be confident

Having confidence in the way you move can lessen the chance of you being an easy target for criminals. This might give them the impression that you will give a fight. Most are targeting individuals who look weak, or those people who walk with their heads down, hands in their pockets, or looking vulnerable (visibly frightened, confused, weak). Remember that these thugs are not looking for something that could lead to a fight since they are trying to move under the radar, they are trying to move stealthily that’s why an easy target is their priority. So, remember to always look confident and strong to lessen the encounter of this kind of situation.

4. Set strong verbal boundaries

If someone approaches and tried talking to you, as much as possible do not engage. Try to walk fast and blend with the crowded area. If there is no choice but to talk, keep yourself calm and try to stand tall, be assertive, and exert your dominance. With this action, it ensures that you are not an easy target making the attacker think twice whether he will continue the attack or not. If you feel like there is a chance that other people hear you, try to get that chance but work under the radar wherein the attacker is not aware of the two-step action you are doing. Be calm and smart in this kind of situation. Do not let them take over you, be strong with how you speak and how you deliver yourself.

5.  Keep as much distance away from them

Always know your safe personal space and your privacy. If someone you don’t know enters consciously into your safe space, be ready to counter-engage. Have things that can immobile the attacker’s movement or someone who can deal damage to slow their movements and avoid elevating it to something dangerous. If that individual doesn’t listen to your verbal warnings or attack, be ready to fight back or do actions that will make you safe. The groin, attacker’s nose, and leg area are some of the most sensitive areas of a man so try to hit that area to keep them immobile for a while and run as fast as you can to a place where there are a lot of people or to near police center or barangay centers.

6. Use the element of surprise

This tip must only be used if you don’t have a choice but to strike back. Don’t let your attacker know your move to avoid him reacting to what you are going to do. Always have that element of surprise, this could shock the attacker and will make them make their move, if there is a chance, strike and don’t give them the chance to strike back.

Other things not mentioned here are enrolling in self-defense training for self-defense moves with an ace-certified personal trainer in martial arts and other combat sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay Thai.

These tips are helpful in confronting this kind of situation and to keep you safe from this kind of event. But rest assured that these situations will never happen inside any of Crown Asia’s properties especially their house and lot in Bacoor Cavite or any Cavite house and lot offering since we will always ensure our topmost priority which is the safety of our homeowners. But all of us should always be vigilant and aware of what’s happening in the surrounding area to be able to act accordingly and to take necessary actions that will ensure our own safety.

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