Why Getting a Pet for Your Condo is the Next Best Decision

By: Mary Rose Arturo

If you are currently living in a pet-friendly condominium building, you should consider yourself lucky. A lot of people must sacrifice their dream condo because of its strict no-pets allowed policy that will surely keep them away from their furry companions. Who would want to be in that situation, right? This is why you should take advantage of this privilege if there are no such restrictions in your building like in a condo in Bacoor. Owning a pet can definitely make your condo living more colorful and worthwhile.

Worried about the hassle of taking responsibility? You will surely forget about those when you find out about the surprising benefits of getting your own pet.

Are You Worried About Your Health? Time to Get a Pet.

Health benefits like lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and a better sense of well-being have been linked to pet ownership. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that 62 percent of American homes had a pet and spent $53 billion on it in the previous year. While this may sound expensive, most people would agree that good health is something that cannot be bought.

Human-animal connections are important in society because they promote a level of closeness, nurturing, and ties to the natural world. According to recent studies, cuddly animals help humans maintain good physical and mental health.

Want a Stronger Heart? Walking Your Certain Dog Breeds Might Be the Answer.

Walking your dog is a fantastic way to avoid heart disease. It is a low-risk, low-intensity activity that can reduce or maintain your waistline and help you absorb your much-needed vitamin D. To lower their risk of heart disease, dog owners should exercise for at least 150 minutes every week.

Looking for a more enjoyable exercise activity with your dog? You might want to consider looking into the dog yoga classes that are offered for individuals and their dogs. By fostering peace and oneness, this type of yoga can strengthen the bond between you and your precious pet.

Getting Lonely Living Alone but Doesn’t Want to Enter a Committed Relationship? Pour That Love Into Your Own Fur-Baby in Your Pet Home.

Most condo owners who live alone can find companionship in their pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that during the past six years, pet ownership among single people has increased by 17%. According to the survey, due to how much support their company offers, single people are more inclined to view their pets as family members.

Looking For Ways to Meet New People? Try Getting a Dog to Meet Other Pet Owners.

The desire to interact with other pet owners is common among pet owners. Dog parks are more common nowadays and are a great venue for dog lovers to meet and socialize. According to studies, having a dog makes it simpler to meet new people. Dogs are regarded as excellent conversation starters in social situations and are frequently utilized as props. Shy to talk to that cute corgi owner? Compliment their dog’s shiny coat and good behavior and voilà, an instant ice breaker.

Want an Instant Mood Booster? A Dog Can Be of Help.

Do you know that having a pet can improve your sense of value and self-esteem? You heard it right. According to a study by the British Medical Journal, playing with your pet can increase your levels of serotonin and dopamine while lowering your cortisol. A survey of elderly pet owners revealed that elderly people benefit from pet ownership, with 95% of respondents saying they talk to their pets every day, 82% saying having a pet made them feel better when they were sad, 65% saying petting or cuddling their pet made them feel better, and 57% saying they confided their fears and worries to their pets.

Stressed About Work or School? Petting Your Furry Companion Can Help With That.

Do you want to know why pet owners seem to look happier and have a more positive outlook on life? This is because caressing a pet can relax and reduce stress levels due to the body’s release of oxytocin, a hormone linked to emotional bonding. Oxytocin is released by both the owner and the pet, and this stabilizes their shared tranquility. According to Alan Beck, ScD, director of the Purdue University Center for the Human-Animal Bond, “the simple act of caressing an animal is known to induce a person’s blood pressure to drop.” According to Beck, caressing a pet also reduces the owner’s blood pressure while the animal’s heart rate slows down.

Want a Longer Life? Pets Can Be the Answer.

According to a study, people who own pets are happier, healthier, and live longer. Researchers discovered that patients who had pets at home when they were discharged from a coronary care unit had a higher survival rate for the following year than those who did not. The results reveal that individuals who were released found consolation in the idea of owning a pet, which may be linked to a longer life span.

Want to Naturally Fend Off Allergies? Consider Being a Pet Owner.

You may not know this, but early exposure to your furry friends may actually reduce a child’s risk of allergy and asthma development. As a result, the immune system is boosted early on to fend off illness. Researchers in Finland studied 397 children from birth to age one, asking the parents how much time their children spent each week with a pet. The findings demonstrated that early animal exposure results in a stronger immune system that fights viral respiratory illnesses. Higher concentrations of certain immune system chemicals affect a matured immune system that will keep kids healthier as they age.

Want to Fight Diabetes? A Pet Dog Can Be Your Lifesaver.

Diabetes patients may experience a decline in blood glucose levels, which could cause a number of health issues. But do you know that some dogs have the ability to detect the scent of chemical changes that the human body experiences just prior to such changes? An organization called Dogs for Diabetes specifically teaches dogs how to react to severe decreases in blood glucose levels in humans. About one in three canines who live with individuals who have this illness are able to detect these dangerously low levels.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t pass up this excellent opportunity if your condominium administration is pet-friendly and is fully comfortable with tenants bringing in a pet. One of the best things a condo owner can have is a loving pet that can ultimately bring long-term health and happiness. If you decide to get one, make sure to be a responsible pet owner that these little fur companions surely deserve. Their loyalty and companionship call for unconditional love and care.

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