Organizing Your Life. Organizing Your Home

By: Crown Asia
Organizing Your Life. Organizing Your Home

With all the happenings of the world, you might be stuck in a thinking loop. So many plans were made but in a snap, everything changed. It may be difficult to cope and you think that everything seems to be out of order. You can’t focus because you see some clutter? Maybe it’s time to declutter! Clear your thoughts. Clear your mind. In order to move forward, we must first fix what we can control. Organize your life and start it at home.

Sure, you’re used to the mess. Some even say that even if it’s cluttered, they know where to find their things. But then being organized surely has its perks. An interior design that suits the owner will help a person’s life to be more productive or to be back on track. A person may like homey vibes so wood and orange tones are used. Another may like the cold-like ambiance of an office room. The “perfect home” differs from person to person. That’s why interior spaces should really be planned well. Crown Asia is here to provide what your heart desires.

Change is not always a bad thing. Unleash your inner artist and take a leap to a more personalized home. Having a new and tidy environment will surely ignite your passion and purpose again.

Here’s how you can organize your house

Mix and Match!

Mix and Match

Furniture can be boring. Spice up your living room by trying to mix and match your furniture styles. Leather on leather might look too formal. Add a metal table and it will make the room cooler and industrial. Wood and vases give a cozy and relaxing vibe. Adding a lamp with warm lights will bring a tropical color and vibes. Different materials may be seen in one area but be sure that when you look at it from afar, everything will look united. Too much mix and match might stress you out so you better watch out!

Make it pop!

Aiming for a minimalistic vibe? Try using plain white or black and the room will radiate purity and power. You will be astounded by the results. Too plain? Use different colors per room. Can’t decide what your favorite color is? You may also try dual-colored rooms. It is advisable to only have a maximum of two colors per area because it will blend better and be more pleasing to the eyes. For example, use a light green color for the main wall and have a darker shade of green for the cornice and baseboard.

You may have heard about the color scheme. Avoid using the exact opposite of colors from the color wheel. It is also known as the complementary color scheme. It’s better to use a lighter shade of a color or use a color besides your chosen color. Warm colors blend with each other and make the area more awake. Cool colors are best for the bedrooms because they will make you feel sleepy. This is what you call the analogous color scheme.

If you are adventurous or want to have a little fun, you may use patterns like lines (straight, diagonal, curved, or spiral) and shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, and pentagons). Colors are not only for the walls. Include in your plan the furniture and other accessories that you would put. Having the perfect look is all about having a unified result.

It is important to use the right combination of colors. Think carefully and search about your pegs. The colors set the mood of the room so make sure that you chose the right one. You would not want your house to exude the wrong vibes. There are also some apps you can use to try if the colors are suitable or not. Finding the right color is an experiment, go explore and try something new.

Mirror, mirror on the wall?

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you feel like your space looks small, put a massive mirror on the wall! This will make the place more spacious. The reflection will give an illusion of an open and lighter feel. Attach the mirror to the dining area or living room to make the place more inviting. Add a mirror near the window so the natural light will illuminate the room. You may also place the mirror on the ceiling or on the floor if you want to be more creative.

Get it, let it roll!

Can’t get out of a thinking loop? Gather these thoughts and let them go. Your house or Vista Residences condo in Manila should have a trash bin where you could empty your thoughts. Just like the little clutter in your room or personal workspace, get them and throw them away. Be sure to have a trash bin in the rooms or spaces where you want to be productive. Throw away what you do not need. Having a neat area will brighten up your day. Put trash bins under the sink or have labeled bins situated in your dirty kitchens. Segregate your items first and think if you can recycle them. Practice reducing, reusing, and recycling! It would be nice to cook in a clean kitchen because you will be sure that everything is safe and clean. Fix your garage and have open crates for your batteries, cables, hoses, and the like. Tools and equipment shall be easier to find. Hygiene is also important so make sure that the bathrooms are well-ventilated. Separate the chemicals. Essentials like body soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and tissue rolls should be seen on your counter. Let go of your worries and inhale the fresh air from your house and lot.

Another tip when organizing is to think about a triangle. When you stack objects, make sure that it forms a triangle shape. For example, arrange your books from tallest to smallest. Follow the triangle method where all the useful things that you need to use will be placed on the three corners. Having white spaces or open spaces is also refreshing to the eyes.

Greens green and nothing but green!

Greens green and nothing but green

No, don’t take it literally. Actually, greens are not adding only green-colored plants. You can never go wrong if you add plants to your home. May it be a cactus inside your room or a bougainvillea near the balcony, a touch of nature is always a good addition to your home. If you have a narrow space, add thin and tall plants to liven up the area. Plants are not only for aesthetics. Tired of going out all covered and masked up? Maybe it’s time to grow your own greens. You may plant lettuce in the backyard if you want to have your own source of fresh salad ingredients. Lettuce grows fast and you will be sure that your greens are safe and edible. With your own little garden, you won’t have to go out for a fresh salad.

You may be starting a new journey in your life or trying to recover your previous life. Whatever your reason is and whoever you are, only you have the power to control your life. Take one step at a time. Avail a house for rent and work your way until you can buy a house and lot for sale. Slow progress is still progress. Together with Crown Asia, let us reach your dreams. Start living the life you deserve.

Crown Asia House and Lot in Cavite Balcony View

With Crown Asia, living comfortably will be the main priority. Achieve that cozy-organized atmosphere. The choice is yours to make, choose to live life with freedom but of course still in order.

You may be looking for a house and lot for sale in the Philippines. A house and lot in Cavite is the most recommended location because it is near Metro Manila. If you want to have more peaceful vibes, a house and lot for sale in Laguna are available. Province life will never fail to give a refreshing vibe. There are also condo for sale in the Philippines and availing one from Crown Asia is the best thing you would do.

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