Organizing Your Condo Unit for the New Year

By: Jericho Christian Lopez

With the new year slowly making its way to rip out the final sheet on your home calendars, you may be looking to declutter your space, change your environment, and improve your home, your condo in Las Pinas. Now you’re scrolling on the internet looking for tips to make your space neat and organized.

One project to fix your bedroom, your storage containers, and your drawer space may not have been enough and now you’re on the search for the most efficient way possible to have an organized room that has easily accessible off-season clothes for when going out on a rush, floor space that’s easy to move around in, and extra storage to have a place for all the gifts you would be buying or getting this Christmas.

But the first step to getting things organized is knowing why you have to get things organized to welcome the new year.

Why You Should Organize Your Room

Imagine you’re walking inside your condo in Las Pinas and all you could see are dirty clothes and trash everywhere, not in one drawer and some even slid under the bed. Small items would be seen everywhere, on your bedside table, inside the crevices of your furniture, all not in the proper storage boxes they should be in.

The clutter all around you would affect not only your performance in day-to-day life, but also your mental health, peace of mind, and stress levels. Knowing where your stuff is and having the mindset to maintain their places in one area is most definitely the key to having a tidy home where your belongings truly ‘belong.’

How to Organize Things in Your Room

Create a space that works for you; throw what should be thrown, and store what should be stored.

There are a variety of ways to organize. An example of which is professional organizer Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method which has 5 specific steps. First, throw away by category, going with the clothing first, then the books, papers, komono, or miscellaneous items, with the last category being mementos, items with sentimental value. Second, if needed, the items could be further broken down into specific categories, making space for other items that have an array of variations.

Third, keep things that spark joy. Marie Kondo’s famous “spark joy” also comes in different versions like “inspire joy,” “thrill of pleasure,” and “speak to your heart.” Going with what works best for you is the way to go. Fourth, after discarding items that no longer spark joy, the organizing part begins now that the clutter is now gone. Now, fifth and last, do it all ikki ni or “in one go.” Doing so would not only help get your closet space, wall space, dresser drawers, floating shelves, and storage unit get organized but also help get the clutter that’s fogging your mind due to all the trash lying around

A deep clean of the home is a deep clean of the mind.

Save Space to Save Your Space

You can never have too much space. Now that you’ve decluttered your space, you may be feeling that, with a lot of things gone, new things should come into play. But to avoid once again overfilling your closet, drawers, and storage with clutter, having a tidy space dedicated to future clothes, boxes, shoes, and all other items would be best to ensure that your beloved items have a space in your home.

And with the holiday season now arriving, new clothes, accessories, and items would clutter the surfaces of your home if not for the space you’ve decided to create for them.

Making the most of your floor space

One aspect of a home that’s always left in the dust is the floor space. Given it’s where all things stand and where you walk around to get to the spots inside your room, effectively placing the things that take up this occupied space to maximize it would serve well towards making getting from one place to another easier.

Maximize vertical space

A space within your room that you may have never taken into account is the vertical space of your room. With your walls, you can have shelves and even frames put up, then at the corner, you can have corner shelves that would increase the space where you can place the items you have.

More than just a closet door

Whenever you open your closet door, you’d probably see a shoe rack on the floor along with other boxes and, of course, hung clothing or folded clothes. But the closet door is also there, just left blandly with no other purpose apart from having a clear demarcation between the room and the closet.

Upgrade your closet door into more than just a divider by utilizing its vertical space by installing hooks for your accessories, belts, and other items that would have taken up space elsewhere within your closet or room.

This Is Your Space

In the end, this is your space. Your condo in Las Pinas is yours to organize, so all of the mentioned are really just tips to get the ball of organizing rolling.

As the person who will live within your space, organize your space according to your liking, according to your routine, and according to who you are. Going with what works for you best is always the best choice among many other organizational methods you can find on the Internet.

Your space, your home. All of it begins with you and the first step to organizing your room is knowing that you’re organizing it for yourself, for your family, and for the people who will enter your condo and take sight of how you live your life through the things around you.

Make your space work for you

Organize your space and make it work for you, not against you. Place things where you think things should be. Work with what you have and make space for the future for a present piece of mind.

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