Local Charities in the South to Reach Out for Your Christmas Gift Giving

By: Ali Carandang

Charity is the behavior of unconditionally widening kindness and love to others. It is a conscious act, but the choice is made by the core, without desiring a reward. When charity is performed nobly, it is yet another act in which an individual gives but receives nothing in return. Making a charitable contribution to a local charity near your house and lot in Cavite is a great way to lift your spirits. Knowing you’re assisting others is extremely empowering, and can leave you feeling more fulfilled and happier. Making a charitable donation has been linked to higher activity in the part of the brain that registers pleasure, proving that, as the old adage goes, it is far superior to give than to receive.

Charity is more than gift giving, you can express your care through raising money, supporting organizations, and helping the community to make a better world for yourself, your families, and every people around us. Charity is not only for people but also for our friends in the wildlife, our animals need support as well from the people as animal cruelty has been rampant nowadays. Providing shelter and food, adoption, and protecting our animals are just a few aspects in which we can be involved.

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year because it brings families and friends together and gives much of the required time to reflect and give thanks for all of the wonderful things we have in our lives. Plus, it’s the ideal reason to throw a grand party! Regardless, it must never be neglected that among the numerous people who celebrate with their families and behind the advertisements for the “perfect” family Christmas, there are numerous individuals for whom Christmas will not be as delightful.

The elderly have no visitors on Christmas Day and New Year, communities lack enough money or food to get around, and many homeless people are crammed into their local shelters or, worse, are still out on the streets.

With That Here’s a List of Top Local Charity or Organizations in the South That You May Look For Your Charity Events This Christmas:

House of Somang

This charity’s mission is to help elderly persons who are abandoned by their families, they ensure their health and aim to promote the value of kindness through giving. They are located in 19LPL Avenue Levitown Subdivision Paranaque. Recently this pandemic the House of Somang does not only cater to old residents but also abandoned children, the organization protects their future through education.

World Vision

World Vision is a humanitarian assistance organization dedicated to alleviating poverty among young individuals, their families, and communities. The Noche Buena campaign by World Vision provides plentiful food which will bring happiness and smiles to youngsters and their families this Christmas.

Museo Pambata

Museo Pambata is recognized for making museum learning engaging and enjoyable for Filipino children, but this Christmas they’re going above and beyond. They’re going all out for their annual Special Christmas Giving program, inviting 1,000 underprivileged children. Volunteer as a storyteller, crafts, and arts facilitator, host, or any of the other tasks listed here to help the community. You can also make a cash donation by filling out this form, or you can drop off reading material, stuffed animals, and local handicrafts at the museum. Pledge Christmas ornaments from the museum’s gift shop to help one another spruce up their venue. You not only help fund the Christmas program, but you also get to decorate the museum’s Christmas tree.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) (Animal Charity)

PAWS was founded in 1954 and was instrumental in the passage of the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 (also known as Republic Act 8485) in the Philippines. The PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center is committed to providing a temporary home for animals that have been rescued from cruelty and neglect. In order to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals, their clinic provides low-cost neutering of dogs and cats. PETA Asia-Manila Pacific’s team was founded in early 2005 and is part of the world’s largest animal rights organization. The team recruits celebrities and politicians to help promote their developments through posters and advertising campaigns. They accept donations, volunteers, and funds to sustain the lives of homeless pets. They also raise funds or raise money to support their funding for the animals.

Kanlungan ni Maria

Kanlungan ni Maria is a home for the elderly in the Philippines that serves to provide a true home to all of the country’s abandoned, poor, sick, and homeless elderly. One of the closest homes to your Cavite house and lot is the elderly sanctuary in Manila, their mission is to provide adequate and sufficient shelter and basic needs to old people while combining them with love, attention, affection, and support in all aspects of life in a homey environment.

Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA)

The Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) is a charitable and nonprofit organization that provides pet services such as check-ups and laboratory examinations, vaccinations, major and minor surgery, and neutering. Their mission is to ensure that the laws in the Philippines relating to animal cruelty or animal protection are enforced, and to do everything possible to alleviate the suffering of animals and promote their welfare, as well as to educate the public through lectures on “Responsible Pet Ownership.”

It’s almost Christmas, and we all know that the season’s theme is giving gifts and starting to think of others. As a matter of fact, it is also a common time of year for people to donate to charities and spread love to all.

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