Beat the Christmas Rush by Shopping Early

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Christmas is just a month away! Besides planning the next vacation spot, the food for noche buena, your travel destinations or staycations in your condo in Las Pinas, and of course, you can’t forget the Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree.

Why It’s an Advantage to Beat the Christmas Rush

The festive spirit, the smell of pumpkin spice latte, and the month-long breaks from school are just the reasons why most are excited for Christmas. Being prepared for all these jitters will keep you focused and avoid panic when things like food, bookings, and gifts start selling out. Not to mention, this new normal would not be as easy to shop in malls. The advantage is having enough time to prepare and at the same time, be able to relax on the big day itself. After all, shopping early never hurt anybody!

This article will give you tips on how to make your Christmas shopping hassle-free so you can take more time on making it memorable.

Plan all year-round

Make your holiday season stress-free by planning even before Christmas itself. It’s important to set out your Christmas theme as early as September. Be keen on shopping online and include decorations that you could purchase throughout the year.

Simple yet elegant

While extravagance screams money and being well-prepared, keeping it simple is always one way to go if you’re looking to save time on last-minute preparations. Your family members will appreciate the homey feel by adding family traditions to your Christmas theme. Cooking-year-old family recipes or specialties are another way to make the Christmas dinner more elegant. You could consider homemade baked goods or homemade catering if you do not have the time to cook for your loved ones.

Lastly, table setups are something to look into if you want more than just the Christmas tree to be festive. Having an elegant table setting says a lot about preparations and requires a good eye for mix-match design.

Avoid near Christmas shopping

If you’re not prepared enough, the next thing you know you have a week left to prepare. If you’re spending it with your family or kids this year, here are some fun activities.

Think, List, and Budget 

What is my inventory?

Consider looking through last year’s inventory. Look through the Christmas decorations you previously bought to see if there’s anything that you could reuse for this year’s Christmas theme. While it’s easy to come up with what this year’s theme would be, save time by looking through what can still possibly be used. Besides some items in the old inventory could be used for a garage sale or for donations. Toys can be given as gifts to children’s shelters. This could help in lessening with purchases you will be making this year round.

Align with your business

While the holidays await, take the opportunity to organize your business before the holiday season. Spend on ads to promote your business or product in this busy season. As business owners, be prepared for shipping issues to come. Don’t forget to leave automated messages for your business if you’re away this Christmas. You should also take care of your employees this busy month. Besides offering bonuses, company gifts should also be something you include in your Christmas planning.

These tips will help in your transition from work mode and in time for the festive season.

Set a date

Having a date allotted on when to buy what or when to go out and shop, saves time because you now have a schedule you could stick to. From there, you can keep track of when you will be available or when to move schedules.


What you need vs. Wants

As part of planning all-year round, when making your gift list, make sure to know what you will be needing to avoid being brought upon emotion when you start shopping online or in-store. Having a checklist will avoid overspending by making sure you get what you intend to buy. If you don’t feel like writing it down, ask yourself if you will be needing new decorations or if will you be decorating with what you have that can still fit the theme. A gift list will also identify what you want to give and how much money you will be putting out.


Identify what decorations you need to set up like Christmas lights, ingredients for the food that you will be cooking on Christmas day, and the gifts you already purchased. A checklist will also help you avoid those Christmas rush and rough ideas that may keep you distracted. A lot of time to jot them down so you can focus on other things.


Set aside for the holidays

While Christmas giving is more than just the money but the thought that counts, you should be setting aside enough money for gifts, food, travel, decorations, and last-minute shopping. Especially if you’re planning to order or cater food this holiday, it’s just right to include a budget for how much money you will be spending.

Be a wise shopper

While shopping online or making transactions online may seem most convenient, it is important to be cautious of scams and don’t be too hasty to input your credit card on any website. Make sure the browsers are secured and you are making legitimate transactions.

Another note is to avoid overspending on gifts and Christmas decorations. Such action would result in hoarding. Remember these tips on TLB the next time you’re planning your Christmas gifts.

Shop Online

Avoid the rush and consider online for purchasing Christmas decorations and gifts. You can also avoid the Christmas traffic and save up for other purchases with bargains offered on early discounts and other offers!

Make an Early Booking

While others are keeping it casual this year, if you’re planning on going out of the country for the holidays, include in your checklist the things you will be packing. Avoid the stress of looking for a hotel or nice place to stay because of overbooking. Book as early as September for your flights, hotels, or even the restaurants you would want to dine in during Christmas Eve.

Remember the true Christmas spirit

While it can get overwhelming, Christmas is more than just the presents and the extravagance but is the feeling it brings. Despite being a yearly holiday, have fun and spend time with your family. Give the gift of Christmas not only to those you know but also those that need help the most. Learn to pause for the moment and enjoy the little moments. Remembering that Christmas is also the time to be a Santa Claus for others.  

While Christmas planning does seem at the moment, planning ahead for the new year is something you should also be starting. Consider living in an area that not only offers near restaurants, and shopping malls but is also situated at the heart of the city. Look for residences like ready-to-occupy houses and lots and townhouses. Condominiums offer nearer places situated across shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and convenience stores. Check out this condo in Las Pinas that would make your planned Christmas shopping much more accessible to malls and the nightlife.

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