Level Up your Workout with these 5 Fitness Challenges

By: Crown Asia
Level Up your Workout with these 5 Fitness Challenges

Breakout of your fitness comfort zone and challenge yourself with these ideas!

Getting fit and healthy is no easy task. It requires a lot of focus and determination and sometime the hardest step is knowing when to start. You have to sacrifice a lot, for example, your time. You will be spending less time on activities like watching your favorite Netflix series and focus your time on going to the gym for your grind towards your desired body. But getting immersed in a fit and healthy lifestyle does not mean that you will fully miss your favorite Netflix show, you can still watch but you might rather use that to sleep and rest because exercising and fit is a tiring activity as well. So it is important to make a workout routine so that you can still balance your time for some things that you really want to do.

So you’ve finally built a workout routine that fits your schedule and lifestyle, and going to the gym has become a top priority. You’ve been consistent, disciplined, and put in the work. The problem? It’s starting to get boring. You need to challenge yourself again before you lose your interest in fitness and fall back to your old ways.

If you find yourself nodding at that last paragraph, we got you covered! Growth in fitness can manifest outside the gym and out of your comfort zone, too. Here are 5 challenges that you can try to up your game and get into that next level fitness!

Here Are Some of the Best Fitness Challenges You Can Do in the Interest of Getting Fit and Healthy in a More Enjoyable Way:

1. Sign up for a triathlon in your convenience time


Everything about training for a triathlon will make you a better person. It will instill an intense level of discipline and focus that you may have yet to encounter. Aside from forming a great work ethic, it will also reconnect you with your body and make you feel more youthful, energetic, and empowered. Training for a triathlon means committing to 3 different sports: running, cycling, and swimming, all in one go. If you sign up for the next one, make sure to allot 3 months of training in advance.

Signing up in a triathlon is also a great way to meet new people and expand your network. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone living close to your RFO house and lot and can be your new gym buddy or a new friend to enjoy other fun activities as well.

2. Learn a new sport every week

new sport

Curious about what it feels like inside a boxing ring? Been meaning to try Muay Thai since 2017? Constantly going through your local yoga studio’s Instagram page? Turn these curiosities into a reality by trying out one sport every week for a month. The success measure of this challenge is not how good you have become in each sport, but simply the joy of trying something new and being a beginner again. You might even end up finding a new passion!

Learning a new sport is no easy task, but it will surely keep you occupied and interested while learning new things that you can apply in your fitness journey. Being a savant in various sports makes for a great conversation starter as well!

3. Commit to a 30-day challenge

30-day challenge

Round up your friends or go solo on a 30-day fitness challenge! There are lots of resources online that have a set list of workout activities per day. This builds grit as the activities get even more challenging and longer day by day. Track your progress with an app, or post it online for accountability! The fitness communities will definitely have your back.

You can easily check out some 30 day challenges online that you can implement on your fitness routine. You can spice it up more by going the distance and making your own version of a 30 fitness challenge as well! Upload it online and maybe you’ll encourage more people to consider staying fit and healthy as well!

4. Take weekly hikes for a month


It’s amazing when nature presents itself as a teammate! Immerse yourself in the beauty of Mt. Batulao, Mt. Apo, Mt. Binacayan, Mt. Ulap, and so much more. Let the beauty of nature motivate you as you make your way up the mountains. Let it challenge you both physically and mentally. Let it strengthen your muscles and lungs. A trained mind will remind you to relax and breathe when you are experiencing cramps and more. Plus, you get to enjoy nature and experience different cultures even. You can aim for higher mountains each time if you want to level up the challenge.

Sundays are the best time to hike when you want to avoid crowds and spend more time at the peak. So lace up your hiking shoes and get some amazing sunset shots at the next peak. Hiking is a fun activity, you can join various hiking groups as well, meet new people and expand your network while being fit and healthy!

5. Become a fitness trainer

fitness trainer

Teaching a class requires a different set of skills and a totally new mindset. It also requires mastery of the craft. If you’re looking to shake up your fitness routine and also want to contribute growth to the fitness community, why not train to be a trainer? Whether it be a yoga teacher, a dance instructor, or even just a personal trainer, you can challenge yourself in ways you may not have imagined. It’s definitely true what they say: teaching teaches you.

You can start with a small group, then eventually evolve into bigger spaces, and who knows? Even better opportunities and perhaps a great sideline.

Setting yourself up for a change is always challenging. Luckily, challenges are gifts that often lead to growth, creativity, and better decision-making skills. So, decide every day that you are going to hit stronger, go faster, and be better. After all, challenges are what make our lives beautiful. Go take one up and create the healthy life you deserve.

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