Leisurely Fine Living Beyond the Pines

Leisurely Fine Living Beyond the Pines

Try typing in the word “Pine tree” in your search engine and you will see the word “cool weather“. Of course, don’t take my word literally on that but let’s be real here, a Pine tree is almost synonymous with cool weather and a cozy feeling. Pine trees are considered by experts as evergreens because they can keep their needles for a long time and quickly replace old needles once it falls.

With the tropical climate that we have here in the Philippines, many people are willing to pay a premium just to experience the cool weather and what it’s like to live amongst the pines. But what if you don’t need to travel 5 to 6 hours to go to the summer capital just to feel it first-hand?

There is a residential condominium development in Tagaytay surrounded by lavish pine trees that can give you that cozy feeling you’ve been longing for. Pine Suites Tagaytay by Crown Asia is strategically located in the heart of the city that is known to provide luxurious living even beyond the pines.

What it is Like to Live in Pine Suites Tagaytay by Crown Asia


Close to the City but Far from the Noise

One of the more important criteria in owning a residential condominium is that it has to be very near to its main central business district. Although it has many pros, it has its cons as well as you have to get accustomed to the noise generated by the movement of people in the city proper. While Tagaytay has maintained to be way more serene than the Metro, it has its fair share of hustle and bustle especially when families decided to take on a perfect weekend and holiday vacation in Tagaytay.

Location is what makes Pine Suites rise above other residential condominiums in Tagaytay, as it is calmly situated along Bonifacio Drive, Maitim 2nd West, Tagaytay City. A place far enough from the noise of the city proper giving you that relaxing and restful environment you want from your home while having great accessibility to the city’s primary establishments. You can still very well find and visit top cafes in Tagaytay and the surrounding vibrant restaurant area within its 3-KM radius. Sounds like a great place to get the best of both worlds, right?

Sense of Luxury and Exclusivity

The word luxury or luxurious is almost equivalent to being expensive or extravagant. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, as it is also defined as a condition of great comfort. Exactly what Pine Suites Tagaytay is all about – providing a leisurely, stress-free, and resort-like ambiance so you can enjoy the best upscale life you can have.

Considering that its location is sheltered away from the main road gives it that added sense of exclusivity. The towering beauty of Pine trees will usher you while traversing the road as you reach the closely guarded main entrance of this residential condominium. Complete with the presence of highly trained and licensed security personnel, safety and privacy will never be a cause of concern while you stay in this premium condominium property.

Artistically Designed Architecture


What if you never have to leave your favorite place in the world? What if you can enjoy the beauty of the world at home? Sounds like a good storyline in your daydream while you sip your favorite coffee or tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But the idea of it can be made possible with the wide array of real estate development by Crown Asia, from houses and lots to residential condominiums for sale like Pine Suites Tagaytay.

Inspired by the intricate Danish architecture that combines progressive design while maintaining the practical functionality of the property, Pine Suites Tagaytay will help you feel that out-of-country atmosphere while at home – from its well-thought-out, centrally located amenity area, sumptuous furniture, and even with its spacious and interconnected parking. You can see carefully laid-out designs across every corner of this condo for sale in Tagaytay.

The Warmth of Home under Cool Weather Conditions

Arguably the main reason why Tagaytay is one of the most visited places in the South is because of its cool weather. Combining this with its proximity and accessibility from the Metro, makes it even more ideal for your perfect family weekend getaway.

The radiant beauty of Pine Suites Tagaytay welcomes every homeowner and investor and lets them experience the warmth of home during their stay in this condo for sale in Tagaytay. With a very amicable neighborhood under a cozy environment, it is just easier and more convenient for families and friends to do different things such as routine work out that is condo-friendly, or virtual activities you can still do while at home, that can keep your bonds stronger than ever. A perfect balance of warmth comfort and cool weather is not easy to achieve, but that experience is what Pine Suites Tagaytay can bring to the table – an experience that is definitely worth investing in.

Nature, Nature, Nature

You can probably find a long list of research and studies proving that living in a greener environment helps improve our immune system, not to mention the obvious benefit of nature to our mental well-being if we want to achieve that stress-free life.

The luring beauty of hundreds of pine trees greets you from the main road going to the serene location of Pine Suites Tagaytay as you approach its main entrance. Upon entering, you will be welcomed by the relaxing ambiance made possible by the presence of flourishing plants, and guess what? – Pine trees. From the lobby to the pool area, and up until the different units of this Tagaytay condo for sale, a trace of greens that embodies nature can be found. Maybe being green-minded can be very positive sometimes, you know? So if you’re someone who aspires to own a condominium in Tagaytay, or if you already have one; you might want to start asking yourself – is it greener on the other side?


Whatever criteria you have to consider in investing in your future home, you and your family’s peace of mind will always play a vital role. So, it is important to find a place where tranquility, privacy, and safety conspire – like Crown Asia’s condominium development in Tagaytay, Pine Suites.

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