Crown Asia’s House Designs

By: Arvie Midel
crown asia house design

House design plays a vital role in the overall look of the house since it touches the floor plan, color palette, and all the other significant details that must be taken into consideration in order to successfully build the intended house plan. Crown Asia house design is perfectly positioned in the market especially to help and cut the inconvenience of the people who are looking for a house and lot for sale may it be pre-selling or ready for occupancy properties. It takes more than just choosing the best architects and house plan designers to build a house. Another goal is to create a uniquely branded home that expresses the owner’s sense of fashion and personality.

Crown Asia has been in the industry for over 25 Years and is considered as the premium arm of Vista Land, the largest home builder in the Philippines. Aside from that, Crown Asia does not only offer different types of house and lot for sale but they also offer different themed communities that are continuously growing in the South. In this article, the different house designs of Crown Asia will be discussed thoroughly to serve as a guide.

Crown Asia’s Thematic Master Planned Communities

Crown Asia’s themed communities enable people to enjoy the best travel experiences from across the globe in the comforts of their own homes. One out of many reasons why people choose to buy their properties in Crown Asia is because of its different themed communities that is truly visible in the architectural designs, color palette, and all the additional details and elements included in the subdivision.

Themed communities of Crown Asia have different house designs depending on what category they will fall under. The different themes are Italian-themed, American-themed, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. On the other hand, they also offer Danish-inspired and Contemporary themes for the condominium properties. It is unquestionable that living in a breathtaking and great community is definitely a dream not to mention that it also offers convenience, accessibility, and security to your family. Achieving your dream home is ultimately one of the goals in life.

House Designs to Look Forward in Crown Asia

Italian Style House Design

There are a lot of Italian-themed house and lot for sale in Crown Asia including Amalfi, Amalfi Heights, Amici, Citta Italia, Fortezza, Ponticelli, Vita Toscana, Vittoria, and Vivace. All the aforementioned types of prestigious house and lots are included in the thematic houses in the Philippines in which it is actually a great house design if owners wish to have a different experience.

Living in these prime communities gives people a touch of sophistication. Aside from that, it is very pleasurable to live in because of its Italian-themed amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouse, basketball court, and playground wherein all family members have the opportunity to utilize and enjoy its top tier facilities. Those people who wish to live in Italian-themed houses can enjoy the best of worlds because they can actually live in a serene and secure community that is just a few kilometers away from Metro Manila and other important facilities.

American Style House Design

People can never go wrong with American house design but what makes it more exciting and interesting is that Crown Asia has a wide array of options when it comes to this design. People can choose from American countryside house design which is the Augustine Grove, the Carmel subdivision which is on the traditional side, and La Marea which is inspired in the American South.

Currently available for purchase is Carmel’s Newberry ready-to-occupy house and lot; including three floors and three bedrooms, it provides a nice overview of the entire American-themed community. Moreover, other subdivisions included in this house design aims to provide everyone the greatest experience, its ideal location enables people to have a simple access to hospitals, commercial districts, educational institutions, entertainment venues, and more. One of the most important factors to take into account while searching for a house and lot for sale is location. Find out if the property is situated in one of the top cities in the nation that is experiencing rapid economic expansion.

Caribbean House Design

Crown Asia is a Caribbean house design whose queen lots really bring the island ambiance to life. In this relaxed neighborhood, take in the pure beauty of the suburban districts with an island feel. This vibrant, architectural element of homes in the Caribbean offers a distinctive combination of colors.

Crown Asia offers Caribe at the Island Park which is situated in the progressive community of Dasmariñas, where its island-inspired architecture and amenities allow visitors to live a life characteristic of the Caribbean. Caribe is renowned for its close-by establishments that are easily accessible to people which is a huge benefit because it will reduce the inconvenience of traveling to their destinations, whether they be for work, school, or errands.

Mediterranean House Design

The style in the Mediterranean is characterized by light-colored, airy homes that emphasize indoor-outdoor living areas. Terra-cotta tile roofs, arched doors, decorative ironwork and painting, carved wood, and natural stone are a few features that represent Mediterranean design.

Mediterranean home design is characterized by a laid-back and pleasant vibe, with an emphasis on fostering a cozy and pleasant environment. Residents of La Mediterranea by Crown Asia enjoy a fashionable and relaxing way of living life. The neighborhood has a range of housing choices, from single-family homes to townhomes. With contemporary amenities and chic finishes, every home is tailored to meet the demands of contemporary families.

The way people live is one factor to take into consideration while selecting an architectural house type. Because the design should accommodate their everyday activities and needs. The quickest and safest approach to guarantee that the area is designed by a licensed professional and that all legal matters are handled is to buy a property from Crown Asia. Because it influences both physical and emotional health, home design is incredibly significant. The goal of the design process is to create a new house or place of business that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easily accessible to everyone.

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