Keep An Eye on These Fashion Trends for 2024

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
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Out with the old, in with the new, apparel trends can go out of style, but don’t fret this 2024 fashion forecast go heavily in vibrant, charismatic, cool, and relaxed styling. When rocking these 2024 dress aesthetic, it’s important to remember that having fun and playing with these pieces can suit regardless of what your current outfit aesthetic is.

Create a timeless wardrobe fit by styling not only your clothing, but also pair it with a new bolder personality, resolution, attitude, and mindset on your purchases like a house and lot for sale in Cavite to begin a new milestone.

If fashion is all about trending, well this 2024 welcomes the smart casual, comfortable apparel trends unlike 2023 that were too comfortable in just jeans, most fashion critiques questioned the comebacks of some fashion trends like the Y2K or the year 2000’s.

In the mood for Denim

Denim isn’t only popular in the 90’s or Y2k fashion, but this 2024, denim takes the stage for 2024 apparel trends. While it is a fashion constant, denim pants are over rated, to level-up this clothing piece, sporting a denim in artful silhouettes and utilizing it in unexpected ways.

Go for a bold look with denim on denim from skirts to denim jacket, a classic American clothing apparel. Full denim sets like bell bottoms pants also make an outfit look more stand-off than usual pairings. Add a bright pop of color to this denim on denim aesthetic.

Back to the 90’s

Of course 90’s minimalism never goes out of style. And while everyone welcomes the new year, you can never go wrong with this supermodel effect. Sport an off-duty model aesthetic with neutral shades and casual suiting.

Wear lock turtle neck tops paired with low-slung maxi skirt. Long tank tops worn with cord pendant necklace or try rocking a color blocked dress are also seen among the 2024 fashion trends.

We mean business

When business dress aesthetic meets fashion beyond work, it takes a whole new look on someone’s work wear. The “suiting” trends that rocked the runway showed oversized blazers that gives show-stopping fashion look that screams “empowerment”.

Take a bold choice and go beyond fashion dress codes with oversized blazers that make a statement to your boring office wear. From eye-catching designs to sequins, blazers don’t only come with double-breasted designs.

This trend for sure puts anyone’s outfit from work to date night, to brunch with friends, whether dressed-down or not, business casual clothing also include Bermuda shorts and hem skirts paired with blazers.


A no-fail fashion trend, this season’s best dress and skirts aren’t just on the mini silhouette but embodying the 60’s 1967 “Valley of The Dolls” classic. The runway featured boxy shape, gold hues, and barely-there length.

Sporty look

When people think of the “sporty look” most what comes to mind are tracksuits, jerseys, and classic leggings. All these can make up a athleisure, laidback outfit, but this season’s runway showcased elevated pieces on the classic “sporty look”.

Classic sportswear are incorporated with more festive and tailored pieces for an even contrast to the whole outfit. High fashion brands like Gucci and Miu Miu featured addition of blazers and skirts to their elevated sportswear look. Other fashion brands used satin pants paired with windbreakers which are great ideas to elevate your athleisure fit.

Kitten heels

Not a fan of high heels? Rejoice as one of the season’s featured shoes are kitten mules which are easy to walk on and can elevate any basic outfit. A classic during the 90’s, this shoe comeback is seen in Ferragamo runways. Not only is this staple nostalgic, but is a modest shoe that can work with any outfit, regardless casual or dress.

Drop-waist dress aesthetic

Princess Diana’s drop-waist core showcased not only a princess for the people, but a fashion icon that was both a trendsetter and an elegant woman. Drop-waist dresses are a 2024 trend with a twist of bustier tops with low-hemmed silhouettes that still remain elegant.

The rugby core

Thanks to Ms. Taylor Swift for sporting a preppy rugby dress to one of the stadium games. Designer brands Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, and MSGM gave this sporty attire a preppy, collared style that’s a staple to most fashion girls.

Pastel and light

Show a delicate personality as pastels are taking over 2024. The color of the year which is peach fuzz is about having a calm and serenity year. Pair of pastels like airy blue, lavender, delicate pink or mix match with bright colors of 2024 like flirty blue with fiery orange.

Either layer things up with skirts and a bright jacket. Accessorize any outfit by mixing and matching pastel handbags with a monochromatic ensemble. Lastly, play around with makeup from bold liners or lippie.

Make it matchy-matchy

Thinking of something easier? There are days were it’s difficult to think of what to wear, luckily this 2024, it’s all about outfit coordination. One of this year’s trend is matching your outfit from top to bottom, monochromatic looks, and jewelry that’s sleek. Ditch the heels and opt for something more comfortable and cool like a good pair of sneakers.

Bright colors

Like as mentioned, this 2024 is all about going bright with colors. While pastels are also a trend this year, going with bolder colors are what runways are showcasing. Style these bright colors with outfits that have fringes. Layering is also the key to utilizing bright bold colors.

Baggy but sexy

2024 is the perfect time to go all out on being comfortable. From athleisure fits to minimalism, all things spacious, baggy, and loose are the “it”. Oversized tees, loose pants, and oversized sweaters are just some of the runways and street style fashion trend.

While feeling comfortable yet stylish, this trend is about losing constraints to fitting pieces. If you’re worried about lookin like you just woke up, worry not as most style this baggy look with something fitted underneath to keep it balanced.

Styling a baggy fit can also be balanced out with sleek boots and stilettos to elevate a casual outfit to something more sophisticated.

Bubble skirts and dresses

Get ready for a 00’s flashback as bubble hems are making another comeback. Unlike poofy skirts that were flashy and chaotic, the runway sported a more sophisticated designs with saucy corset tops like Christian Soriano’s.

Fashion Takeaway

The 2024 fashion trends are definitely worth the try for the new years, regardless of your current fashion choice, as the new year approaches, it’s always a great time to try something new for a change. And one thing’s for sure, fashion statements in the past will always make a comeback in a more elevated modern statement.

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