The Lucky Color of the Year 2024

By: Levi Santiago
lucky color 2024

Colors are deemed to be potent tools of communication because of the different implied emotions that can be interpreted from the warmness, coldness, dullness, and brightness of colors. Colors are said to bring with it associations to particular concepts and thoughts. Given this, one creative way to integrate meaning and colors into your life or in your luxury mansion house is through finding what can constitute the lucky colors of the year for you. If you’re interested in the interpretations and symbolisms of colors, then the Chinese Zodiac calendar may interest you as well with their analogies of colors. The Year of the Dragon is soon to come once 2024 arrives, and associated with that year are lucky colors that you can check out by reading this blog.

Lucky color 2024 based on the Chinese Zodiac calendar

Deciding what a lucky color for 2024 is could vary depending on what your source of information is regarding choosing. If your basis is the Chinese Zodiac calendar, then you would find that much of the year 2024 is identified as the Year of the Dragon. And given that the color of the Dragon in Chinese astrology is Emerald Green, it is this color that you can choose as your lucky color for 2024.

Emerald Green and the Year of the Dragon

According to the beliefs of Chinese astrology, the energy carried by the color Emerald Green is that of growth and renewal. The association of this color with these concepts is explained by how the color green is strongly associated with nature and greenery. When it comes to the concept of nature, ideas such as the cycle of life and the continuous beginning and ending of natural processes come to mind.

The Year of the Wood Dragon and harmony

Furthermore, the Chinese Zodiac calendar also includes elements apart from animals. Hence, the year 2024 is specifically in the Year of the Wood Dragon. Chinese astrology is stated to view the element of Wood to also be associated with nature. Combined with the symbolism attributed to the color of Emerald Green, choosing the color as your lucky color is believed to carry over the concepts of balance and harmony into your life, like how nature maintains balance within its systems in the midst of various phenomena.

Feng Shui

The concept of Feng Shui may be familiar to many. Its name is derived from the two Chinese words that mean wind and water, and the essence of the concept is to create a connection between humanity and the natural world around them as if to create harmony.

Feng Shui is typically considered with practices that are observed in interior design, which means that Feng Shui is something you can implement in the living spaces of your house. The arrangement of parts of your home or luxury mansion house, in particular, is what Feng Shui is mainly concerned with. Feng Shui has beliefs in regards to this process of arranging your living spaces so that there is a “harnessing” of energy that establishes harmony between you and the environment that you live in.

Integration of Feng Shui into Emerald Green

According to Chinese Feng Shui, the color green is correlated to the green color of money. Hence, Emerald Green would be a color whose energy would carry over prosperity into your life in the form of wealth and financial good fortune.

Golden Yellow and the Year of the Dragon

Another lucky color that is partnered with Emerald Green for the year 2024 is Golden Yellow. The analogy of this color may be done was observing the symbolism attributed to the colors yellow and gold.

Symbolism of the color yellow

Yellow, in particular, is strongly associated with joy and emotions of enthusiasm. Yellow is a bright color that viewed to embody optimism and a sense of freedom, wherein some compare the symbolism of yellow to the concept of sunlight; sunlight is bright and makes its warm presence reach far places, which we could associate with the concept of bright emotions like happiness and the lack of limitations attributed to freedom.

Symbolism of the color gold

Gold, on the other hand, is strongly associated with prestige and luxury, likely since Gold is also a metal that is a popular choice of jewelry. Synonymous with concepts like luxury is prosperity, which is what may make Golden Yellow to be relevant to Emerald Green in terms of being lucky colors for 2024. The Feng Shui analogy of green is prosperity, just like how Golden Yellow is associated with concepts of wealth and success. Therefore, the two colors may go hand in hand.

Rich Red and the Year of the Dragon

Red is a bold color. It is described to be dynamic and an intense warm color. It is even said that the color red influences the psychology of a person such that it makes the wearer of the color more competitive.

Red embodies intensity

Apart from aggression, however, red is also strongly associated with vitality, desire, and passion. A common denominator with the symbolisms attributed to the color red is that the associated concepts are always intense in nature.

Red is the color of passion

In Chinese culture, red is also believed to embody passion. Vigor and energy are associated with red, and this color may also be correlated to the color of blood and how blood flowing within our bodies continues to give us life.

Red as a source of energy

We can perhaps relate Rich Red to the lucky colors of Golden Yellow and Emerald Green through the idea that passion and desire are concepts that bolster our efforts in pursuit of harmony, balance, and prosperity. Embracing intense energy carried over by the color Rich Red may serve to benefit those who strive to pursue their endeavors for personal growth and business ventures.


There are three lucky colors that are said to be fitting for the Year of the Dragon: Emerald Green, Golden Yellow, and Rich Red. The creativity of how you can implement these colors will be up to you. You can use this colors for the colors you would wear, the items that you buy, or even the ornaments and decorations that you would buy for your luxury mansion house.

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