Jewelry Stores to Buy Christmas Gifts From

By: Hadj Cabonegro

Similar to owning a luxury home in an exclusive subdivision in San Pedro, Laguna, wearing fine jewelry can make out stand out from the masses by signifying the wealth and success they’ve achieved in their life. Gifting fine jewelry to loved ones and close friends this Christmas can be an excellent gesture of love or friendship respectively, especially if they enjoy receiving such presents.

While gifts in the form of jewelry like mother-of-pearl pendants can be impressive, knowing whether or not the recipient would love such gestures matters the most.

Depending on the preference of the individual, sometimes buying them precious jewelry won’t mean much to them, with some preferring more personal and meaningful presents that eye-catching stones just can’t provide. In the end, Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive gold vermeil rings, handmade pearl necklaces, or sterling silver bracelets studded with cubic zirconia, they just have to be thoughtful and personal.

For those still planning on buying jewelry as Christmas gifts, however, here are three quality jewelry stores to peruse in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Modern Myth

Renowned for its minimalist aesthetic, Modern Myth offers only the best gold jewelry in the market which is handmade by Filipino artisans. While not as flashy as conventional jewelry, the works of Modern Myth are still brilliant in their own way, especially with the elegant yet subtle grace they exude.

Among their bestselling works that are perfect for one’s casual outfit are their skinny earrings and rings alongside their everyday cable chain bracelets and necklaces, made from either 14-karat or 18-karat gold. For those with a bigger budget on hand, one can opt to order the other fine jewelry in their catalog that is decorated with diamonds or pearls. Modern Myth even offers free manual engraving on some of its products and even accepts customized orders for those looking to make their jewelry gifts a touch more personal.

Those wishing to place an order for one or more Modern Myth jewelry can do so through their website, where they even offer free shipping for any nationwide order above Php 10,000.

Helen Jewelry Shop

A long-time running business of more than 65 years, Helen Jewelry Shop continues to stand as one of the city’s famous jewelry stores. Known for their quality engagement and wedding rings, buyers looking to purchase a very special Christmas gift for their significant other should consider browsing their catalog.

At reasonable prices, customers looking to buy from the Helen Jewelry Shop will find a variety of gold jewelry in a diverse range of designs, from simple rings to richly-decorated ones which incorporate precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or sapphires. Depending on the tastes of oneself and their partner, finding the perfect ring can be guaranteed with the number of options the Helen Jewelry Shop has to offer to their customers. For those that still can’t find the ideal design for themselves, there is also the option to commission personalized jewelry from the experts in the store.

Located in Ongpin St. in Binondo, Manila, why not take a visit to this esteemed shop during one’s Christmas gift shopping spree?

F&C Jewelry

With over 50 outlets in the Philippines, F&C Jewelry focuses on catering to women with its fine collection of handmade gold rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, and medals. As a prestigious brand with over four decades of experience in the jewelry business, shoppers looking for the perfect Christmas gift are sure to find it there for the best price.

As for what is available in their catalog, accessories sold by F&C Jewelry can come in a variety of forms, ranging from refined minimalist styles, and religious iconographies, to fun symbols and shapes for the younger demographic. Many of the quality jewelry sold are even tri-color, meaning they utilize yellow, white, and rose gold in their composition to create unique patterns that are pleasing to the eyes. Despite their central focus on women as their main customer base, F&C Jewelry does have a selection of products for men’s fashion in the form of bracelets, necklaces, and of course, rings and wedding rings.

Due to how extensive F&C Jewelry’s enterprise is in the Philippines, one may easily find a local branch within their area to do their shopping from if they think that their jewelry is exactly what they’re looking for this Christmas.

To summarize, finding the perfect jewelry as a Christmas gift can be daunting with how many jewelry brands there are out there in the world that may or may not be worth one’s money. The three stores covered in this blog, however, are guaranteed to be dedicated to creating the best jewelry in the market within Manila, with each having its own specialties and signature works that are sure to fit the tastes and fashion of any potential patrons.

Asides from presenting fancy jewelry to the people that matter the most in one’s life, a life-changing gift that they can give instead is a beautiful home within a high-end subdivision in San Pedro, Laguna, such as Crown Asia‘s La Marea.

Located in the barangay of San Antonio, the American-themed community of La Marea represents the best in suburban living within Laguna. Its residents have access to excellent amenities such as the community swimming pool, clubhouse, basketball court, and inviting outdoor spaces for doing a variety of fun activities. La Marea is also within close proximity to several commercial centers such as Vista Land’s NOMO and SOMO, as well as the SLEX San Pedro exit and CALAX for those that need to go to Metro Manila for work.

For those looking for the perfect dream home in a peaceful subdivision in San Pedro, Laguna this Christmas, why not give La Marea a look?

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