How to Burglar Proof Your Home

By: Hadj Cabonegro

Home security is a factor of utmost importance to consider in the household to ensure the safety of oneself, their family members, and personal belongings. Depending on the area where one lives, however, for example, a subdivision in San Pedro, Laguna, the extent of the measures required to deter criminals may vary.

A household located in a crime-prone area would necessitate numerous security measures to prevent burglars from breaking in, ranging from simpler methods such as keeping valuables hidden to prevent any unwanted attention, to more sophisticated means like installing burglar alarms, motion sensor lights, smart locks, etc. Safe places, such as Crown Asia‘s gated communities, would need fewer security measures due to the inherent safety of living inside a private neighborhood. Regardless, some form of security is always essential to have in one’s home, these may not be too extensive as it wholly depends on the homeowner’s personal preference.

Without further ado, here are three home security tips as to how one can burglar-proof their home from most unwanted visitors.

Fortify Potential Entrances where Burglars may Break In

The most important part of the home that one must improve to deter burglars from entering would obviously be the doors and windows, which can be considered the most vulnerable points of a household. Upgrading these openings can vary in magnitude depending on the owner’s budget and the structural limits of the house itself.

For creating the ideal burglar-proof front door, one can opt for installing a deadbolt lock to a preexisting door to add an extra level of security, which can then be further supplemented with a high-quality strike plate that can stand against a well-placed kick or even a smart lock. Windows on the other hand, especially first-floor windows, would benefit from having grates built onto them and maybe even window sensors installed to detect burglars. It is also important to consider other potential avenues of entry such as side doors or the garage door when building up one’s home security.

As a method for improving home security, this can be considered as inexpensive, making it an easy yet reliable way of better securing a better sense of protection.

Install the Latest Home Security Systems

An affluent homeowner may consider implementing a state-of-the-art home security system to further bolster their household’s defenses. With the current fast-paced progress of technology nowadays, it has never been easier to find the best home security systems that the market has to offer.

The standard bread and butter of a security system is the humble security camera, which there is an abundance of for sale in dedicated stores either offline or online. Video surveillance can be further supplemented by motion sensors within the homestead, which would not only cover areas that are not observed by the security cameras but can also be paired with a piercing siren to scare off thieves and alarm the neighbors. A bonus of having this extra security is their ability to be connected to a local or cloud storage, which can allow owners to see any suspicious activities during the night, especially if their security cameras have in-built night vision as well.

A properly installed professional monitoring system can go a long way in ensuring that one’s property wouldn’t be an easy target for most intruders.

Build Positive Relationships with Your Neighbors

While one can rely on the strength and reliability of technology to keep the household safe, cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with one’s neighbors also has its perks for home security other than the benefit of having a good time. Having a trusted neighbor not only provides the possibility of a budding friendship that can last a lifetime but also another set of eyes who could then look out for any suspicious activities.

In the event of taking an extended vacation which would leave behind an empty home, asking one’s neighbors to occasionally watch over one’s house can add another layer of security. They will be able to observe any unusual individuals scouting out the house’s exterior, which they could then report to either the owners or the local authorities to prevent the possibility of a break-in from occurring. It is essential of course to make sure that one’s neighbors are indeed trustworthy, and it will be up to the homeowners themselves to decide who to trust when it comes to the safety of their household.

Since this is a mutualistic relationship after all, the homeowners themselves should expect to be doing the same favors that they would potentially ask from their neighbors, which might then deepen their friendly connections.

In conclusion, making one’s home burglar-proof is easily doable, with the degree of security dependent on location, budget, and one’s preferences. Homeowners can opt to add additional upgrades to any entryways leading inside their home, set up the latest home security system recommended only by a reliable home security expert, or befriend their neighbors to have someone monitor their home if they’re absent.

Worrying about the possibility of being robbed shouldn’t be anyone’s problem in the first place, and thus for those looking for the most secure homes in the market, Crown Asia has many to offer in their very own La Marea, a private subdivision in San Pedro, Laguna.

Situated along the South Luzon Expressway, La Marea is easily accessible via SLEX San Pedro, providing convenience for its residents who are looking to travel to San Pedro proper or Metro Manila to go to work or have fun. Homeowners also benefit from the many facilities within the exclusive neighborhood, such as their basketball courts, clubhouse, and swimming pool to name a few. Perfect for the upper-middle-class Filipino, La Marea‘s values only a high standard of quality living and security for its residents, promising the best environment for raising a family.

When looking to live in a crime-free subdivision in San Pedro, Laguna, La Marea is the number one choice.

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