How to Look for a Property in the Philippines?

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How to Look for a Property in the Philippines

The sense of belongingness is something that people mostly seek — either in a place like churches or schools, a group of people like family or friends, social media, or simply anything that a person would feel connected and at peace with. As a person grows older, one finds their sense of belongingness in a smaller group of people and sometimes already feels content with who or what they have. But as time goes by, people look for a place where they could start new chapters of their lives with their new families, while still feeling a sense of belongingness. It could be possible due to the environment, atmosphere, type of neighborhood, location, or the property itself.

As many provinces continue to improve and grow, it makes numerous buyers confused about how to look for a property and what they should consider when looking for one. In this article, 5 tips were given as helpful steps to answer questions on how to start when looking for a property in the Philippines.

1. Explore the Current Location or Locations You Would Want to Buy a Property From

The location is as important as finding the kind of property that a client would consider as their future home. Exploring and familiarizing the area surrounding the property is necessary because it helps the clients build their decisions if such property meets their criteria in looking for their ideal home. Clients can take pictures of the visited properties that hold potential, to help them study the property and the area properly if they think it is suitable for their taste.


Exploring also includes knowing its benefits and accessibility when looking for a property. Those include knowing if it is easy to get public transport since not all family members can reach their destined locations using personal cars for the reason that some may have only one available car that is currently being used, a family member does not know how to drive or does not have a driver’s license yet or does not have a car at all. Also, accessibility to schools, hospitals, churches, public markets, work areas, and malls are places to be considered in knowing what places have easy access from their chosen location.

Another thing that should not be forgotten when looking for a property is knowing if the environment where the property is located makes the clients feel safe or uncomfortable if there are noisy roads or neighbors nearby, and knowing if the property being offered is new or old. 

2. Search on any Social Media Platforms or Property Search Websites

Nowadays, social media platforms are being used not only for entertainment but even in business promotion strategies to help them reach out to a wider market and introduce the best qualities of their product or services in their official social media pages. Frequent real estate developers post pictures and details of different properties for sale in either their official Facebook page, Instagram, or their official website. Social media plays a vital role in promoting businesses as it serves as a platform for interaction and engagement among their clients, and in improving brand awareness.

If a client is not sure of what real estate developer to approach, they could just put their desired location in the search queries, then wait for the results. Real estate developers offer various properties such as a lot for sale, a house and lot for sale, and even condos available in many locations. Searching for a good condo location can also be typed the same way in looking for other home locations. Typing the word “condo” and then the preferred place can be good enough to show results of condominiums available under different real estate developers. Examples are: condo in Laguna, condo in Bacoor, condo in Las Pinas, or you can also type the location first like Tagaytay Condo for Sale.

3. Ask Close Relatives and Friends for any Properties Available They Know Of

Most of the time, people do not realize how asking someone is actually a good practice in gaining more knowledge or information from those who are knowledgeable about that matter. There will be moments when a person realizes that there is no need to go any further because the things they need are actually within arm’s reach already. And a person can only realize it when they learn to ask.

Ask Close Relatives and Friends for any Properties Available They Know Of

One can never know what the other person knows unless they ask about it. Therefore, looking for a property also applies in this kind of scenario. Nothing is wrong with being private and low profile in terms of current events in one’s life, but it will always be more helpful to have someone trusted to talk with — to have someone else’s perspective and opinion about the matter, to help the client broaden his idea about what he has been looking for. Having someone who knows about what is needed also helps in having what has been looking for, be reached easily by having connections and recommendations by reliable people. Some benefits in asking and having connections with said reliable people include having someone who has mutuals in the offered location or property, or having more options to choose from, including the other already chosen potential properties.

4. Work with a Real Estate Agent

It is one thing to look for a property based only on what can be seen online through pictures and informative posts or heard from close relatives and friends, but it is another thing to work with a real estate agent. Real estate agents are trusted to have a conversation within terms of properties, because they are licensed individuals who help clients buy, sell, or rent a real estate. They are also more knowledgeable about the client’s interested property and are very reliable in answering inquiries. They can also help make transactions easier and quickly process paperwork.

A real estate agent can be found either in the official office of the real estate developer, office available inside the subdivision, office available inside the condominium, or even in some areas inside the malls. They can also be contacted through getting their contact numbers from the official website of the real estate developer they are working for or from a brochure if a client received one. Some lucky clients were also able to hire and easily contact a real estate agent if they have close relatives or friends who have connections or are related to them.

5. Visit a Real Estate Developer Office for More Information about the Interested Property

To easily entertain questions about the property, it is always recommended to visit the official office of the real estate developer to inquire and learn more information about the interested property, including its other features such as its amenities, utilities, and its security personnel. Visiting the office also helps the clients meet the staff who they will potentially ask for help whenever they experience unexpected temporary difficulties when they already bought or live in the purchased property.

Visit a Real Estate Developer Office for More Information about the Interested Property

Visiting the office also helps the client have more options to look for, since there can be possibly more properties in different locations to choose from. Properties being offered can also be either a lot for sale or both a house and lot for sale. Asking an exact location is also recommended when the client has already set his eyes on a particular place to live in. For example, a client may ask for a house and lot for sale in Cavite, if they prefer a home that is very accessible to many food hubs, tourist spots, and to any type of public transport; or a client may also ask for a house and lot for sale in Laguna, specifically in Sta Rosa if they prefer to live in a first-class city and is highly accessible to Metro Manila.


Once a client has found what he has been looking for, It is only a matter of time before he/she starts the journey to a home fit for the lifestyle that he/she deserves. A home like Crown Asia might be the best one for him/her. Crown Asia is known for its very unique themed communities inspired by well-known places globally and its highly accessible locations.

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