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Condo Developments by Crown Asia in the South

July 6, 2021

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Being independent is probably included in everyone’s bucket list. Having your own place where you can do all the things you have been dreaming feels like cloud nine. And yes, you can be independent whilst living with your family but then it’s so fulfilling having to buy and own a property you can call yours. There is no right time to start investing for your future, you make the time right yourself. And condos for sale in the Philippines are said to be one of the great investments everyone can do. It is like providing a place for your growth; may it be for yourself or in property value.


If you are the type of person that is so tired of the bustle cities bring, the south may be the right place for you. People in the south experience life in tone-down bursting colors. The chill vibe of it does not deprive them of the fun they need to spice their life.


South Perks

1. One of the perks of living in the south is that the roads give easy access to traveling places that gives everyone hassle and stress before. With the help of expressways, traveling to other provinces is now easier and convenient.


man on a cliff in tagaytay condo for sale


2. When I said fun, I meant it. here in the south, you can easily find places wherein you can enjoy, have fun, and relieve some stress. If you want to breathe in some fresh air while breathing your stress, Tagaytay is the right place. Enjoy and be awe by its overlooking wonderful view. Themed park is also there to let everyone relive their childhood memories and create new ones.


3. Prominent schools providing quality education are now also making their way into the south. Offering different degrees that can produce outstanding graduates in different fields.


What’s in the South?

Well I guess, it is finally the right time to move into a place that can spice up and improve your way of living. And you are definitely in the right place. South is the home for premier and finest condos for sale in the Philippines that could really live up to your expectations.



Hermosa is a condo in Las Piñas City that provides a modern architecture that pleases your eye while giving everyone the comfortability they have been finding for so long. It’s the best place for everyone who wants to experience a fun and exciting way of living. It is located in Pulang Lupa Uno, Las Piñas City, Metro manila Philippines. It gives you easy access to NAIA Terminal and unwinds in MOA Bay Arena.


Hermosa COHO Amenity View


Hermosa offers studio units, one-bedroom units, and two-bedroom units that are suitable for everyone whether alone or with family.


There are a lot of amenities that everyone can experience and enjoy. There’s a guardhouse that secures the safety of everyone, monitors who enter and go out the perimeter. Fitness Gym where everyone can achieve their hot summer body. Reading Nooks are also available for all the bookworms out there or for anyone who wants to start reading. Lay a blanket on the grass and experience the Pinterest vibe picnic on the Hermosa picnic groove. And a lot more functional amenities like clubhouse, play park, play court, function hall, jogging path, and property management office.


Hermosa condo in Las Piñas is also near to establishments and facilities like schools and universities, hospitals, malls, churches, places of recreation and transportation.


Pine Suites

Pine Suites located in Bonifacio Drive, Tagaytay City is an exclusive gated community in Tagaytay that offers condos for sale which gives you a breath of chilly fresh air while also providing the warmth you need through its condo units. I understand the burnout that works sometimes brings and it is nice to take a break every once in a while. Pines Suites give you privacy and spacious suites that are suitable for everyone to spend either alone or family time. Its unit type varies. It can be a 2-bedroom unit, studio unit, or studio unit with a balcony that greets you with its beautiful view.


Pine Suites Tagaytay Amenity Shot Tagaytay Condo for Sale


For everyone’s security, there is CCTV installed on the common places, 24/7 security, fire alarm, and fire exit in case of emergency. Amenities are also provided for a better and enjoyable stay for everyone. You can practice different swimming strokes on the swimming or run a little bit on the jogging path. You can also take your me-time, walk and admire the landscape gardens of Pine Suites. There is still a lot for you to discover in condos for sale in Tagaytay.


If ever you want to explore more of Tagaytay, try visiting establishments like malls, amusement parks with chill and extreme rides, or even score branded pieces on thrifting stores around the area.


Valenza Mansions

Condos for sale in Laguna like Valenza Mansions, it is situated in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. A mid-rise condominium that offers a living space for everyone whilst proving privacy, elegance, and of course comfort. It is placed in a community that makes sure the safety of everyone. Available units are CitiPads which has 1 room, CitiSpace which is a studio type, and CitiSuites with 2-bedrooms.


Valenza Mansions Cluster house for rent crown asia


Say goodbye to the boring lifestyle, for Valenza Mansions has a lot of amenities that can bring excitement to your mundane life. Playground for kids and not-so-young adults who want to experience and re-experience being a child, fitness gym for working out and a healthier lifestyle, garden for every plantitos and plantitas out there.


Sta. Rosa Laguna has a lot of places that you can discover and try. Hot springs are one of the famous go-to places here, Amusement parks that bring extra fun and excitement in life, or churches you can visit to ponder and think.



Meridian, a development by Crown Asia that provides premium themed architectural communities. A condo for sale situated in Palico Road, Bacoor City. Condo in Bacoor like Meridian  provides extensive security. The unit types available are 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and a studio type.


It is well placed in the center which creates a balance between entertainment and career. Because going urban won’t give you less fun rather offer a whole new lot of experiences. It is apt for people who are working and living alone, newly married, and also a conducive place for your family.


Meridian COHO Day Shot Condo in Bacoor


There are a variety of places you can visit like Malls for shopping, Schools, and Universities for quality education, Food Parks to satisfy your cravings, and Churches for reflections. If you don’t feel like going out, you can enjoy the Meridian’s amenities made exactly for its residents. There’s a grilling area, perfect for a barbeque night. Reading Nooks and picnic groove can be the home for book lovers who want to read in a quiet and peaceful ambiance. Bring your kids to the clubhouse and let them run around in the play park.


Transitioning to the South might be a big move for you, but in here, you can experience the hustle but of course without the hassle. Pandemic might restrict you from living your normal life, but don’t let your chosen home restricts you from doing what you want. It may be fun there, but the best things are in the South.


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