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Best Property Listing Websites to Use When Searching for High-End Homes

October 29, 2020 by Anna Lucas

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With a lot of property listing sites out there, it is quite confusing which one to use when looking for high-end property in the Philippines.  


Here is a rundown of the best property listing site to use in the Philippines.


1. Philippines Properties


Philippine properties website page lot for sale


About the Site: Philippine Properties has been in the market for more than 18 years. It is owned and operated by Logic Replace LLC, which is a professional web team operating in the UK and the US. They have continuously improved their site to give homebuyers an easy and simple user experience when looking for a home. They also provide users with as much information about the property as possible. They have a feature that allows the property buyer to search using the map. With this, it is easy for the buyer to locate a property in the locale they are interested in. 



2. FazWaz 


philippine home real estate lot for sale 


FazWaz, though relatively new in the Philippines, is by no means a newbie in the market. FazWaz Philippines is part of the FazWaz Group, a property technology company based in Thailand. They have established their expertise in the field by serving several Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the United Arab Emirates.  


The website provides easy search and provides quick links to popular regions in the country. Moreover, aside from providing the map view of the listing itself, it also provides a street view to give the homebuyers a complete overview of the property. They also provide useful real estate news and information that are relevant to homebuyers



3. Real


property listing website lot for sale 


REAL property website was created by the same people behind Agent Image – one of the successful real estate websites in the US. REAL brings to the Philippines the expertise that they have gathered for more than 20 years of experience from other countries. REAL is one, if not the only, listing site in the Philippines that not only allows a homebuyer to search for a property, but also to search for a real estate agent.  



4. PH Realty 


another property listing website lot for sale


PH Realty is one of the brokers with the biggest network with developers. They are accredited by over 75 developers in the Philippines, which includes Crown Asia Properties, the developer of high-end properties by Vista Land. They provide comprehensive information about each property, even creating a microsite for each one.  



5. Signet Properties 


signet properties website page lot for sale


Signet Properties was only established in 2018, yet the unique user interface makes it a great platform to search for premium homes. Their property listing site utilizes the latest technology to provide homebuyers with sufficient knowledge to make the purchase. Moreover, they provide 360 aerial views of popular locations to provide an overview of the location of the property. Aside from this, they provide a mortgage calculator to give an estimate of the monthly amortization of the homebuyer.


Whether it is an upscale 1-bedroom condominium for sale or a high-end house and lot for sale that one is searching for, Crown Asia Properties has a property that will suit every homebuyer’s needs. Visit any of these sites, or go to to find out about it.



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