Getting Yourself Ready to Own a Pet

By: Crown Asia
Getting Yourself Ready to Own a Pet

Every family will certainly have at least one member who has always wanted a pet and will most likely find a way to ask for or obtain one. Some people keep pets for a variety of reasons, including the ability to practice independence, their fondness for animals, a lack of interest in having children, the desire to take care of anything, or simply because they want one. However, as much as many pet owners yearn to have a pet of their own, it is also apparent that some people do not deserve to have one. Mostly because some people didn’t give themselves enough time to go through their choices or because their budget didn’t fit the necessities of their desired pets.

In this blog, pieces of advice will be given to pet lovers, particularly newbies, who are unaware of what to expect and what things they should prepare when planning to own a pet. Here are some things to consider when owning a pet.

Be a wise spender

Before officially adopting a pet, it’s important to keep track of and research the costs associated with the preparation process, as well as setting aside money for future and unexpected expenses. To become a wise spender, it is recommended to make a list of what products should the pet owner buy for their pet/s such as toys, foods, leashes, treats, cages, aquariums, and so on — basically anything that will be needed once the pet has arrived at their new home.

Knowing the right pet accessories

photo of a dog wearing a pair of glasses

Pet accessories are one of the most commonly purchased items for pets, and are mostly used for entertainment, training, identification, fashion, or basically a necessity. However, just because pet accessories are shown in various pet stores, it does not indicate that it can all be used generally. There are certain pet accessories that are only for a specific animal and there are also pet supplies that are needed only under certain circumstances such as for grooming purposes and/or travelling. Pet owners can do some research or ask a pet lover friend for recommendations on the best pet accessories to have on hand before their pet’s arrival. If, however, the pet owner feels unsure whether or not the pet accessories will be all in use, they can observe their pets first during the first few weeks or so, then try to buy them pet accessories little by little. This way, it can benefit pet owners in terms of savings and their pet’s happiness.

Always keep in mind that pet medications are different from people’s

The quote “just because it worked for you, does not mean that it will work for others too” is highly applicable for this advice as a pet parent. Human medicines are frequently toxic for pets, and some can even kill them for the reason that there are human pharmaceuticals that can cause pet poisoning, kidney damage, seizures, and even cardiac arrest, especially in dogs and cats. If a pet owner is very concerned about their pet’s unusual behavior, they should seek help from professionals instead, such as veterinarians in nearby clinics rather than attempting to treat their pets with methods similar to those used on people.

Taking out your pet every once in a while

photo of a dog outside

Taking out pets for a walk, a dog for instance, is good for both the pet owner and the animal. It serves as a mental workout and provides health benefits such as improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones, and the ability to reduce stress. Walking regularly can also help burn calories, allowing the pet owner and their pet to maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity. Taking out pets every now and then is good for mental and emotional health because it allows them to interact with other animals, explore new paths, and have something to look forward to. This activity is also an excellent way to bond with pets by enjoying nature and life outdoors, creating memories that both the pet owner and the animal will always remember.

Getting regular vaccinations and preventing parasites

When a pet moves into their new home, it is important for pet owners to stay informed about their pet’s health and to set up a schedule for check-ups and vaccines, since vaccinations against diseases like rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, and canine hepatitis are required for pets’ overall health. Dog vaccinations, as example, are essential for preventing dogs from a variety of hazardous and even fatal infections. The goal of puppy and dog vaccines is to strengthen the immune system by causing it to detect antigens that are present. Through this, if a dog is exposed to the actual infection, its immune system will detect it and be ready to fight it off, or at the very least lessen its symptoms. 

Fleas are also the most typical external parasite that can cause itchy skin, hot spots, hair loss, and diseases. Other parasites can be transmitted by fleas to other pets like cats or dogs — it takes one flea for the pet to become infected with tapeworms, which is the most common internal parasite afflicting the pet.

The importance of prevention throughout the year cannot be overstated. In endemic locations, flea and intestinal parasite control, as well as heartworm prevention, are critical. And because some parasite treatments for dogs can be fatal to cats, it is better to consult a veterinarian about how to keep beloved pets worm-free, flea-free, and healthy.

Knowing and understanding the fact that owning a pet is both tiresome and requires huge responsibility

photo of two grls holding two black rabbits

Before a potential pet owner adopts a pet of their choosing, it is important to understand that keeping a pet includes both positive and negative aspects. Because, like every other living creature on the planet, there will be times when animals disobey or behave in ways that any untrained or undisciplined pet does. But, at the end of the day, adopting a pet is similar to having a human baby that needs attention, bonding, and responsibility to make the relationship work and generate something valuable.

Here are some statements from pet parents that shows what it’s like to have multiple pets:

“I actually spend more money on my pets than I do on myself because I understand that animals, like us, have needs. They require special attention, especially when they are unable to express themselves and tell us what they want and need. The reason why I think it is more vital to prioritize my fur babies’ needs before my own demands.”  Mary Estores, a dedicated pet owner, said.

“My dogs are a source of joy for me. It’s nice to have someone welcome me as I leave my room every morning when I get up. The same thing goes when I get home from school or whenever I feel sad. They are always able to help me in reducing the heavy weight I am carrying on the inside. It’s honestly fun, but if you have a large number of pets, it also means you’ll have a lot of cleaning to do. It also costs a lot of money to feed them and to deal with situations that arise when they destroy items in your home. I don’t blame them though, because I understand that it’s in their nature and they’re usually clueless. Overall, keeping and adopting a large number of pets is okay as long as you are responsible, hardworking, and patient.” EJ Aguila, a patient and responsible pet owner, said. 

In conclusion, getting ready to own a pet, indeed, takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication on the part of the pet owner. But if they truly want one and are willing to accept responsibility, then they also need to consider their location and the environment in which they live. It is necessary for a pet owner to have a pet-friendly home since an improper environment, as well as irresponsible and insensitive owners, can negatively affect a pet’s health and well-being. 

A home ready for pets and pet lovers in the south

photo of a kitten smelling a daisy

Crown Asia offers a number of developments in which they offer premium houses and lots for sale, as well as a world-class themed community with a serene and secure atmosphere for their residents. One of its developments, Ponticelli — an 18-hectare Italian-inspired community located along Daang Hari road, offers beautifully-constructed Italian-inspired homes, a pleasant setting, a very soothing environment, and unique amenities, as well as being conveniently located near workplaces, public transportation, nearby schools, and some commercial establishments. The said development is ideal for young professionals and families looking for a house and lot for sale in Cavite that also offers a pet-friendly home for their adoring pets. Not only are the houses in Ponticelli pet-friendly, but there is also a spacious play area and sections within the property where the pet owners and their pets can go for their daily walks and places to wander around.

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