Everything You Need to Know about Art and Collectibles

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Everything You Need to Know about Art and Collectibles

Have you ever been curious about why the most sophisticated people we know collect paintings, sculptures, dolls, and other forms of art and trinkets? Is it merely for decoration? Or is it more? Should you start putting such things inside your Crown Asia house and lot for sale? We are here to answer those very questions!

Whatever it may be, fine art, modern art, or contemporary art, Art adds beauty to your home. But money, too.


Like real estate, bonds, and stocks, the value of an art piece increases overtime. This goes the same for collectibles. The more scarce a piece is, the more value it has. People all over the world visit the best of museums just to look at art. To catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa. If you have a painting in par of Leonardo Da Vinci’s, that says a whole lot of you. Your friends will surely have their jaws drop when they found out. Your Crown Asia house and lot for sale could even turn into a mini but ever-world breaking museum if you collect the right art.

It is somewhat a great investment because these valuable collectibles like paintings, sculptures, collectible coins, trading cards like baseball cards and other sports cards even merchandise from different brands like maybe coca cola collectibles can be a source of income. You can sell collectibles after a few years when their value is higher and more in demand.

It is super expensive

It may be just seemingly random lines and splashes that the painter abruptly plastered all over the canvas with no goal whatsoever in their art forms. So what if its their painting technique? It sells thousands if not millions. Heart Evangelista’s newest sold painting was worth 149 million pesos. And that is only the newly bought price. Just imagine how much it would be after 10 years. Your children may retire at the age of 20. Just kidding. But you get our point.

Collectible Memorabilia and Art is a symbol. And by having some, you become a symbol yourself


Just imagine your Crown Asia house and lot for sale. Aside from being a loving home of you and your family, what also reside there are exquisite paintings that are enough for someone to shed a tear, sculptures that will surely make even the brightest of people furrow their eyebrows in confusion, and other collectibles that will level up not only your bank account but even your social status. Your social status would not be called such anymore, but social prestige now instead.

Like many of our bags, watches, cars and the like, the art we put up on our homes is a status symbol. And having such art will truly bring the people around you to a whole new perspective of you and your family.

And to yourselves as well. Surrounding yourself with art will make you see the world differently. Suddenly your vision heightens and you start to appreciate even the smallest of details. That fall of a leaf from a tree suddenly feels so elegant. The sound of birds chirping just sounds so right. Here is why.

It can change the way you think


If you wake up every day and the first thing you see when you open your eyes is an elusive sculpture right across your room, your way of thinking will definitely change. For the better.

Here are three out of the many ways art improves your thinking.

1. It broadens your perspective.

You become more open-minded. You begin to think more creatively and critically. Suddenly you think of solutions you never could have guessed you can think of. According to MIT, one of the best schools in the world, “It’s like looking at an image upside down, to see it for what it is and not just as the image your eye is “trained” to see. When we develop our ability to think creatively, we are able to find new solutions to the problems on which we are working, both in our labs and in our lives.” Indeed, your children, ever still young and have yet to learn and absorb everything in the world, will totally benefit if art were decorated in your house.

2. It heightens your observation skills

Good art is normally layered with several deep meaning that a layperson may find hard to pinpoint. It takes great patience and observation skills to distinguish one reason how the artist made such a masterpiece. Of course, this mindset will apply to all other aspects in our lives, and not just in studying the art we decorate our house and lot for sale.

3. Art makes you practice empathy

Art, may it be in a form of writing, dancing, film, painting, or sculpting, it welcomes any culture, any country, even any person. Everyone and anyone is free to make art. Thus when you look at art, you catch a glimpse of the artist themselves, their history, their culture, and most importantly how they feel and view the world. We get to feel emotions when you look at art, therefore, we connect in a way to the person who made it.

A whole new level of decoration


Aside from aesthetically pleasing books aligned colored coordinated in the best bookshelves you can find, the comfiest and most chic sofas there is in the world class curators of home goods, and the beautiful vase you bought during your visit to Europe that is a home to the flowers you grow at your very own garden, what else can you use to decorate your already upscale Crown Asia house and lot for sale? One word, two syllables: art.

People take months, even years and decades to create something. Even longer for the best of the best. Taking Mona Lisa again for an example, Da Vinci took 16 long years to finish the groundbreaking painting. This is why art is a status symbol and why it is so expensive.

Everyone is doing it. Including your favorite celebrities

Everyone worships art. That is why people bid jaw dropping prices at auctions just to get their hands on a particular artist’s piece. You think your favorite stars are above art but this is not even near the case. Your favorite celebrities and even billionaires take into the art of collecting.


Let us take Pharrell Williams for example who is a big fan of contemporary sculptors and painters. His impressive collection of art in the aspects of toys stands on 700 collectible pieces alone. Beyoncé and Jay-Z, of course, are known to be suckers for art. They even filmed a music video at the Lourve. They could have easily filmed their video in some random street and still made millions. Still, they spent millions of dollars just to have the opportunity to film their MV at a museum. That is how precious and highly admired art is.

And just imagine having tons in your Crown Asia home.

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