Things You Need to Know About Vertical Gardening

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Things You Need to Know About Vertical Gardening

In the course of the global pandemic, we have seen the trend of gardening and/or taking care of indoor plants at your house and lot for sale rise to an all-time high to the point that new terms were born out of it: the “plantito”, and the “plantita”. You may have actually indulged in this new personality over the past months. And we applaud you for that! What is a better way of decorating your beloved Crown Asia house and lot for sale with the most natural and healthy decoration: plants?

This profound hobby of yours may have filled your house and lot for sale with plants. Many plants. Actually, the term is not “filled”. Perhaps bombarded? Just kidding. But really, who can blame you and your family? Everyone should actually thank you for doing such a deed to the world and to the environment. With technology ever-progressing and modern, city life keeps spreading, it is (literally) a breather for some greenery. So what happens if you no longer have garden space for more plants in your Crown Asia house and lot for sale?

This is where exterior vertical gardens come in.

Vertical gardens are a new and more practical style of tillage


When there is no more space for your potted plants, vertical gardening comes to the rescue. It is more practical because you get to have more plants without getting that extra square space of your Crown Asia house and lot for sale! This art of gardening is growing your greenspace upward rather than outward making for beautiful living walls brought about by the wall garden. This style widens your plant types since it allows you to grow vines and the like!

It is also a sign that you are sophisticated and knowledgeable enough to know such a gardening style. Not everyone gets to know about vertical gardening, and it takes a whole lot more courage and open-mindedness to try this gardening art out! Just imagine your relatives or your friends when they visit your exquisite Crown Asia house and lot for sale. We bet our buttons that they would be downright astounded once they catch a glimpse of your vertical garden. They will surely admire you, ask you questions, and more or less might even jot down notes as you answer their questions on how to grow one!

Indeed, with a vertical garden, your growth, your creativity, and your clout will expand even more.

Save your back. A vertical garden saves you from bad posture


With this gardening technique, you never would have to bend your back. If ever, it would even improve your posture since your plant walls could go very high. Additionally, in other “easier to maintain” topics of vertical gardening, you can definitely skip the preventive measures against ground-dwelling pests, weeds, soil borne diseases, and fungus. Lastly, this type of planting style will help avoid your plants to be damaged by accidentally stepping on it or when your pet suddenly decides to make a mad dash through your greenery.

You are the coach and it is time to train your plants to grow vertically with these vertical garden design ideas!


You read that right, friend! You can help your plants grow vertically! This is why your creativity will certainly boost here. Through the many ways you can grow your plants vertically, there will be no room for boredom here.

Here are some of the ways you can grow your garden vertically!


Through building a makeshift tripod using wood and sticks, your yard will be greatly utilized and your plants will thank you for it since this technique allows ALL your greens to get enough sunshine! No plant will get overshadowed with the Tripod style of vertical gardening.



This is the most popular way of vertical gardening. It involves frames where you put the pots of your beloved plants. This is actually very exciting because the chicness and/or sophistication (depends on what you are going for) of your ideal garden will truly apply here! The type of frames you use for your trellises is all up to you. You can make your own trellises using wood or you can opt to buy them at a store. There are many pretty frames to choose from. Just go to your nearest All Home, bring home materials for your pretty trellis that would go perfectly match your Italian-inspired Crown Asia house and lot for sale.

Hanging gardening for climbing plants

Here is another technique that will surely pique your creative mind. This gardening style goes from walls where you can hang your pots as well to using ropes (metal or not) to hang your plants through hanging baskets. See your garden flourish to new heights with vertical planting.

Edible plants you can grow with vertical gardening

The ultimate fun of gardening is when the plants you grow can be eaten later. Indeed, with all that said and done, what exactly are the plants that you can grow in your vertical garden structure that are not only pretty, but you can harvest to eat?

1. Peas


First on your vertical garden and soon to be on your menu, are peas. Peas are such a treat to your heart since it has a lot heart-healthy minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. Additionally, it is one of the best immunity foods since it is rich in vitamin C.

2. Peppers


Not only do they literally spice up your food but it is also anti-cancer and helps avoid heart disease since they are anti-inflammatory. It is also known to help delay age-related memory loss!

3. Eggplant


Eggplants are a Filipino love so they must be in your vertical garden! We are sure you have seen eggplants grow almost always vertically. Why else should you grow eggplants in your garden? Well, according to Medical News Today, one serving of eggplant can already feed you your daily requirement of fiber, copper, manganese, B-6, and thiamine!

4. Tomatoes


Last but definitely not least, are tomatoes that will surely add that glow of your vertical garden. Tomatoes are so pretty, aren’t they? Especially with the fact that they make you look pretty since it is famous for giving your skin a dewy glow! You must have seen that this fun-to-munch fruit can be seen as an ingredient by our many favorite skin care products.

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