Elite Access: The Best Country Clubs in Metro Manila

By: Crown Asia
Elite Access The Best Country Clubs in Metro Manila

Updated as of March 24, 2023

It is no secret that the upper echelon of society has a unique way of unwinding and doing recreational activities.

Most of the wealthy elite tend to look for a condo for sale that is reminiscent of a home but would still feel like a getaway, this is applied on their travel destinations, places where to eat and even the property they purchase. To address this, country clubs across various cities in the country opened–specifically to cater to the affluent few. In the National Capital Region, these country cubs have evolved from being golf courses to contemporary adult playgrounds. Some of these country clubs feature an array of amenities such as football, off-roading, and in some cases, even sailing.

Below is a list of some of the best country clubs in the Philippines where club membership is highly coveted:

best country clubs in the Philippines

Manila Polo Club

Regarded as one of Metro Manila’s oldest country clubs, Manila Polo Club has been in operation since 1909 by US Commissioner of Commerce and Police William Cameron Forbes. Since then, it has been a favorite hang-out spot of Metro Manila’s elite few. Today, it remains as one of the gathering spots beloved by the wealthy few. It is where politicians, business tycoons, socialites, celebrities, and their families can enjoy its sports venues and various dining options. Some of the best things about this club are the cogon huts (which is said to be the best place for people-watching), the Mongolian buffet on weekends, and the Enrique Zobel field.

Balesin Island Club

Located in the outskirts of the Quezon Province, Balesin is considered as one of the best treasures you can ever give to yourself and your family. The 500-hectare private island paradise is known for its meticulously designed property and themed villages inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful destinations such as Costa del Sol, St. Tropez, Toscana, Mykonos, and Phuket. Club members can enjoy a quick getaway just twenty minutes away from Manila via plane ride while guests typically pay PHP 7,000 per person. Some of the perks of having a Balesin Island Membership is getting fourteen free villa nights per year and free use of all the resort’s amenities and facilities. Resort amenities include spas, sporting activities, an array of restaurants, clubhouse features, and gyms.

Manila House

A recent addition to the metropolitan’s string of exclusive membership clubs, the Manila House is deemed to be a dream come to life. Located in Bonifacio Global City, the 2,300 square meters of space is designed by interior designer and Belgian architect, Gert Voorjans. Today, it is known to be one of Metro Manila’s most private clubs. Perks included getting access to the club’s very exclusive activities and events as well as to Manila Club’s 3 premier restaurants. Members also get rental privileges to their grand ballroom and access to their outdoor cocktail deck and bar lounge. 

Wack Wack Golf and Country Club

Wack Wack Golf and Country Club

Established in 1930, The Wack Wack Golf and Country Club are known as one of Metro Manila’s oldest members-only clubs in Manila. Founded and established by William J. Shaw, the club boasts some of the best golf courses in the country with two 18-hole championship courses and was previously a host to the Philippine Golf Open Championships. You can also wake up with the breath-taking view of this Country Club when you own a condominium unit at 515 Shaw by Crown Asia. 

The Palms Country Club

The Palms Country Club is a three-hectare property considered as one of the most private places in Alabang. In fact, it is so private that even information on their website would require a secure login from their members. Some of the things members can enjoy are unlimited access to the club facilities as well as multiple activities such as sports and the like. Club members also get to access the club’s various dining options. The Palms Country Club is also known as one of the premier event venues to celebrate life milestones such as weddings, debuts, and other special events.

Indeed, country clubs have gone a long way than just being a primary place for golf. Today, the activities and amenities they feature are compelling enough for one to apply for a club membership. However, if you have been on the fence about getting a club membership for yourself and your family, below are just some of the reasons why you might want one:



Health and Fitness

Applying for membership and getting it granted typically gives you access to all of the club’s sports and fitness amenities. Apart from that, you also get access to various classes and instructors offering their tutelage to members.

Dining and Private Events

Dining and Private Events

Some membership clubs offer both casual and fine dining only for members to enjoy. Alternatively, they may admit walk-in guests but offer them a different rate and price point on menu items. Having a club membership ensures that you get access to all these anytime you please–whether you are just looking for an appropriate dining venue or to fit a type of special celebration.

Social Events

Membership clubs are typically known for their events. These can include anything from social affairs, golf tournaments to parties held by the club. Throughout the year, members can expect a variety of events hosted by the club enough to keep them busy. Activities may especially be created for men, women, couples, kids, or even the entire family. It is through these events that you can build your network of friends and meet like-minded people. It may also be an opportunity for you to expand your business network and forge business relationships with other members.

With the list of various membership clubs above, you are now at liberty to choose which one suits your fancy best. Whether you are in it for the exclusivity, the amenities, the possibility of expanding your social network, know that there is always a membership club for you. At any of our Crown Asia properties, you can expect the same exclusivity and VIP treatment. At Crown Asia, you can feel like a valued member of an elite country club.

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