Choosing a House and Lot for Sale in Sta. Rosa Laguna

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Choosing a House and Lot for Sale in Sta. Rosa Laguna

Living in the city may have its perks, but so is living in the province especially when you and your family are in dire need of fresh air, more trees than cars kind of change. When it comes to descriptions like these every Filipino family especially one that lives in Metro Manila immediately thinks of the South.

South Luzon, more colloquially known as “the South”, consists of CALABARZON, the Region 4A of our country. It stands for Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon as the abbreviation had hinted. So when you and your family are looking for a new place to call home in the naturally exquisite region of IV A, where exactly amongst these provinces should you live?

Our answer: Laguna. Specifically in the City of Santa Rosa.

Here is why.


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Brief History and Economic Background of The Lion City of Laguna: Santa Rosa

This city is so much more than you can reckon. It is an area imbued with patriotism and history which can be traced back to the times of 1571. Juan de Salcedo, a Spanish Conquistador, discovered Biñan which was then declared a barrio to the town of Tabuco (currently known as Cabuyao). Santa Rosa was part of Biñan and was actually a barrio called Bukol, a name reflecting the famous body of water forming its northern boundary. Under the humble name of Saint Rose of Lima, the name was then politically changed to the municipality of Santa Rosa on January 15, 1972. In the broader picture, Dr. Jose Rizal was born no other in the province of Laguna.

The ancestors of its present-day inhabitants underwent a lot as well. Santa Rosa was key in the Philippine Independence proclamation from Spain when the Act of Independence was signed on July 12, 1898. But even after that sweet victory, the townspeople fought alongside the fearless forces of the famous General Pio del Pilar during the war between the Filipinos and the Americans. Additionally, after being immersed by the Japanese World War II, Santa Rosa celebrated yet again its freedom after the Filipino guerilla resistance movement on the unforgetful day of February 5, 1945. Some of the townspeople of Santa Rosa took part in this specific resistance.

Because of all of these historical events that happened in this specific town, it is only understandable that the City of Santa Rosa would have some historical areas. Let us take Santa Rosa de Lima Parish Church for example which follows the Baroque style of Roman Catholic churches built by the Spanish Dominican Order, circa 1792. The City Museum was built in the 1900s, Arch de Triumph inspired arch of Santa Rosa which was established in 1931, and of course, the Spanish-styled houses which have stood since the 1800s are all but important reminders of our precious and never to be forgotten history.

It is also important to take note that until the 70s after the war, Santa Rosa, small and new as it was, highly depended on agriculture and family-owned small enterprises. When the 80s rolled in, suddenly there was a boom of industrialization and a very fast pace of economic transformation especially when this city is full of vacant lands. Indeed, the then-Hispanic town of Barrio Bukol has gone a long way. Currently, the city not only holds historical sites but also many economic opportunities and modernity. Thus, its nickname of the Lion City of the South. Its sudden economic boost, like that of a lion’s roar, could not go unheard. The established corporations, industrial parks such as the Laguna Technopark, new developments, and the amount of house and lot for sale in Sta Rosa Laguna can confirm this.


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But to go again on a historical note but now in the prospect of its economy, from being a fourth class city with an income of Php 4 million in 1986, in just mere 7 years, the four million suddenly multiplied by almost 14 times since, by the time of 1993, its average income became Php 54.2 million, making Santa Rosa a first-class town.

Take note of the words first class. This is why a lot of Filipino families are eyeing a Santa Rosa house and lot for sale since it is not too far from the cities and business centers of Metro Manila such as Makati City, and Taguig City, but still enjoys the tranquil and natural environment of a province and everything rural entails. Work opportunities aren’t lost here. As of the latest report from the Philippine Statistics Authority, the City of Santa Rosa has a total population of 414,812 with an average household size of 3.4. Property seekers should make the most of this growing city and invest now in a house and lot for sale in Sta Rosa Laguna.

The Different Barangays in Santa Rosa, Laguna

Santa Rosa is a component city in the province of Laguna. 18 different barangays decorate the Lion City of the South, and each of them has something unique to offer to the table. Aplaya, Balibago, Caingin, Dila, Dita, Don Jose, Ibaba, Kanluran (Barangay Poblacion Uno), Labas, Macabling, Malitlit, Malusak (Barangay Poblacion Dos), Market Area (Barangay Poblacion Tres), Pooc (Pook), Pulong Santa Cruz, Santo Domingo, Sinalhan, and Tagapo are the respective barangays of this city.


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If ever you and your family are craving to visit Metro Manila and have a taste of the pure city life again but are tired of getting stressed out of hectic traffic as well as the ridiculously recent priced gasoline prices, you can opt to catch a Jac Liner or BBL airconditioned bus in the barangay of Balibago. Balibago is your ideal terminal place. It actually has many rides and public transportation that go pretty much everywhere. Alabang, Cavite, San Pablo, Cubao, and Buendia are one of the few places you can go to through this terminal place Balibago is. This barangay also houses the Santa Rosa Commercial Complex, full of businesses and enterprises. Speaking of business, if you want to find out where the city center of Santa Rosa is, head on over to Barangay Kanluran. This is also where the Santa Rosa de Lima Parish church is located. Lastly, if you’re looking for fun and adventure, head to Barangay Malitlit and experience the magic of the Enchanted Kingdom.

When you want a taste of a high-class mall with your favorite clothing brands and high-quality delicious food but do not want to go all the way to the Metro, you can just have a short drive to Barangay Santo Domingo and enjoy Vista Mall where you can enjoy everything yummy and exquisite. This mall features delicious coffee such as Tim Hortons and Coffee Project, to-die-for restaurants like AllAmerican, Denny’s, and Itallianni’s, and lifestyle shops such as AllBikes. Head on over to Barangay Tagapo and visit the recently-built new wing in SM City Santa Rosa.

Only a few barangays were mentioned but Santa Rosa already sounds like a delicious mouthful, right? Indeed, life is full and wonderful in this city.

Subdivisions in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Santa Rosa features several subdivisions to house the 414,812 people living here in this fine city. Such subdivisions are Buena Rosa, Westgrove, Love Homes Subdivisions, Berkeley Heights, and Victoria Townhomes. One of the notable ones is Crown Asia’s Valenza which is so strategically located that one could just take a 3-minute walk to get to the world-class shopping center S&R and Vista Mall. This subdivision in Sta. Rosa also features breathtaking Italian-inspired homes which make one feel like they are in a totally different country. Enjoy an active lifestyle with the amenities inside the community such as a swimming pool and a basketball court.


Valenza is situated along the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, just a few kilometers from SLEX through the Santa Rosa Exit and the Eton City (Malitlit) exit, but this strategically located community is only a few meters from also two CALAX exits. The SLEX is also reachable through CALAX which starts/ends at the Greenfield City (Mamplasan) Exit. It is truly great to have a house in Santa Rosa. Find Properties that give you a perfectly balanced lifestyle here with Valenza. If you want to know more about Valenza, here is an article covering why Valenza is the best subdivision in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

When it comes to the best housing and residential real estate in this wondrous city, Valenza absolutely delivers this with their house and lot for sale in Sta Rosa Laguna. Families truly enjoy the perfect balance of city and provincial life with a twist of Italy here in this specific subdivision, especially in one of the top locations in the south: Santa Rosa.

If you want to inquire about Valenza, kindly contact us through our website or through our Facebook and Facebook Messenger platforms.

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