Best Destinations and Travel Spots in CALABARZON

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Summer… summer… summer. What a brilliant season to share with family, friends, loved ones, or maybe, just with yourself! Do you have plans already? Got the best destination spots on your list? If not– then hop in and let’s feel the heat of the summer!

To the city-dwellers, if you want a place nearby Metro Manila to travel to, then you might want to check out the best destination spots in the CALABARZON region! Ranging from day trips to overnight stays, thrill or pure relaxation, beaches or famous waterfalls, man-made or natural attractions, or even just a long road trip or sightseeing, Region IV-A or CALABARZON has got it all for you! If you want to know more, then jive in and I will walk you through it!


Paniman Beach

Paniman Beach is the destination to go to if you want to see a tranquil and less-crowded beach near Manila. In Ternate, Cavite, this beach with gray sand is next to the Puerto Azul Golf Resort. It’s one of the province’s more remote areas, with a calmer environment close to the city.  It’s a fantastic tropical getaway that’s only 2 to 3 hours from Manila. You may sunbathe, relax on the gray sand, or swim in the crystal clear seas.

Balite Falls

You might want to check out Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite if you’re looking for a relaxing area this is just a few hours aways from Dasmarinas. Cavite‘s stunning waterfalls are one of the state’s newest treasures. The Balite Falls, which are encased within a 4-hectare property, have delightful cool water cascading through a natural swimming pool. It is made up of two waterfalls. The larger one flows smoothly into the next. The water then flows via a series of pipelines and bamboo tubes. The pool-sized watersheds are filled with rushing water. You may even leap from the brink of the falls and dive down to a depth of up to 18 feet.

Puzzle Mansion

The Puzzle Mansion is home to Georgina Gil-Lacuna’s collection of jigsaw puzzles, which holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest collection of jigsaw puzzles in Tagaytay City. Mrs. Lacuna’s Collections come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from easy to difficult. A tour guide will happily help you and provide intriguing knowledge about each puzzle on exhibit along the trip. If the Puzzle Mansion isn’t your bread and butter, there are also different art galleries nearby.

Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine


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Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum, the location of the inaugural unveiling of the Philippine flag, is among Cavite’s most popular historical sites. Former President Emilio Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence from Spanish colonization from the veranda of his residence in Kawit, Cavite, on June 12, 1898. The House of History, commonly famous as the Aguinaldo Museum, has underground corridors and rooms holding papers and weaponry. There’s also a bomb bunker leading to a local church. The home, like the customary Bahay-na-Bato, features vintage furnishings, a mesa altar, as well as other art nouveau aspects. The lower floor is a gallery, while Aguinaldo’s tomb is in the garden behind the home.

Other notable places to visit in Cavite


How can we forget about the ever famous Second Summer Capital of the Philippines, Tagaytay City? This city is full of tourist spots and many tourists all year round. From the restaurants to the scenic highlands, amusement parks, and shopping areas, Tagaytay is full of wonderful things to do.


Enchanted Kingdom


Theme parks are not only for youngsters but also for grownups too! One of the most famous activities to do in Laguna is to enjoy a day at the Enchanted Kingdom. The Enchanted Kingdom, sometimes known as “EK,” is a theme park in Sta. Rosa City is in Laguna Province. It is without a doubt the greatest amusement park in the Philippines, where the family members, kids, and circle of friends can spend a day of amazing experiences and exciting rides. The Enchanted Kingdom is proud of its world-class rides and safety standards.

Vonwelt Nature Farm

Vonwelt Nature Farm in Magdalena, Laguna is set among large trees and lush green landscapes, providing a soothing and tranquil environment that will undoubtedly relieve your tension. The pleasant temperature at the resort, which is nestled at the base of a mountain, will undoubtedly satisfy every tourist. They provide a variety of accommodations available for couples, groups of friends, families, and even corporate trips.

Other notable places to visit in Laguna


A place worth mentioning is San Pablo City. There you’ll find a handful of majestic lakes to visit. You can also visit Saint Paul the First Hermit Cathedral there. Let’s not forget about Calamba city. You can visit the Rizal shrine, Mabini shrine, Republic wake park, and more. However, if you’re more into golf then don’t forget to visit the world-class golf courses scattered across Laguna.


Mt. Maculot

Mt. Maculot is a very well-known known hiking destination in the Philippines. The elevation of this peak is 930 meters above sea level. The trek to the peak is graded 4/9 in terms of intensity. Despite the fact that some portions of the mountain path are treacherous, steep, and wet, a decently fit individual may complete the walk. The climb to the summit of Mt. Maculot normally takes 5 to 6 hours. Some climbers begin their ascent before sunrise to take advantage of the best sunrise vistas. Mt. Maculot is located near the Batangas town of Cuenca. Before you begin your walk, you must pay a charge and register with the local councils.


Anilao is probably among the best scuba diving destinations in the Philippines, not only in Batangas. It is located on the northern shore of the Calumpang Peninsula, within the Mabini municipality. Diving at Anilao, which was originally a peaceful fishing community, became famed for its lush and vivid underwater environment, which is now a marine protected reserve. Anilao and the surrounding villages are now densely packed with resorts in order to meet the rising lodging demand.

Other notable places to visit in Batangas


Batangas, known for its gorgeous beaches also has one of the most stunning attractions in the country. Besides having a white sand beach, Fortune Island also offers an acropolis with Grecian pillars and statues. It’s a private island that was supposed to be built into a Greek-inspired hotel and resort but sadly, the remains of what was planned, the pillars, are the things that remain.

Taal is famous for its history. Aside from the namesake of the town, the Taal Volcano, the town is actually pretty far from the not-so dormant volcano. It was located near the lake itself but was moved further back when it erupted a number of years ago. It’s a place known for the balisong and Tapang Taal. If you want a blast from the past, visit Taal. There are numerous museums and old houses you can visit there. As well as Taal Park where Basilica de San Martin de Tours stands.


Avilon Zoo


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Avilon Zoo is a 7.5-hectare institution that houses the Philippines’ greatest animal collection. This family-friendly facility is located in the municipality of Rodriguez and has approximately 3,000 exotic animal species. They have around 500 different species of animals, birds, lizards, freshwater fish, amphibians, and invertebrates in their zoo. The facility also shelters a big number of creatures that are only found in our nation. The zoo’s off-site preservation initiative resulted in the birth of the bulk of these indigenous fauns in confinement. Visitors are allowed to wander the site on their own, however, guided tours of the zoo are available.

Cloud 9

Look no farther than the Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort for a spectacular and picturesque view over Antipolo City, the province’s capital. This resort consists of three buildings with a total of 78 rooms and a swimming pool, but its most notable feature is its 360(degree sign) View Deck. It is located on the roof of a gigantic structure that can only be reached by traversing a swinging bridge that links to a smaller structure. Once on the terrace, you will be welcomed with a stunning view of the city.


Jomalig Island

If you’re searching for a relaxing island vacation in Quezon,  Jomalig is the place to unwind. The island is about a six-hour boat ride from Real, Quezon, on the mainland. Its golden sand beach, blue waves, and picturesque environment make it the perfect destination to escape and forget about your concerns. Must-sees include Salibungot Beach and Kanaway Sand Bar.

Villa Escudero


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This property, which is located in Tiaong, Quezon, offers a café close to a cascade, classic style lodgings, a pool house, a gallery, and anything else you’ll desire for a comfortable overnight stay or day excursion. Enjoy the outdoors by taking a casual walk, riding a carabao cart, or riding a bamboo raft. After a day of activity, treat yourself to some delectable Filipino cuisine and beverages. Also, there are cultural showcases that highlight the greatest traditional dances from throughout the country.

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