APRIL FOOLS : 10 Ways to Keep it Fun Within the Home

By: Jessa Lubiano
APRIL FOOLS 10 Ways to Keep it Fun Within the Home

Have you ever heard of the saying, laughter is the best medicine? With all that has happened within the past few years a nice belly laugh once in a while is nice to relieve the stress levels that we all have felt.

Laughter brings individuals together in ways that lead to positive physical and mental changes. Laughter increases your immune system, improves your mood, reduces discomfort, and shields you from the negative effects of stress. Nothing works faster or more consistently to rebalance your mind and body than a good laugh. Humor helps you stay grounded, focused, and alert by lightening your responsibilities, inspiring hope, connecting you to others, and keeping you grounded, focused, and aware. It also aids in the quicker discharge of resentment and forgiveness.

The capacity to laugh freely and frequently has so much power to heal and revitalize that it’s a fantastic resource for overcoming issues, improving relationships, and promoting both physical and mental health. Most importantly, this priceless medicine is enjoyable, free, and simple to apply even just by sitting in your RFO house and lot.

According to helpguide.org, here are some benefits in bursting out laughter:

A Laughter yoga a day unwinds the entire body.


A nice, hearty chuckle relaxes your muscles for up to 45 minutes, relieving physical tension and stress.

Laughter helps to strengthen the immune system.

Laughter reduces stress hormones while increasing immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, boosting your illness resistance for a stronger immune system. Endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, are released when we laugh. Endorphins generate a general sensation of well-being and can even ease pain briefly.

Laughter is good for the heart.

Laughter improves blood vessel function and increases blood flow, which can help you avoid a heart attack or other cardiovascular disorders.

Laughter is a great way to burn calories.


Okay, so it’s hardly a replacement for working out at the gym, but one study found that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day can burn around 40 calories—enough to lose three to four pounds in a year.

Laughter relieves the burden of wrath.

A shared laugh is the fastest way to alleviate tension and conflict. Looking at the bright side of things might help you put things in perspective and move on from disagreements without harboring anger or resentment.

Laughter may possibly prolong your life.

People with a good sense of humor outlive others who don’t laugh nearly as much, according to a Norwegian study. For cancer patients, the difference was very noticeable.

With April fools coming very soon, we listed some fun ideas to keep your home a safe space to provide entertainment, joy, and a little bit of humor or practical jokes to brighten up a gloomy day.

Here are some April Fools Day Prank or (April Fish in other European countries) that you can do in your RFO house and lot home:

Balloon Room?

Find a windowed door that your prank target will view from the outside. Blow up a bunch of balloons and arrange them in a cluster. Attach to the inside of the door’s window to make it appear as if the entire room is bursting at the seams with balloons on the other side. (And, hey, if you can cover the entire room with balloons, that’s even better!)|

Spidey senses


You only need a few properly placed imitation insects for this gag, or you can even cut them out of paper. Stick them inside a lamp, and when your victim turns on the light, yikes! Inside the shade, they’ll find some pretty suspicious silhouettes.

Popular? You’re gonna be popular!

Put a placard inside your prank target’s car that says “honk and smile”; make sure it’s hidden and out of sight (and not blocking their views at all). They’ll be perplexed the entire ride as to why they’re constantly beeped at by vehicles who look more flirtatious than inconvenient.

A Popping Welcome

Attach a party popper — yep, the kind you can get for New Year’s Eve at bookstores, toy stores, or retail shops specifically designed for events — to the jam of a closed door, with the string stretched across it. As a result, when someone turns the knob to cross the threshold in your RFO house and lot, they’ll be greeted by a loud noise and a little confetti explosion.

That’s a wrap- a bubble wrap!


Place bubble wrap under an area rug or a bathmat to give a stranger a rude awakening when they step down. This one works especially well first thing in the morning, before your unsuspecting target has had any coffee – there’s nothing like a loud, unexpected noise to get someone’s attention!

He’s a water bender

Place an upside-down glass of water on your prank victim’s desk or table and challenge them to find out how to retrieve it without spilling the contents. Fill a glass halfway with water, then set a card on top of it before swiftly turning it upside down on the surface. The card should then be carefully removed.

Jello? It’s me.

Make some Jello and place it in juice glasses with a straw in each one. Serve them up to your visitors’ surprise: those “drinks” aren’t even liquid, and those straws aren’t going to help them get anywhere.

Family Hysterical History


Replace the images in your home’s frames or the employee gallery wall at work. Replacing the recognizable faces with photos of celebrities, politicians, or historical people is a good idea. What, you didn’t realize George Clooney was your distant cousin…?

Toilet Paper teaser

What could be more aggravating than continually rotating the toilet paper roll in quest of the end? Make the exercise much more difficult by putting hairspray on the loose edge of the toilet paper roll – they can roll and roll, but they won’t be able to release the loose edge before losing their cool.

Too Good to be GLUE!

This prank is a little messier, but it’s extremely simple to pull off: replace the clear disinfectant in a sanitizing container with clear school glue. They’ll squirt a sticky surprise onto their palms… and then wonder why it isn’t dissipating as they rub.

These are only some fun ideas you can do for your family. You can even make it more exciting by announcing a far, prank war at home! Whoever loses gets to do the chores everyone least likes to do. Do it by individuals, by pairs or against teams, it’s up to you.

At the end of the day, declare that the war has ended by sharing a nice tub of ice cream together.

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