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If there is one store that represents the 21st century and the future, it is definitely AllDay Supermarket in Evia Lifestyle Center. In this supermarket, not only is it close to your house and lot in Bacoor, but you can definitely see the most innovative and modern ideas when it comes to daily grocery shopping.

First of all, it has convenient stores that are strategically located near any house and lot and is open 24 hours every single day. A convenience that many businesses tend to underestimate. With the maddening traffic of EDSA, the young Filipino culture of partying til dawn, as well as how everyone craves the most random of snacks during the middle of the night, every Filipino could use a supermarket full of international and local goods in a wide variety accessible to them any time of the day.

Only a few supermarkets pride themselves on being open 24/7 and that is why AllDay excels when it comes to reliability. And what is the best luxury in life but the peace of mind that you will always get consistency out of something?

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Secondly, we have all heard about the self-checkout counters in supermarkets that other countries have. It is very efficient because it is surprisingly faster compared to those supermarkets that have provided cashiers and baggage handlers! The Washington Post confirmed this by conducting an experiment and found that, generally, checking out with 5 items through a self-checkout station took less than two minutes. This is exemplary compared to the grocery store that does not have a self-checkout option which always produces a long line even when everyone in line has only five items to purchase. Guess what?

Allday Supermarket Provides Self-Serviced Checkout Counters! Dubbing It as the Country’s First Self-Checkout Supermarket.

But those are not the only things the AllDay Supermarket in Evia Lifestyle Center has to offer when it comes to keeping up with the times.

Along with its self-checkout counter, AllDay has been commended for its constant innovation with its introduction of the AllDay supermarket smart cart.

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The introduction of smart carts raised the bar for the local supermarket landscape in terms of creating experiential shopping for in-person grocery shopping. People will actually look forward to going on his or her shopping trips.

In this day and age with rapid progress when it comes to technology–connecting with people through a few taps of a finger, people being able to solve the hardest of math and economic equations through the use of math machines, and being able to cook our food with such efficiency with the use of tools and machines that would live our Stone, Aged ancestors’ mouths gapping in shock, awe, and amazement.

It is a no-brainer that everyone has heard of robots and the possibility that they will soon take over the world. Though not usually seen, robots are being rapidly developed. Have you seen the cute server robots in Jollibee? Well, turns out that this fast-food chain is not the only one that has a robot to entice and serve customers. AllDay has one, too!

AllDay is considered to be the Philippines’ fastest-growing supermarket, and aside from the reasons previously said above, it is because they have Addie, the Supermarket Service Robot

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Putting another feather unto their cap for being the country’s first fully automated supermarket grocery store.

Addie the Service Robot serves as some kind of patroller in AllDay. It does this job by greeting the customers and then proceeding to ask them if they have seen the latest items and products in the grocery store. Shoppers can definitely interact with this robot by pushing products, prompting audio, and navigating the interactive touchscreen interface. Upon touching dear Addie’s screen, shoppers are given the option to check the additional information about the products Addie is carrying! Yes, Addie also carries products for customers to check out. Indeed, it is somewhat like a true-to-life salesperson.

Aside from being tasked to promote various brands and items which includes AllDay Supermarket’s partners through the promotion ads that are featured on the screen of the service robot, the robot can also lead customers to the products that it is featuring! We all experienced that time when we asked a salesperson where a certain product was to save time looking for it. While the salesperson will tell you the number of the aisle your desired product is at, this robot will take you right to it! Indeed, Addie is eyed as the future of interactive product marketing, pushing awareness for new items, ongoing promos, and other services from the AllDay Supermarket.

With this, AllDay Supermarket can be considered to pioneering personal shopper service, surpassing its competitors in the name of modernity and innovation.

But to backtrack a little bit through getting know the basic knowledge of this supermarket. AllDay Supermarket is proudly Filipino. It is a local chain of supermarkets that aims to serve its Filipino consumers the best, the most refreshed, most effective, and world-class grocery experience. It is being spearheaded by AllDay Marts, Inc., and it was officially established on December 22, 2016. It is quite an impressive feat how fast they are growing and adding the latest innovations through their services even though they are fairly new in the industry. They currently have 35 supermarkets in 25 cities and areas around the Philippines.

Being a Filipino company, they also serve local products, a feat that other supermarkets need to emulate. Though there are several times when we crave imported goods, there is nothing better than a taste of home. After all, Filipino-made products can definitely serve too, and must never be underestimated. AllDay carries a comprehensive and curated product offering spanning three key categories—fresh items, food items, and non-food items—and comprises approximately 3,600 local and international brands and about 40,000 different items. But, of course, AllDay also takes special pride in its international brands and goods that are highly extensive and carefully curated in order to elevate the shopping experience of its customers.

AllDay also excels when it comes to store aesthetics, accessibility, comfort, and convenience. It is said that they take inspiration from both the best-in-class supermarkets throughout the world and extensively researched comfort spaces of the Filipino people in order for them to build a supermarket space that truly heightens the experience of customers.

With this mindset, they installed wider aisles, calibrated lighting, and a unique visual experience. Additionally, AllDay also incorporated the Filipino tribe and culture inside their supermarket. This approach to aesthetics allows each store to immediately feel familiar to the communities it serves.

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Since AllDay Supermarket is known to be committed to a continuous improvement of its elevated customer experience through innovation, it is no surprise that it would incorporate something as creative as a robot to help and inform customers not only for the sake of its business partners but for the customers as well. Through being well-informed by the robot, the shoppers will be able to purchase the very products that would meet their needs and wants. According to the Inquirer, “The addition of Addie the Service Robot is expected to improve customer service operations, as it will speed up customer routine by making their shopping trips more efficient and enjoyable. This is in addition to innovative experiences already garnering customer attention—AllDay’s Smart Carts and Self-Checkout Counters.”

You can definitely catch Addie the robot at Evia Lifestyle Center’s AllDay Supermarket. Look forward to seeing her at the rest of the 35 AllDays around the country! Or perhaps other supermarkets and business enterprises as well but be rest assured that the trailblazer of this feat in the Philippines is no other than the supermarket of AllDay.

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