A Convenient Life at Valenza Mansions

By: Warren Ace Leonida
A Convenient Life at Valenza Mansions

Condo developments are prevalent in the Metro. Property developers put up these magnificent buildings and towers in the heart of the nation’s capital due to the area’s development and investment potentials. A quick search of condo for sale Philippines brings in a wide array of results of property listing websites, renowned developers and even websites managed by property specialists and brokers. One thing in common is their location being primarily in the national capital region like Makati, Taguig and the Greater Manila area.

Majority of the condo population resides in common areas around the Metro, with some scattered in major cities in the country like Cebu and Davao, but with the increasing threat of COVID 19 specially in the aforementioned areas people are starting to consider going outside the outskirts of the metro, with a majority of people looking at fringe areas with condo developments. This fringe areas are considered as locations with the potential to become the next business, tourism, and development hub in the country.

These fringe areas are mostly cities around the national capital region from provinces like Laguna and Cavite. One of the budding areas for condo development is the city of Sta. Rosa. It is a few minutes away from Alabang which is considered as the southernmost business district in the capital region. The city of Sta. Rosa has its own South Luzon Expressway exit as well as its own entry point. Accessibility will never be an issue with the city because of this.

Comfort and convenience awaits if you want to make the city the next address, here are some of them.

A Condo in Valenza Mansions is a Winning Investment That Grows

A condo in Laguna might have been unlikely some years ago. The province was then on a start to what it is now which is one of the most progressive provinces in the country with cities like Sta. Rosa leading the charge. It is this reasoning of progress that condo developers like Crown Asia started to take interest in the area and take part in kicking off the developments of a condo in Laguna. Valenza Mansions offers an investment option for people looking to have a source of passive income.

Continuous developments are helping increase the value of the property such as the CALAX, a road network that connects Laguna and Cavite with ease. The area where Valenza Mansions is located is also the commercial hub of Solenad and Nuvali where various establishments both local and international are situated. The prime location of the property is more than enough reason to make a case for its high potential to be a winning investment for you.

It is safe to say that with the continuous progress and development of the city, owning a condo in Laguna, especially in Valenza Mansions is a winning investment.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

The city of Sta. Rosa is well connected with Metro Manila. With the SLEX and CALAX it is both accessible and convenient when traveling outside or towards the city. Owning a condo in Laguna as a primary home is ideal as well for those who works in the Metro with the help of these road networks.

Life will always be easy when you are in Valenza Mansions, a condominium offering that can be a home away from the urban noises but is still within the conveniences of city living. The prime location of Sta. Rosa, Laguna just minutes away from essential road networks make it an ideal address for you and your growing family.

A Life in the Premises of Valenza Mansions offers Convenience and Comfort

Valenza Mansions is at the center of a sprawling commercial hub that is Nuvali. Your everyday home essentials like groceries and personal care are within reach with Vista Mall Sta. Rosa just a quick walk away from your condo in Laguna.

Schools for primary to tertiary levels are also at the vicinity of the area with prestigious educational institutions like Miriam College, Xavier and La Salle Canlubang. A home within a few minutes away from schools is a dream location for parents and students alike.

Mind at Peace

Mind at Peace

Aside from the tactile convenience Valenza Mansions’ condo in laguna offers, a mind at ease is also provided. The enclave where the property is located is a serene environment with an overall peaceful vibe. Although away from the noises and stress the city jungle is known of, the convenience and easy living of the urban lifestyle is not compromised in Valenza so you can still relax without all the noise and pollution.

Times are changing as well as the shift of focus for developers and businesses alike. Expansion is the name of the game in the midst of an epidemic impacting mostly the nation’s capital. Cities like Sta. Rosa provides an escape not only from the dangers of COVID but also a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Making a purchase such as owning a property is a huge move emotionally, mentally and above it all, financially. It is something that should be think upon a hundred times as to not make a drastic move that can impact you and your family short term or worse long term. So make sure that the purchase you will be making is backed up by a lot of thinking and research to make the best decision possible!

Owning a condo in Laguna, specially in Valenza Mansions might be the next big move of your life!

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