6 Healthier Alternatives To Trade In Your Favorite Snacks For

By: Crown Asia
6 Healthier Alternatives To Trade In Your Favorite Snacks For

These snack swaps are so good, you won’t know the difference!

If you’re a busybody like a lot of people are, more often than not, you will be in need of a snack. But what if you’ve vowed to lose weight or live a healthier, beautiful lifestyle in your condo in Laguna? When we snack, we’re unconsciously eating foods that could be harmful to our bodies — especially when we’re not aware of the added preservatives, unnatural sweeteners, and excess oil that are in these treats. Most snacks, especially those that are easy and quick to prepare have a lot of preservatives and other chemicals that when intake in unregulated amounts are harmful to our health.

Worry no more! Just because you want to be healthier, doesn’t mean you can’t satiate your cravings for a midday (or midnight!) snack. You can still enjoy these snacks in moderation or buy looking at healthier alternatives that you can prepare in the comforts of your condo in Laguna.

Here are a few alternatives on how to eat healthy instead of traditional store-bought snacks:

1.   Baked (instead of fried) chips and fries

Baked  chips and fries

By baking your own chips and fries, you can do away with the problem of excess oil. You can also control your salt consumption, and maybe even add some fresh herbs or spices for some extra flavor. Feeling more experimental? Swap the potatoes for different vegetables like kale or carrots for a variety of textures and flavors!

Baking your snacks is also a good new hobby to learn. You can even teach your kids how to bake their favorite snacks on the weekend, who knows they might enjoy baking and make it their own hobby as well! Try searching online for baking equipments that you and your kids can use in your condo in Laguna.

2. Fresh dips in the kitchen instead of ranch and cheese

Fresh dips in the kitchen instead of ranch and cheese

Looking to dip your baked chips in something more nutritious? Explore making your own dips! Hummus is one of our favorites. It’s made by blending chickpeas with some oil and pesto, and can also include spinach with the usual basil leaves. Craving for something tangier? Salsas are easily made with fresh tomatoes, onions, lime juice, and garlic. The best part about making your own dips is that you ensure that everything is fresh with no preservatives!

There are a lot of other alternatives for ranch and cheese not mentioned in this blog that you can enjoy. Choose the greener and healthier alternative to bring in a new twist to your favorite snacks.

3. Homemade popcorn

Homemade popcorn

Substitute your store-bought bags of popcorn with the plain kernels, which you can also find in supermarkets like AllDay Supermarket. Popping your own popcorn gives you the ability to control just how much oil and salt goes into it which is less than that of a store bought one, and your portion sizes too. But if you really love your popcorn and you want to forego the oil completely, then consider investing in an air popper that requires no oil but still satisfies your popping craving!

Why not make it more fun by buying or creating your own flavoring like melted butter or even sweet caramelized popcorn.

4. Frozen fruit instead of candy or ice cream

Frozen fruit instead of candy or ice cream

Craving something cold, fruity, and sweet, but want to avoid artificial flavorings? Simple: freeze up some of your favorite fruits and enjoy!. A sweet treat with no sugars added!

You can even try preparing healthy smoothies, a mix of vegetables and fruits with no additional sweetener. There are a lot of healthy smoothie combos that you can prepare from mixing up pineapples and cucumbers or even apples and oranges! If you really want a sweeter option you can add a little sugar or milk to have a creamier, cold and sweet beverage!

5. Smoothies instead of milkshakes

Frozen fruit instead of candy or ice cream

Milkshakes are usually made with ice cream and milk, both of which are loaded with fats and extra sugars. Create your own smoothies at home with fresh fruits for a healthier alternative. To go the extra mile, add yogurt to your smoothie for a creamier, fuller texture. Avoid store bought powdered juices as well, if you want to drink a glass of orange juice, it might be better to squeeze one yourself for a natural and chemical-free taste!

As mentioned above as an alternative for candies and ice cream as a dessert or a sweet beverage, preparing all natural smoothies are a good way to stay healthy without compromising your desire for something sweet and tasty!

6. Dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate

Dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate

Not all sweets are bad for you! If taken in moderation, dark chocolate can be beneficial to your health because they are filled with antioxidants. These encourage blood flow and can help decrease the risk of heart disease.

Just do a thorough research on what dark chocolate brands are really good for you. Check out their nutritional facts as well as the suggested amount of intake to make sure that you are still following your diet despite eating chocolates.

Often, going back to the basics is not just nutritious, but delicious and inexpensive as well. So try these healthier alternatives and explore the different flavors of fresh produce. A healthy life can also mean a delicious one, which we all know is essential in building the beautiful life we deserve. So grab some fruits and veggies, and create yours now.

Healthy living in a condo in Laguna by Crown Asia


Choosing a community where you health and well being is prioritized is a good way to start your journey towards a healthier and fit lifestyle. Communities like Crown Asia’s offerings of condo in Laguna in its project, Valenza Mansions, are a good choice for healthy living. The locale is in the heart of Sta. Rosa’s suburban setting, with fresh air greeting you in your mornings as you jog and exercise around the property’s open spaces and pocket parks.

It is also near essential commercial establishments like schools and grocery stores like AllDay, wherein you can buy your ingredients for your healthy alternative to your traditional snacks. Valenza Mansions is a condo in Laguna that promotes balance and comfort, ensuring not only that your body is feeling healthy but also your mental health as well.

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