5 Restaurants Just Outside Las Pinas You Haven’t Heard About

By: Crown Asia
5 Restaurants Just Outside Las Pinas You Havent Heard About

A palette of new foodie finds and food street around the bustling city of Las Pinas awaits!

Las Pinas’ sprawling residential communities are exciting troves of hidden-away good food destinations. Because of urbanized the city is various businesses called the city their home. The main roads on its own is home to many local favorites and some of the best restaurants, from Korean barbecue spots to places with very good cocktails to enjoy on a Friday night after a long week of work in the office or from home in your condo in Las Pinas. But don’t stop at the main attractions — some of the best meals you can have in this city are found in the side alleys, backstreets, and gated villages you wouldn’t have otherwise thought to enter.

Just outside the outskirts of Las Pinas is its bustling neighbor as well, the city of Parañaque. The two cities are interconnected in its boundaries thus benefitting from the progress of each other. The city of Parañaque houses a lot of food hubs as well, making it a good choice for those living in Las Pinas if they want to try new yummy food for their taste buds. It also has the same offerings in Las Pinas, from Filipino cuisine up to the trendy Korean restaurants that is dominating every major city in the Philippines as well.

So Get Ready to Do Some Exploring Down South of the Metro Manila for Tasty Food and Delicious Meals, Check Out Our Five Best Restaurant in Las Pinas’ Bustling Neighbor, the City of Parañaque:

1. Courtyard Cafe


While the name might undersell the full experience of this restaurant, the food and ambiance of this Merville Park establishment is something to write home about. Its interior actually does remind you of home from its tall stained-glass windows to the nostalgic art hung on the walls. Courtyard Cafe is ideal for the weekend lunch trip with family, as many of their meals are perfect for sharing. Order the sinful crispy pata with a side of fried rice. This is likely one of the best Filipino food cafes in the city.

2. Sensei


This little Japanese restaurant calls to mind the traditional Izakaya, though a little smaller by comparison. The wooden interiors are well-lit and minimalistic, with low and cozy seating reminiscent of a traditional Japanese home. With its new upscale digs, it’s become a reliable choice for locals looking for the essentials of the Japanese restaurant cuisine: sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, you name it. Itadakimasu!

3. Fusion


Sometimes, you just want to go all out at the closest Korean barbecue joint. The only problem is these chain restaurants tend to get very full! Fusion is the unsung hero of these K-BBQ spots, as it is relatively unknown compared to bigger brands. Two things are bound to hook you as a first-timer. First, the prices for its unlimited buffet and meat orders are simply irresistible. Also, Fusion gives you all of the same inclusions that come with your typical comfort food K-BBQ order: unlimited kimchi, honeyed potato balls, steamed egg, and the rest of the works!

4. The Grumpy Puppy PH


This homey cafe completes its stellar comfort food experience by allowing you to bring your pets! Here, everything about having a dog or cat is celebrated as you can even order a tasty treat for your furry companion. There are booths with cushions low to the ground, and astro turf areas for mini walks between bites. After having a plate of spicy wings, spam fries, and a hot chocolate, it’s hard to imagine anyone would leave grumpy at all — let alone the pup who’d just downed a bowl of biscuits himself.

5. Fat Butchik’s Roofdeck Foodpark


Al fresco dining has come back in fashion in recent years with just how popular food parks have become. Fat Butchik’s takes this to the literal next level, by putting the entire experience at the tip-top of a Parañaque building. You’ll be sitting outdoors, so prepare to be exposed to the elements (and try to avoid going when it’s about to rain). But, that also means a sweet view of the city to go with their melt-in-your-mouth specialty brisket, grilled seafood, and sangria. It makes it a great spot to hang out on the weekend with your closest friends, and it’s worth seeking out.

This is a handful of some of Parañaque’s best restaurants. There are other good food resto not mention above like Mama Lou’s Italian kitchen which serves some authentic Italian food selection. While the city probably hasn’t before topped your list of fun-filled weekend destinations, its multitude of intimate and delightful dining experiences will change your mind in a heartbeat. After all, the thrill of discovering exciting new restaurants always makes for beautiful memories! So be sure to take yourself and someone special on a Parañaque food trip very soon and create yours now.

Owning a Condo in Las Pinas, just a Few Minutes Away from Great Food Hubs

With all the restaurants listed above, surely you would want to live in a location where you can easily drive to these food bubs!

All the restaurants listed above are just a few minutes away if you buy a condo in Las Pinas, and the best choice for it is a Hermosa condo by Crown Asia Properties. Hermosa is located amidst the future Vista Global South masterplan which will see a complete business district vibe in the future.


A condo in Las Pinas, specially in Hermosa, offers you a chance at upmost comfort and convenience, not to mention the accessibility of the area and how well the value of the property is appreciating in almost every quarter due to developments in infrastructure surrounding the area.

Hermosa currently offers pre selling studio units and 1 bedroom with balcony property type. A condo in Hermosa makes for a great investment due to how well the value appreciates, it can also be utilized for end use if you want your family to enjoy vertical living more than the traditional house and lot home.

Whatever use you may want for your condo in Las Pinas, the conclusion in this blog is that it is a great choice if you want a home within a few minutes of food hubs in Parañaque.

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