Why You Should Live in San Pedro Laguna

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Why You Should Live in San Pedro Laguna

San Pedro can be seen outside the borders of the South of Metro Manila and is situated in the beautiful province of Laguna. It is also known as the “dormitory town” of Metro Manila due to the hundreds and thousands of people that commute to San Pedro for its busy streets and efficient public transportation. That’s why aside from its alias, it’s also known to be the 4th most populous city in the Philippines. It’s the home sweet home for 325,809 people.

From the 325,809 people already situated in the place. It doesn’t stop there. More and more people want to move to San Pedro and it’s a no-brainer why. In San Pedro Laguna, the place offers almost anything and everything. Everything you need is within the vicinity. With this, San Pedro is certainly no stranger to home searchers. When you look up “House and Lot for Sale in San Pedro Laguna,” you’ll see hundreds of properties, lots, and houses up for grabs. Even if you don’t go to the specifics and just type out “House and Lot for Sale in Laguna” or “Condos in Laguna” you’ll see San Pedro as one of the top cities where multiple properties are awaiting to be bought and be occupied.

If you’ve ever wondered why such a small place would inhabit an enormous amount of people & why the population keeps growing and growing non-stop.

Here Are the 5 Top Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Making San Pedro Laguna Your Sweet Humble Abode.

1. Good Location

To many home searchers, location is everything. Typically, they go for homes where everything is more accessible. Especially if you work in Metro Manila, you’d usually go for a place near there. This is why San Pedro Laguna is a wise choice to make if you’re the type that has a lot more business going on in the Metro. Since San Pedro Laguna is on the boundary of NCR and Laguna, it’s a lot accessible to the hustle and bustle streets of Manila. The best part is that it’s close to urban Manila life but you can still go home to a peaceful, serene provincial realm. So if you want a place close to work but would also prefer a dash of provincial lifestyle–San Pedro Laguna is the one for you.

2. It’s a Rural-Urban City

Rural-Urban City

Living in San Pedro means you get to live a peaceful life; a hospitable community, lower taxes, and not-so-crowded spaces. But it doesn’t mean you get to miss out on the urban lifestyle too. A good thing about San Pedro Laguna is that it’s a small city with lots of malls, markets, hospitals, or whatever place you’d prefer to be, whether in leisure or not, San Pedro offers the place for you. It’s an area as small as only 24.05 km2 and yet, establishments are everywhere. Its size makes it more accessible to get where you want faster. Public establishments are typically accessible minutes away just by a tricycle or a jeepney ride.

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3. Premium Houses

With San Pedro being located near hospitals, schools, malls, and restaurants, living there offers a premium experience where everything is within reach. Other than its price, having a place to settle in wouldn’t be a problem since an RFO house and lot for sale are plenty in the area. Some real estate developers also offer a pre-selling house and lot while some offer themed communities in San Pedro. If you plan to build a house of your own, there are numerous lots for sale too. Go to your local broker and find a house and lot for sale in San Pedro Laguna now!

4. Low Crime Rates

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Safety is the number one top priority of home searchers when looking for a long-term place to live. No one would want to live in a house that doesn’t feel like a home due to the lack of security in the area. While crime is everywhere and pretty much inevitable in the country, it’s still worth noting that San Pedro is one of the few cities that provides a safer environment than others. San Pedro is known to be one of the safest cities among cities in the Laguna province due to its low crime rates. According to data, the crime level in San Pedro is only around 43.75% which is relatively low as compared to other places in the Philippines. The crime increase in the past 3 years has only been 33%. Fellow residents of San Pedro also attest that San Pedro’s local government indeed exerts efforts in making sure that residents live a safe and secure life.

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5. Its Annual “Sampaguita Festival”

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, festivals are always fun and exciting. The Sampaguita Festival is sure to bring joy to fellow residents every year. The festival was throned in 2009 for laying the longest Sampaguita line with a length of 3.6 kilometers. To make you visualize how long that is, it starts from Biñan City to the San Pedro City boundary and down to the Muntinlupa City boundary on the National Highway. This six-day celebration holds different fun activities such as sports competitions, parades, singing contests, tribal dances, street dances, and a lot more. The festival is one of the reasons why the community is tightly close to one another and despite it being a shallow reason to move into a place, it’s a reason you have to consider. The festival promotes excitement and genuine happiness to residents, and the efforts exerted bring togetherness to the small San Pedro community. If you’re one to enjoy festive celebrations, then San Pedro Laguna is a city you should consider making a home. It’s worth every expense.


In retrospect, San Pedro Laguna is a city home to fun and comfort, the annual festivals, nearby malls and restaurants, and a secure environment all accumulate to its light countryside atmosphere which makes it close to the heart of many Filipinos, and perhaps to yours too. Enjoy these and more in a La Marea house in San Pedro. 

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