Why Manileños Are Seeking the Comfort of the South

By: Crown Asia
Why Manilenos Are Seeking the Comfort of the South final

Can you think of any Manileño who decided to move to the suburbs in the past year? It is highly probable that you have someone in mind. The suburbs of the island of Luzon offers great investments to residents of the Philippines and foreign investors. But the question still remains, what are the reasons why Manileños are seeking the comfort of the south? Why are they moving there?

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What is the south?

First, let us tackle what is the south. The south is a term used by the people living in Luzon to describe the southern provinces of the island. Think of an imaginary line splitting Metro Manila in half with Rizal Park acting as the middle. This includes the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. But for this blog, when talking about the south, we are only talking about the southern Metro Manila cities of Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, and Parañaque and the provinces of Cavite and Laguna.


Comfort awaits

It is no news that people living in Manila seek to escape to the more refreshing cities— especially in the South. With the great uncertainty brought about by various catastrophes that hit the country one after another, people desperately cling to things they can control, such as a place where they can comfortably settle down.

The conveniences that Manila offers to its population are undeniable, with easy access to most of the business hotspots, and everything in such close proximity. However, with the pandemic abruptly coming into the picture, these city perks vanished seemingly overnight. Most of the things people were accustomed to in the past shifted, which pushes them to reframe their definition of normal in the post-pandemic world and beyond.

They are now seeking wider and more open spaces. The Metro might have everything you need within arm’s reach but one thing it does not have is space. Metro Manila is too overcrowded and with the advent of the pandemic and the possibility of new variants, distancing is of utmost importance. And one of the few places where you can find open space is in the south.

Opportunities of the south

The south offers wonderful perks. One such opportunity is to live in an open environment where everything is not cramped but with the right amount of resources nearby. Working in Manila? The south offers numerous roadways to give you a chance to work in Manila then come home later to the south. These roadways are only going to get better as more will be built in the future. Connecting these two key areas gives benefit to a lot of people. The south is also filled with great educational and medical institutions. Major institutions situated in Metro Manila such as De La Salle University and the University of Sto. Tomas, among others, are putting up satellite campuses in the south. They see the area as a budding investment and as an area they can cater to and provide their expertise in. And you wouldn’t need to worry about healthcare as well as there are also great hospitals scattered around the area.

The south would only get better and will get more developed in the future. Maybe in a few years’ time, the south and the metro would be so interconnected that there wouldn’t be much of a grey area between the two. An investment here would only yield profit. But what if you don’t want to leave the city? A house in a separate area of the country also acts as an investment – A thing to look forward to in the future. Property developers push ideas of one day developing the land around a specific area to increase its value and give its residents and buyers wonderful returns on investments. And with the ever-changing environment, a good investment that will appreciate in the future will be of great benefit. So look forward to that RFO House and Lot you’ve been eyeing for a long time.

Some of the hard truths that the global pandemic showed everyone is not only the importance of owning a property but also the value of having a secure space you can call home. The pandemic has also led people to reassess their lifestyle, with some recognizing that they want to live in a quieter setting in a community they could claim as their own.

Other city dwellers want to expand their living space and widen their access to outdoor space— two aspects that are harder to come by and definitely more expensive within the confines of Manila. However, put your worries aside because Crown Asia is ready to welcome you home in the South with spaces you can move into now.


A New Home Address In The South

As the real estate market around the world softened during the pandemic, the Philippines would appear to be an outlier. The demand for properties is steadily increasing still, especially in the urbanized areas in the country with Vista Land as a leading frontrunner in the industry.

Crown Asia is a premium Vista Land brand that caters to higher mid-class families that aspire to have all the essential life necessities within arm’s reach. Crown Asia delivers exceptional homes as well as RFO House and Lots located strategically where you can enjoy the peak of urban living enlivened by the beauty and wonders of the world. With homes beautifully blended with the chemistry of the elements of style and comfort, it’s a place you would gladly wake up to every single day.

It is true that there are matters beyond your grasps, situations you cannot predict, with the constant surprises from daily life; but there is one thing you can control— the way you choose to live it. That is all on you.

Let us present to you how to live life how it should be lived— quiet, sophisticated, and ready for life no matter where this new year takes you. 

Visit Crown Asia’s website or contact us at 0999 229 2481 to know more about the luxurious properties and lifestyle we offer. There is no more advantageous time to consider a new real estate investment and home address but right now.

Your home awaits in the South.


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