Where to go when Visiting the City of Sta. Rosa Laguna

By: Crown Asia
Where to go when Visiting the City of Sta. Rosa Laguna

The province of Laguna is located southeast of Metro Manila. The name of the province came from the Spanish word “laguna” which means lake, which is only fitting because it has the largest lake in the Philippines, the Laguna de Bay. The province has a lot of tourist attractions like theme parks, resorts, natural resources like Mount Makiling where anyone can hike, the majestic Pagsanjan Falls, and a lot more. Sta. Rosa Laguna dubbed the “Lion City of the South” houses some of the tourist spots in Laguna. It is a must-visit place for whoever wants to explore and relax. One of the most progressive cities in Laguna province, it is a first-class city and the second-largest community in the province. With its continuous progress and development, some people see the possibility of it becoming the Makati of the South. With its booming economy, and favorable living conditions buying a house and lot for sale in Sta. Rosa, Laguna might be your next big move. But if you ever just want to explore the city, we listed down some of the best places to visit in the city.

Amusement Parks in the City of Santa Rosa

Amusement Parks in the City of Santa Rosa

The ever-famous Enchanted Kingdom is located at Sta. Rosa Laguna. From joyrides to extreme rides, Enchanted Kingdom can offer all sorts of fun. This amusement park is truly a remarkable place for creating wonderful memories that the kids would surely look back to. While this place offers all sorts of fun activities, other recreational activities like the Skidcart Circuit in Solenad 3, Nuvali where driving carts are available for your usage together in their own driving path. Other places where the kids can enjoy are Kidzoona, an indoor park that is designed for toddlers and pre-teens and is located along Nuvali Boulevard. 


Contrary to the image of city life and urban noise, organic farms can also be seen around the City of Santa Rosa. These farms offer picnic opportunities for family and friends. Kids are also allowed to enter and experience fun outdoor activities. Holy Carabao Holistic Farms and The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena are two of the most prominent in the city. They have their own local organic farm and activities provided for leisure that families can enjoy such as petting and feeding different animals.

Active Lifestyle Activities in Santa Rosa Laguna

Active Lifestyle Activites in Santa Rosa Laguna

Nuvali along the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road offers The Fields and Lakeside Nuvali, these parks offer an active lifestyle where one can get physical using their biking and jogging trails. Bike enthusiasts are allowed to practice and exercise at four-cross and pump bike tracks, with scenic views of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay, and the Tagaytay Ridge. Running trails also abound in the area which offers joggers a beautiful site while doing their workouts. After a rigorous workout, it is a good idea to take a break at the gazebo or at one of the view decks of the area.

Restaurants in Santa Rosa Laguna

Sta. Rosa does not have a significant dish that is well known in the country, but deep inside the city, restaurants and cafes lurk around the corners and offer their own signature taste that families can enjoy. With Nuvali as the main spot for most of the restaurants, you can choose from breakfast to desserts. Restaurants in Sta Rosa Laguna like The Morning After which is an all-day breakfast place outdoors with a garden-themed dining area can be visited by those breakfast-loving families. They can also experience authentic Italian dishes and their ambiance at Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria. Pizza and pasta are also available at Café Arabelle with a cozy combination of bricks and wooden accents in its interiors. Outdoor eating can also be maximized with this food truck-inspired Australian rest at Harry’s Café de Wheels. For desserts families can go to Milky Moustache where they can enjoy their best-selling milkshakes and burgers. For a more relaxed stay, there are bars you can visit after a long-exhausting day from work such as The Pig Pen Restaurant and Bar where food and drinks are served to enjoy with a more laid-back vibe.


High-end shopping malls can also be found at the heart of Sta. Rosa, families can enjoy shopping for their loved ones. More and more shopping stores are becoming more accessible within the district. Paseo de Sta. Rosa is the go-to place for outlet shopping in the area, this lifestyle mall houses brands like Pottery Barn, Marks & Spencer, and Debenhams and has a variety of food shops and boutiques for people of all walks of life made perfect and more enjoyable on a night stroll. The famous Nuvali also provides all kinds of shops that families can enjoy.


Being known as a roaring city in the South, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna is slowly building itself to mimic the modern life that can be found in Manila. The area has all the conveniences of the city combined with a laidback provincial lifestyle and wide-open spaces. With the familiar comforts of Manila fitted into natural environments, communities like Sta. Rosa promises home-seekers a lush life that can only be experienced in the south of Metro Manila

Valenza House and Lot

Properties like that of Crown Asia’s Valenza located just along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road offers a chance at living in the progressive city. With its prime location and favorable living opportunities a home in Valenza might be the best investment and next major move for you and your family. A balanced life of comfort and convenience awaits at the prime Italian-inspired community in Sta. Rosa, Valenza.

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