Where to Enroll Your Children This Year: The Best Schools in Laguna

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

If there is one thing that we can gift our children that would effectively benefit them for life, it is quality education. And not just any education, but the best quality kind which would bridge them to the finest opportunities in our country and the world. Schooling heavily influences your child in many aspects – personality, goals, and how they perceive the world and look at life- whether they like it or not. Basically, their school will shape them and who they will be in the future that is why it is essential that we make sure our dear children are surrounded by the right environment, and the right people, and are being efficiently taught the truth.

From preschool to college, quality education is very important. Lucky for you and your kids you indeed get to experience the best of education since you are very much surrounded by the top schools in the Philippines with your house and lot for sale, may it be in Cabuyao, Santa Rosa, or San Pedro.

Best Schools/Educational Institutions in Laguna

Brent International School

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First on the list is Brent International School Manila. Located just an entrance away from Mamplasan Road, Biñan, Laguna, Brent is more than the most expensive school in the country. Spearheaded by the Episcopal Church of our country, this school is arguably the most popular school for ex-pats, but of course, also houses the best of Filipino kids there. We say “houses” because Brent is not only a co-educational day school but also a boarding school. With over 100 years of serving world-class education to its students, Brent currently has 708 enrollees.

With Brent, your child or children will definitely have quite the experience of their lives here. With a huge cafeteria that serves Yellow Cab pizza the most healthy of vegetables and yummiest of frozen yogurt, you may even get jealous that your child has access to these yummy foods all day long. If you are understandably strict on your child’s diet (we do not blame you for those who want their children to become unhealthy), you can definitely monitor the food your children buy through the food purchases printout of your child’s school account! Additionally, your child has no excuse to not become active in sports here. With indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a six-lane 25-meter swimming pool that is 50% saline and 50% chlorine, making the pool hygienic while also comfortable for swimmers’ eyes, two humongous gymnasiums and a pavilion that offers a basketball court, two volleyball courts, and a gym, full-sized diamond baseball field, and of course, the famous 400-meter all-weather track for a daily jog and other athletic workouts and training, your children will become even fitter than you in no time.

Alas, if there is one thing that is better than Brent facilities, it is their opportunities post-graduation from this prestigious school. No worries in trying to find out where your children can take the SATs, Brent readily offers this to your child. Brent also has numerous connections abroad which will surely help your child land on a respectable and the best of the best world-class universities outside of the Philippines.

St. Scholastica’s College – Westgrove

Photo from ssc.edu.ph

Great news! There is a Saint Scholastica’s College branch near your Crown Asia house and lot for sale. Just a 5-minute away drive from master-planned themed communities such as Valenza by Crown Asia! Run tightly by the ever-proactive and kind Missionary Benedictine Sisters, St. Scholastica’s College, Westgrove offers the famous Scholastican education that will raise your daughter to be a hardworking, goal-oriented, God-fearing, strong, independent woman who will work hard not only for her loved ones but also for her country and the world since Saint Scho makes it a point to advocate social responsibility.

Educating young women for over 140 years now, Saint Scho is named after the patron saint of education, the 6th century Saint Scholastica Benedictine abbess. Many established and well-known Filipino families enroll their beloved daughters at Saint Scho and for good reason. Aside from being another world-class educational institution that has branches abroad such as the ones in Australia and in the United States of America.

While we are at it, let us quickly discuss why your daughter needs to be enrolled at an all-girls school.

At girls’ schools, your daughter’s opportunities and roles are endless. No more sex-oriented roles and designated tasks, your daughter can have them all. She can totally volunteer to bring the tables and chairs from the gym into your classrooms. She can help her teacher by bringing the books. Research shows that in all-girls schools, girls are more confident and more active than girls from a co-ed school.

Xavier School Nuvali

Photo from rchitects.ph

Founded just last 2012 and spearheaded by the Jesuit Fr. Ismael Zulonga, Xavier School Nuvali is ever faithful to the philosophy of the 400-year education of the Society of Jesus tradition which is to “ensure that the formation of an individual who is a product of a liberal education, with a special concern for the development of the personal discipline, a drive for the pursuit of academic excellence and a commitment to service.” This 15-hectare campus includes a mandatory Chinese language program and a challenging IB Diploma Program in grades 11 and 12 for chosen students who are deemed academically fit for the even more challenging senior high school program. Founded as an all-boys institution, Xavier School Nuvali now welcomes girls as well but still divides them into separate classrooms during study and lecture hours.

University of Santo Tomas – Santa Rosa Campus

Photo from varsitarian.net

A Private Roman Catholic university of the world is now branching out near your house and lot for sale. The University of Santo Tomas is no university to underestimate. She has been delivering world-class, should we say, ancient education for over 400 years now. Yes, being established in 1611, UST is even older than the United States.

If there is one thing better than the sophisticated and prestigious education and admirable values she instills in her students, it is the community of the University. The Thomasian community is known for many wonderful things. There is a thing called “hug culture” in UST wherein it is a norm for students to greet each other by giving the warmest of hugs. During UAAP seasons, there will always be a yellow sea among the bleachers. Thomasians, whether they are sports enthusiasts or not, love their athletes so much fact that the school has special days called “Yellow Day” where students and faculty wear university colors to show their support to their athletes. The university has a lot to do with this solidified unity indeed through other festivities such as the Freshmen Welcome Walk wherein new students will pass through the 342-year-old Arch of the Centuries, and their annual Christmas celebration called Paskuhan. UST will definitely rank #1 in celebrating Christmas as a university. In this annual tradition, UST decorates the University with festival lights and its humongous Christmas tree and will invite various famous Filipino bands and artists for Paskuhan Night. To wrap this up, the University will showcase Enchanted Kingdom rival-worthy fireworks which students will point to and jokingly say, “It is our tuition!”

Lucky for you and your children, the Santa Rosa, Laguna campus of this prestigious and loving University will even be bigger than its Main Campus in Manila, being established 22-hectare. UST Sta. Rosa plans to open its doors very, very soon and will provide your children with the higher education that they need.

Colleges/Universities in Laguna

Ateneo Graduate School

The Ateneo Graduate School in Laguna is a satellite school of the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University and is one of the premier colleges in Laguna and in the country. Found on the second floor of one of the buildings in Paseo Outlets, this is where graduate students can find courses related to business and business administration.

Malayan Colleges Laguna

Malayan Colleges Laguna is a private, nonsectarian college located in Pulo Cabuyao, Laguna. It was established in 2006 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mapua University and offers courses under the supervision of its different schools. There is also a program for senior high school students.

Photo from uplb.edu.ph

University of the Philippines Los Baños

University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) is one of the top universities in the country. Located around 65 kilometers away from Manila in the towns of Las Banos and Bay, UPLB provides its students with relief from the confined spaces of colleges found in Manila. In 1909, UPLB was founded as a means to promote agricultural education in the country. It has since been a pioneer and played an influential role in Asian agriculture and alumni of the university have been recognized in a wide range of fields. UPLB houses several international research institutes such as the International Rice Research Institute, ASEAN Center for Biodiversity, Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture, and more.

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