Where Should You Splurge or Save in Your Bedroom?

By: Crown Asia

Do you really need those 1,000-thread-count bed sheets?

The bedroom often tends to be the last priority in the expensive business of furnishing a new space in your RFO House and Lot. Yet, as the most personal and used space at home, it is well worth the same creativity you exercise everywhere else. After all, you spend at least 8 hours there every day.

Yes, giving effort to the decoration of your bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but as with other areas in your RFO House and Lot, some furnishings are still worth properly investing in. We’ve provided here a shortlist of what these items are, as well as which items you ought to save on.

Splurge On:

1. Mattress

Of all the pieces in your bedroom, your bed is most worthy of your time and money. A high-quality mattress will give you premium comfort that can last you for years to come. Nowadays, more and more companies are fabricating high-quality brands for more affordable prices. As well, a good mattress would give you good support which in turn would give you fewer body aches and worries. After a long day’s work, resting on a really good and premium mattress in your Crown Asia RFO House and Lot would surely do the trick!

photo of a bedroom design

2. Bedsheets

Just like mattresses, bedsheets need a lot of time and effort. Buying low-cost bedsheets can give you pilled, itchy, or sweaty sleep. Getting the most durable and breathable material on the other hand… it’s like coming home every day to the touch of a fancy hotel bed. We’re talking about woven materials like 100% Egyptian cotton and satin. For “easy care,” children’s or spares, best to go with a little cotton-polyester blend, nothing above 30% synthetic.

3. Comforter or Duvet

While your sheets should be mostly functional, it is the bedding topper that will set your bedroom’s style and overall feel. Finding the style that fits both your needs and personality might need you to cash out, but it will guarantee maximum pleasure and prettier surroundings. Our recommendation is the down comforter for its unparalleled lightness and fluffiness! A good comforter would make your sleep tremendously better. What is the point of spending money on a bad comforter which gives no comfort?

photo of a bedroom with a window

4. Walls

A good painting or wallpaper job is already one of the more inexpensive means of giving your bedroom a new and refreshing look. That said, cutting corners on the quality of wallpapers, paint rollers, and paint will give you uneven and unattractive walls you’d have to spend on again just to recondition. You’d see these walls every day after a long day’s work. Seeing not-so-attractive walls would only do harm to your psyche.

Save On:

1. Curtains

There are many ways to dress up the bedroom without overspending to create a multi-layered soft fabric look. Keep in mind that purchasing curtains will have to come with hardware and accessories too. The most important thing is that your curtains do the following: complement the key element in the room — the bed; afford the space some height, and block out the intrusive sun in the morning. Whether it may be a curtain or roller blinds, make sure that these block out the sun well to ensure you the best experience for sleep.

photo of a bedroom

2. Pillowcases and Blankets

You can definitely highlight your personality and switch things up a little by swapping pillowcases and finding blankets that match your bed topper, but if you need to break the bank just for decoration, it’s not worth it. Good pillowcases don’t need to be expensive.

3. Lighting Fixtures

If there’s anything you shouldn’t break the budget for, it’s smaller pieces like lamps and accent fixtures. Achieving a certain ambiance and supporting tasks that need focus don’t need expensive lighting. One of the most popular lights today is minimalist, therefore easily accessible both in-store and online.

Generally, small and decorative elements such as pillow dressers or headboards are better with cheap alternatives so you can allot a bigger budget to base items such as flooring, walls, and sturdy furniture. These are not necessary to make the most out of your bedroom but they could add a lot to the feel of it. You can find all of these items for a wide price range at All Home near your Crown Asia RFO House and Lot.

Splurge or Save in Your Crown Asia Home

Crown Asia’s RFO House and Lots are located near malls and lifestyle centers that house stores such as AllHome which provide customers with mattresses, curtains, bedsheets, and more. Splurge or save for your bedroom at AllHome and make your experience the best with their offerings. Other retail components such as AllDay Supermarkets, AllGreen, AllToys, and more are also present. You could also find prominent coffee shops nearby such as Dear Joe, Coffee Project, Crossing Café, San Marco, and Roma Café. Make the best choice with a Crown Asia RFO House and Lot.

photo of a crown asia community

Your bedroom may be the most private, but it is also the most worthy of the love and craft needed in making it the relaxing abode you deserve. Your bedroom is the place where your day ends and begins. Make it the best part of your house as this would make or break your day. Conditioning your space to your needs and investing in the right bedroom items are the first steps in creating yours.

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