6 Things That Are Zapping Your Budget

By: Crown Asia
6 Things That Are Zapping Your Budget

You might not realize just how much these are costing you in the long run!

Hear ye, all who have stood perplexed at their account’s unrecognizable balance!

We too, believe that adulting and managing a budget comes easier in this digital age of personal finance tools like spreadsheets, bank apps, and self-help e-books. However, it is the same technology offering us information and convenience that can also enable our splurges. Whether your lifestyle involves daily office lunches at a commercial complex or a more solitary one creating and designing at home, the costs of living in the metro even in your condo in Las Pinas require caution and sensibility.

It’s not even in the Metro, wherever you are may it be in the outskirts or fringes of the Metro the cost of living is not that easily sustained hence a proper allocation of budget is a must.

We’ve Listed Down Examples of Things That Can Affect a Budget and How You Can Avoid Them if You Want to Control Your Expenses:

1. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Consistency > Cashing Out

photo of a gym

Taking classes and finding commercial facilities is a good step in our fitness journeys, but committing to gym memberships is another step altogether. Often, such subscription models aren’t maximized because of intimidating equipment, inaccessibility, lack of discipline, or poor time management. Try establishing first a definite goal, testing out a less expensive routine (like working out regularly at home), and then addressing the concerns mentioned above if you’re really ready for a subscription.

Make sure to only take on subscriptions if you are wholeheartedly ready to participate. A gym membership that is not being utilized is just an expense that is unnecessary.

2. COUPONS: Fake Friend #1

Unless you’re buying something you normally buy, coupons are just baiting you to spend more. We’ve all been tricked by big red discount tags into “getting deals,” but market research tells us that coupons benefit companies more than consumers. They capitalize on that thrill you get from availing discounts for items you might not have even needed. The best deal? Stocking up on coupons for items that you actually purchase on a regular basis.

So next time be careful on going to the mall and be wary of the coupons being offered to you once you decided to go out of your condo in Las Pinas for a quick shopping spree!

3. EXPIRY DATES: Not the Law

photo of a woman opening a fridg

Some foods like raw meat and bread usually go bad when their labels say so — maybe earlier if not stored in cool and dry areas. However, most other food items actually have longer shelf-lives than their expiration labels say so. It may suffice to have proper storage and to check for funky colors and odors before throwing supplies out, and of course — be aware of expiry dates so you reduce food (and money) waste.

It is important to plan out your groceries and have a look at your goods so that you do not overspend on your food supplies.

4. MEAL PLANNING: Better In Than Out

photo of a planned meal

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person wanting to be practical shall dine at home or pack food items to avoid winding up hungry in some restaurant. While it’s fulfilling to treat yourself and loved ones to professional culinary delights and pleasurable dining experiences, spending for it should be less about immediate convenience. It should be about celebrating special memorable experiences that cannot be recreated at home. Otherwise, better home meal plans and budget cooking recipes can make for beautiful bonding opportunities too.

Making your own meal at home can also serve as a special bonding and get-together with the family making it extra special and meaningful than waiting in line for a chance to have a table at a restaurant.

5. PERSONAL CARE: Expensive Doesn’t Mean Effective

Maintaining good hygiene is essential to our general well-being, but it doesn’t have to mean so many products either. For example, healthy skin isn’t actually guaranteed by branded body scrubs and facial creams but by sufficient sleep, hydration, and protection from the sun. Finding natural alternatives like essential oils instead of bottled chemicals isn’t just less expensive, it decreases health risks too.

Self love is always a must and having your personal time for personal care is a great way to practice it but it should also be done in proper moderation.

6. CLOTHING SALES: Fake Friend #2

Let’s face it: sales aren’t there to make your needs accessible. They’re only there to displace excess merchandise with newer items, so even if that gorgeous blue button-down is 75% off, if it’s not your size, it will be worn once and then join that heap of dust collectors in your closet. We’re also living in an economy and environmental awakening that foregoes material purchases for longer-lasting investments like travel and group experiences. Thrift shopping is the way to go now!

photo of clothes hanged

As the saying goes, money can’t buy us happiness, and the true joys of life are not measured by the hefty prices on our purchases, but the spirit of celebrating a beautiful life with others. As much as you deserve a beautiful life, weighing what it is you really value is an important part of creating it!

Having a stable financial plan for the family makes your every day much better. Aside from the expenses of the family, it’s also important to direct your finances to an investment that will surely be a winning one! An investment in real estate like that of Crown Asia’s condo in Las Pina’s offering, Hermosa COHO is a winning investment wherein you can enjoy the benefits of what you invested.

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