Things You Need to Know About Owning a Hobie Cat

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Things You Need to Know About Owning a Hobie Cat

Sailing through the vast, relentless, and fascinating Philippine waters is ultimately one of the top-notch adventures a person can experience. This sport, like the bulk of people checking out condo for sale in the Philippines, may be young in the country, but is also fast-rising as sailors -beginner or not -enthusiastically welcome and promote it in the country to attract more and more Filipinos in the exciting activity.

As one of the finest sailing hotspots in Asia, the Philippines become captivating to world-class athletes like Natalie Hill and Mick Butler as well as other sailing enthusiasts all over the globe. Being an archipelago also has its perks as the country gets to offer sailors the waves they may want to brave among its 7641 islands. Its geographic location near the equator makes the Philippines warm, yet breezy before and after the typhoon season. The winds are powerful enough to make sailing an overall body workout which is manifested in the physique of most sailors.

Innovators are one of the key drivers in our society. It is in the mind of an innovator that Hobie Cat (short term for Catamaran) was invented in the late ‘60s by a surfer entrepreneur, Hobart “Hobie” Alter.

The Hobie Cat

The Hobie Cat

Hobie Cat is a small, lightweight boat inspired by the Polynesian two-hulled Catamaran. This boat is designed for fast and easy maneuvering while braving the winds of the mighty sea. The idea is to revolutionize the water sports industry by making sailing more attainable for the masses. This historical event was why Hobie Cat was tagged as “the people’s boat”. The aerodynamics of this boat is designed for the same ‘surfing’ experience but the twist is to balance out your body while maneuvering the sheets (ropes used to control the sail). The mechanism of Hobie Cat is also designed for racing which is why it is lightweight but has a huge sail. The best part of owning it is that it does not take much space and is easy to launch to the beach if desired. Catamarans were also recognized as steady boats so facing strong winds is not much of an issue.

Braving the Waves of the Philippines

Braving the Waves of the Philippines

The Philippine Hobie Challenge (PHC) started to sail in 2000 and is continuous since a modest group of international sailors worked on utilizing the beauty of the Philippine oceans for this kind of spectacular event. Now, the Philippine Inter-island Sailing Foundation, Inc. is in charge of conducting the long-distance race using Hobie 16 which challenges sailors to navigate from island to island, along deep blue oceans and natural rock formations. Annually, PHC is conducted in different islands where condos for sale were being patronized by athletes and sponsors. From its previous events, PHC shows to be a globally recognized competition as 50% of the participants were foreigners from countries across the globe.

Purchasing or Renting a Hobie Cat in the Philippines for a New Hobby

Purchasing or Renting a Hobie Cat in the Philippines for a New Hobby

Hobie Cat boats are available for rent and sale at Taal Lake Yacht Club in Talisay, Batangas. Sangat Island Dive Resort in Coron Palawan also offers rentals for the best Hobie Cat experience, so owning a condo for sale in the Philippines near these beautiful landmarks is a good start in enjoying your new found hobby in sailing.

Upon buying, make sure to check if each part of the sailboat is complete. Some parts which are crucial for an efficient and safe-sailing experience are the sails, tillers, main sheets, jib sheets, downhaul, as well as boat cover. The price of a Hobie Cat ranges from Php 100 000- Php 800 000 depending on the specs of the sailboat.

Is Sailing a Hobie Cat easy?

Is the Hobie Cat good for beginners

Compared to other boats, Hobie Cat is lighter and easy to sail, making it the best option for beginners. To ride one, step your foot near the tiller while facing the sail and managing your weight against the boat. You must use your body to balance and maneuver the sail. The boat is propelled by the wind so to speed up the boat, turn it against the wind because moving it along with the wind will make the mechanism of the sail go slower. Upon turning, propel the boat to the opposite direction of your desired position.

Is the Hobie Cat good for beginners?

For first-time learners, learning to swim first is a must. This will ensure your safety, especially when the boat flips over. If it flipped, the basic way to correct it is to unclear the sheets and remove the water. If the top boat is facing the wind, move to the upper part of the trampoline and tie one side of the righting line. Swim under your boat, stand on the part of the hull in the middle and get your righting line to lean. This will make the hull go down so the boat can slowly come out of the water. When it is stable enough, carefully climb to your boat.

Meanwhile, Hobie Cats are low maintenance compared to other sailing boats. Just make sure that the boat is clean and is checked by a technical expert once a year. It can be covered with a tarpaulin or a boat cover upon storage.

Is Sailing a Hobie Cat easy

It is best to not sail when the wind is very wild. Sailors, expert or not, should always wear safety gear and life jackets because safety should be the top priority.

If you think, you have a strong body, try sailing a Hobie Cat. If you don’t think your body is fit, try sailing for a time and it will be. To Jun Villanueva, a sailor for 10 years and a participant in the Philippine Hobie Challenge, sailing is a lifetime of learning. More than the enjoyment, the best part of sailing is the discipline and determination that one can learn. Flipping over is not even a matter of importance.

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