Things to Know about the City of Sta. Rosa and Why you Should Make it your New Address

By: Warren Ace Leonida
Things to Know about the City of Sta. Rosa and Why you Should Make it your New Address

Metro Manila has been congested for quite some time now. It can be clearly seen in the everyday traffic of its major road networks. The area is almost synonymous with morning rush, the noise and pollution. One can never escape the stress of the Metro lifestyle not unless you own a luxury home in some prime areas of the locale. It is this reasoning that luxury homes as well as premium house and lot developers are exploring the growing cities in the fringes or outside the growing regions of the national capital, wherein the province of Laguna being one of the best options for real estate investment.

the province of laguna

The Province of Laguna

Region 4-A, better known as the region of CALABARZON, is a progressive, if not the most progressive region outside of the national capital region. It consists of 5 provinces with their own distinguished industry as to why their economies progress. Laguna the province connected to the Metro via the city of Muntinlupa is the 8th wealthiest province in terms of assets value. It is one of the leaders in innovation and growth as evidenced by international companies as well as local business conglomerates. On a more natural side, the province is home to rich natural resources like mountains, thick forests and the biggest lake in the country which is the Laguna Lake.  The province is also home to hot springs around the area of Calamba and Los Baños that is why it is a hub for private resorts and other establishments essential to a resort business as well as being dubbed as the “Resort Capital of the Philippines”. The province is a popular weekend getaway for those living in the Metro due to its proximity to the region.

Aside from being an area for tourism because of its natural wonders, the province is also a rich cultural and historical site due to its participation in various historical events that shaped out the Philippines today. The province’s seat of power is located in the municipality of Santa Cruz which is in the eastern part of Laguna.

Blessed with the gift of natural resources and the beautiful Laguna Lake, the province’s main source of income is the agricultural sector with both farming and fishing being the most important of them all. Agricultural lands can be found mostly in the Eastern region of the province tucked in beside the mountains and wide plains. Over on the western side of Laguna is the key cities of the province, cities like that of Santa Rosa are 1st class cities with economies booming due to various factors such as progress and innovations around the area.

Lion City of the South

Located just a few minutes away from the southern tip of the capital region is the booming city of Sta. Rosa, just in between the progressive cities of Biñan and Cabuyao. Sta. Rosa is known by many names, “The Lion City of the South”, “Makati of the South” and the “Motor City of the Philippines”. The city enjoys a more commercialized and modern way of living in comparison to most of the cities and municipalities in the province. The city is also recognized as one of the richest city in Luzon outside of Metro Manila and one of the countries richest as well.

photo of enchanted kingdom

Sta. Rosa is home to industries based locally and internationally. Some of the major businesses that calls Sta. Rosa as its home are Toyota, Coca-Cola, and other major car dealerships hence the nickname “Detroit of the Philippines”. The city has limitless opportunities for career growth and investments resulting in the rise of house and lot for sale in laguna and premium homes for sale just to be a part of the city’s growing locale. The city is politically subdivided into 18 barangays each with a different head and governing body.

Aside from progress due to the rise of industrial companies in the area, economic growth is also a result of the city’s tourism sector. Sta. Rosa is home to Enchanted Kingdom, the country’s best known amusement park. It is a major contributor for the tourism activities in the city with visitors coming in from all over the country. Although the pandemic has struck, it has adjusted its operation in order to continue catering those who wants to visit and experience the magic that it offers.

House for Sale Opportunities in Sta. Rosa

A life within the city of Sta. Rosa is something one should really strive to experience. The city is a striving community hence the increase of developers offering house and lot for sale and lot for sale in the locale. Living within its confines brings in a much needed comfortability and security with ease of living manifested in every possible way.

photo of Crown Asia Valenza

One can enjoy the proximity of Sta. Rosa to commercial districts through major road networks such as CALAX and SLEX. It is 10 to 15 minutes away from the Alabang Commercial District. The city has its own entry point and exit point going into South Luzon Expressway. It is also a beneficiary of the latest road project, CALAX, which eases travelling to various parts of Cavite as well as serving another connector road to SLEX. The city enjoys proximity to Calamba as well which is a renowned summer destination because of its many resorts and hot springs.

Proximity and accessibility are only two of Sta. Rosa’s edge of being your new address. Convenient living is also a major consideration. The city is home to several mall chains, offering you a choice on where to buy your everyday resources. Live in comfort within the different commercial establishments of the city catering to whatever you need, be it personal care, pet care, professional services, and the likes.

Investment wise, one can never go wrong with the city of Sta. Rosa, as it is a growing economy as evidenced by the increasing number of companies calling it as its home as well as the government’s plans on continuous developments in the area. Owning a condo in Laguna specially a condo in Sta. Rosa is a winning investment nevertheless.

Crown Asia Valenza

On Choosing a Developer for your House and Lot in Laguna

Before choosing a new address specially in the city of Sta. Rosa, always consider the lifestyle that you envision for you and your family. A convenient and comfortable lifestyle is always a must. Developers like Crown Asia’s Valenza located in Sta. Rosa is an embodiment of convenience and comfortability. Located just in front of Nuvali, and 3 minutes away from CALAX, it is an address one should really strive to be part of.

Valenza is an Italian inspired community that offers lot for sale and house and lot for sale. It is also the location for Valenza Mansions, a low rise condo in Laguna that offers a more different approach at thematic Italian living. The project is within arms-reach of Nuvali and Vista Mall Sta. Rosa making access to all your daily essential needs fast and easy. The community is serene and refreshing with its aesthetic view and peaceful surroundings, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the Metro but is no different in experiencing the conveniences of an urban lifestyle.

Live within comfort and convenience here in Valenza, located in the Lion City of the South!

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