The Best Wine Stores in the Philippines for your Sommelier Nights

By: Arvie Midel

Wine never fails to elevate the mood of the people and it certainly gives elegance and a feeling of high end to every occasion. As the year 2022 comes to an end, numerous events and special occasions will be celebrated such as Christmas parties, family reunions, team building, Noche Buena, and a lot more. During the said occasions, people are gathered to eat, share their stories, catch up with one another, maybe a few games, and of course a several drinks on the side. Expect that the streets in the subdivision in Cavite will be lit up by homes filled with life.

Regardless of all the busy schedules and happenings that people have encountered during the past several months, it somehow gives people a sort of relief and ease given the fact that they all made it to the last month of the year. As another year will soon unfold, people will surely make a short recap of all their remarkable and unexpected experiences. At this point, grab the best wine of your choice and enjoy sipping a glass of wine or two, because this article will give every reader a short tour by going to the best wine stores in the Philippines. Shall we?

Wine Store Philippines: A List of Wine Stores that Serves Fine Wine Around Metro Manila

Wine Story

Wine Story is located in EDSA, Mandaluyong inside Shangrila Mall, and can also be found in Uptown. They are considered a premium wine retailer in the Philippines that provides experience to their customers by bringing them to the home of fine wine. Visiting their store will lead people to the heart of Bordeaux, France opening a majestic door and going to the vineyard of Chateau. People who purchase their wines can enjoy the complex notes of regional wines as well as the taste of the subtle harmony of cedar wood and berry flavors.

The shop guarantees that they feature an impressive and extensive collection of French wines that are sourced directly from the finest vineyards in Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne. The shop has a wide variety of choices in which they offer wine legends, red wines, white wines, sweet wines, champagne, and sparkling, fortified wines, and large format wines, not to mention that they also have gift sets, books, and wine accessories.

Cork Wine Bar & Shop

The shop has a physical store located on 5th Avenue, Corner 32nd St. G/F W 5th Tower, BGC, Taguig Philippines. Cork Wine Bar & Shop aims to elevate the wine culture in the country by bringing wine bottles from different vineyards around the world.

People love to go to Cork since they do not just offer world-class wines but also offer different types of food that are perfectly paired with wine wherein customers love and enjoy. In addition, the place is totally majestic and fancy, credited to the magic and talent of Casanova Interior of Italy. Cork has a website that people can check prior to their visit to the store. On their website, people can check the liquor store prices, contact details, and food selection. Explore Cork and have some sophisticated experience.

Ralph’s Wine and Spirit

Ralph’s Wine and Spirit has a lot of branches which makes it very accessible to customers and clients. The said business can be seen in Makati, BGC, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Pasay, Katipunan, Pampanga, Subic, Cebu, and Boracay.

Ralph’s Wine and Spirit have different kinds of wine, varietals, and origins. Aside from that, what makes the business more special is that they also offer sake, beer, whiskey, gin, vodka, and shochu which customers can choose from. Another point worth noting is that people can shop online by simply adding their chosen drinks to the cart and checkout, and they will be delivered to their doorstep safely and securely. Since the business offers delivery services, people can experience Sommelier nights may it be in a condo unit, events place, or even inside the villages and subdivisions like the subdivision in Cavite that Crown Asia offers. By having their own bottle of wine, they can rest and pause for a while and enjoy each others’ company without any worry and hassle. The people can transparently see the sold bottles, its price, and the brands.

Wine Depot

Wine Depot is a go-to wine shop in the country because of its curated selection. It is located in Alabang, Makati, SM Aura, Greenhills, and Quezon City wherein people can shop directly in stores. Apart from that, they also have delivery services and flexible payment terms like credit/debit cards, and electronic banking, and another good thing is that they also accept cod. Wine Depot has value wines that are for sale, fine wines and collectibles, the regular price for wine bottles, and membership perks.

Everything here is complete since they cater to different liquors such as red wine, champagne, beer, and the list goes on. People who do not want to go out can still join the fancy experience because their orders that are placed online will be delivered to them whatever brand they want to purchase and drink. Even if it is from the Metro Manila branch, people who live in the South can still experience the taste of world-class wines just like the people who reside in the subdivision in Cavite.

Manila Wine

Manila Wine is the leading store in the Philippines because of its guaranteed offerings and services that they deliver to its clients. In the market, Manila Wine is well-established by making sure that they provide a world-class selection. Manila Wine delivers nationwide, with free delivery in some cities in Metro Manila. They are also committed to their service and continuously make innovations to assist clients in new ways.

Wine is such classy liquor to drink. It can be originated from the famous countries of Australia, Chile, Spain, Argentina, and many more. Over and above, wine also has different variants like chardonnay, merlot, and malbec, and there are still other types of vino that are rich in flavor and aroma. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy life’s little pleasures in the safety of your home. To order, add the preferred wine to the cart and wait for it to be delivered.

From time to time it is important to find a self-care week to relax, may it be in the form of sleeping, going out for a ride, and drinking a glass of vino paired with meat, cheese, pasta, and crackers from your nearest groceries or supermarket. Find the perfect wine that will balance and match someone’s mood and personality just like choosing a property, consider the subdivision in Cavite as a top choice because of its accessibility and convenience. Lastly, a friendly reminder that while enjoying a drink, it is also important to drink spirits and wine in moderation. Cheers everyone!

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