Italian Furniture for Your Italian-Inspired Home

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

You have officially brought your dreams of living in Italy to your home country, the Philippines, by purchasing an Italian-inspired house to call home. Just a look at the effortless sophistication, and elegance of your bricked home, and you will immediately gain confidence and be rejuvenated after a long day of work. You open the door, expecting the feelings to be maintained, however, they fall flat. The interior design, even though full of premium furniture, turns out, to have yet to imbibe the same of its exterior for it to be chef’s kiss perfect.

Turns out, both the exterior design and interior design have to be of an Italian company or else the majestic craftsmanship of your house and its outdoor spaces that are an Italian design will sadly, fall apart. With that, here are some creative collections and modern luxuries you can treat your Italian-inspired Cavite House and Lot to truly match its elegance.

What You Need to Know About the Italian Brands

Before we dive into made-in-Italy pieces, let us first know what makes premium furniture Italian. And, really, what makes this aesthetic so special that Italian craftsmanship makes its way all the way here in Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces?

According to many passionate blogs that have been sharing content in regard to home design and the like, Italian design is the “epitome of luxury”. The traditional Italian design are today’s luxury homes for curators like Crown Asia always made sure to have prestige hinted all over one’s home. Precious materials that both have a modern sensibility and a cozy, homely vibe should be all over one’s house, leaving no space unturned. Of course, in today’s modern age and glamour, who wouldn’t want that? Just imagine the awed faces of your friends, relatives, and other visitors when they visit your home this upcoming holidays. You will surely stamp the respect they have for you.

Secondly, we have elegance. We are talking about a castle-like demeanor. Columns, tray ceilings, chandeliers, arched windows, and not plain roofs but dreamy and rich-looking. Highly sought accessories and furnishings that make any home look effortlessly extravagant. Indeed, the Italian style design harks an air of wealth, effortlessly obtained. Such an aesthetic with its pure Italian origin is Crown Asia’s Cavite House and Lot: Citta Italia, located at the Bacoor Cavite.

But, of course, we need to work hard to maintain any home’s raw materials of Italian. Since you already bought an Italian-inspired home, why not decorate its interior with its fellow Italian counterparts?

Decorate Your Luxury Italian Brand With Its Premium Furniture Counterpart

With that, what Italian furniture should you buy for your Italian home? What are the best Italian furniture brands available in Metro Manila? Even better, where is the furniture sector that houses modern pieces that still give off the Italian brand’s missions and air?

There is a handful, actually. And one of the best Italian furniture brands in Metro Manila is DePadova, an Italian traditional craftsmanship that serves the best and boundless of Italian furniture, both home and office furniture.

Said to continuously elicit “genuine Italian grandeur and heritage”, DePadova is a brand that many talented curators of the furniture sector have been passionately dedicating their precious efforts to over the years. Founded in 1956 by couple Maddalena and Fernando DePadova, the Italian furniture brand has been spreading timeless Scandinavian furniture all over the world, with hints of ground-breaking evolution and changes that had reached the shores of our very own Metro Manila.

With an astounding premium lighting line, Elisa Ossino’s Erei sofa which had won multiple awards imbibes the unique way timeless Italian furniture is. But that isn’t the only carefully handcrafted work of Ossino that can be seen through DePadova. Ossino prides an entire collection of table lamps named the Elementi. It is said to be the lamp that first had its spheres to be lit entirely!

If you are looking for Italian dining tables and outdoor tables to decorate your Cavite house and lot, you totally have to marvel at Japanese curator Kensaku Oshiro’s best-selling collection widely known as Sen. Standing in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, all of these tables will surely bring your home up a notch, especially with their “soft-touch nanotechnology treatment.” In simple words, nanotechnology is the branch of science and engineering dedicated to manipulating and designing atoms in a way it fits into the dimensions of the nanometers of 100 or less. Talking about classic Italian furniture but modern, right? You and your family will surely enjoy all your meals together with such a luxurious table to dine in.

How about cabinets? Well, DePadova has a sophisticated and iconic one. Using raw materials from two types of oak, specifically Abonos, and Smoked, the SC16 Cabinet made by the brand and prominent curator CRS Boffi offers a wide-spaced chiffonier with a beautiful veining that will surely house well your precious premium brands of clothing and jewelry.

You can also check out some of the great Italian interior designers for inspiration, such as Andrea Fogli, an interior designer based in Milan who is known for his works at hotels, restaurants, and private houses. His works focus on the human body; Giovanni “Gio” Ponti, an Italian architect, industrial designer, furniture designer, artist, and writer. His designs are an amazing way to find your preferred style for your Italian furniture and home.

What Houses Can You Fill Up With the Italian Furniture Brand?

But, say, you have not bought a house and just have been eyeing the perfect one for you and your family to move in soon. Well, you are in luck for the country’s top home curator, Crown Asia, which has tons of communities that are Italian-inspired. Bringing the perfect homes to hundreds of Filipino families over the decade, this Vista Land hand has Italian contemporary silhouettes with Cavite House and Lot Citta Italia as was previously mentioned, refined techniques of Amici another Italian-inspired Cavite House and Lot but this time in Bacoor City, Fortezza in CabuyaoLaguna, and a whole lot more!

The fact that Italian design is this home curator’s forte, Crown Asia definitely has to be on top of your list especially when you want to have a home that just embodies elegance, modernity, and timeless masterpieces of an Italian home.

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