The Best Places to Buy Property in the Philippines

By: Anna Lucas
The Best Places to Buy Property in the Philippines

With 7,641 islands in the Philippines (as of last count) and more than 300,000 square kilometers of territory, it is quite difficult to navigate the real estate market in the country. Where are the best places to buy property in the Philippines? 

Ultimately, deciding on where to invest is dependent on your objective? Is it for investment or for settling down? Below is a quick guide on the best places to buy property in the Philippines for the three most common reasons.

Best places for investment

If you are looking for real estate properties to provide you with a passive income, it is best to look at condominium developments in the bustling city of Metro Manila. With a population of more than 12 million, as well as being the capital of trade in the country, the demand for rental properties is high. The cities in Metro Manila that are ideal for investment opportunities are Makati, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City


The most in-demand offices are situated in Makati and Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Between these two cities, Makati is the wiser choice to invest in. The property prices remain reasonable for a country’s business center, while potential rental income can remain high because of the abundance of workers.  

salcedo square

Salcedo Square, Makati

Laureano di Trevi

Laureano di Trevi, Makati


Mandaluyong is located beside Makati and BGC. Yet, the price per square meter is way below. Therefore, it can easily target workers working in both cities, who are looking for a place with proximity to the offices without breaking the bank too much.

515 Shaw, Mandaluyong

Crown Asia offers ideal properties for investment in these areas. These premium condo properties are Laureano di Trevi and Salcedo Square in Makati; and 515 Shaw, The Currency, and The Spectrum in Mandaluyong.

Best Place to Settle Down in Greater Manila Area 

If you want to have a taste of both worlds – near enough to the central business district to be close at work, but far enough to avoid the congestion of the city – then the outskirts of Metro Manila is best for you.

Sucat, Muntinlupa

Sucat, Muntinlupa is only a few minutes away from the Central Business District. Yet, its proximity to Laguna De Bay gives it an idyllic ambiance. There are several premium villages in this area, such as Lakefront, that developed elegant neighborhoods that make you feel like you are in another country.

The Lakefront

The Lakefront, Sucat


Cavite is the fastest-growing province in the Philippines. It is an ideal place to settle down not just because of its proximity to Metro Manila, but because of everything the province has to offer. From unique eats, to amazing nature trails, to astounding historical sites, this province is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.


Ponticelli | Citta Italia | Amalfi | Caribe | Amici | Carmel | Vita Toscana


Laguna is also located on the outskirts of Metro Manila and has so much to offer its homeowners. Despite continuous progressive developments, this province was able to maintain its rural charm. It successfully balanced urbanization and countryside living within its area.


Valenza | Fortezza | La Marea

Valenza Mansions

Best Place for Retirement 

If you are done with the stressful corporate life of Metro Manila and are looking for a retirement home where you can just put your feet up and laze through the mornings, then you may want to consider living even farther away from the Metro. Here are some places that are considered as the best place to retire:


Baguio has probably made it in every list of best places to live in the Philippines. This city is the location of the dream home of every Filipino because of its cool weather, surrounding pine trees, and the availability of the freshest goods in the market. Its also worth noting that with the current government projects there are a lot of ways to go to Baguio.

Canyon Hill

Canyon Hill, Baguio

Pinehill Baguio

Pinehill, Baguio


Brenthill, Baguio


Cebu is the center of commerce in the Visayas. Even so, the city is more laid-back and less high strung than Metro Manila. Modern facilities and the latest lifestyle outlets are also available in the area. Therefore, you can access everything you love about the Metro without the anxieties.

Suarez Residences

Suarez Residences, Cebu

Crown Asia Properties, the premier developer of premium homes in the Philippines, has a home offer for whatever you may need. Crown Asia meticulously develops its properties in the Philippines with the needs of the homebuyer in mind. 

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