Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Condo

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

You and your family have been yearning for city life for a couple of years now.

Understandably so, for who would not be traced by Metro Manila’s dazzling lights and lavish lifestyle that leaves everyone in awe and admiration? This is why you keep traveling to the city ever so often. You just cannot help yourself get a taste of high-class neighborhoods, and world-class restaurants, and treat yourselves to the best of the best goods, clothes, and other trinkets which, of course, you can all get in the city through condo living. You have been yearning to move into a condo for sale (because, well, condominiums are the residential spaces that are not only near the Metro but are actually in the middle of the city’s extravaganza) but you have some hesitations.

For one, you may be a family of three or four. How can you all fit in this floor space, together with the appliances, your stuff, and whatnot, in such a limited small space? Quite reasonable fear, however, do not let this hinder you from achieving your city life dreams because it is more than doable. It is a fun challenge to always be mindful of spaces and maximize your condo for sale. The following are some of the storage ideas you can do to easily maximize small spaces and your upcoming condo unit!

Make Use of Vertical Wall Space

There are many reasons why there are more condominiums than subdivisions in cities. Because it saves land space for more opportunities and wondrous things to grow. This goes the same for your soon-to-be home! Make use of your doors within the limited space, for example. In the bathroom, instead of putting inside yet another cabinet for towels, toiletries, skin care products, and whatnot. How about using the behind-the-door technique where you could put wired baskets or perhaps a cloth with pockets in them for more storage and shelf space? Make sure to apply this on all of your other doors! For your main door, you can put your books (we believe your children have been hoarding books here and there because of Booktok) or your indoor plants (you can very much still be a plantito/plantita in a condo for sale!).

Two Words: Wall-Mounted Seating

Say what now? Indeed, this is quite peculiar as a storage idea but it is also one of the many reasons why being detailed about your storage and maximizing your space in your condo for sale is so fun. But with enough wall space, your tables to eat, to read, to put your laptops, and work can be folded and unfolded from the walls of your home!

Photo from mm49mall.com

This could be made possible by a floating bench slash shelf installed low on the wall! Or, for DIY work, if you’re going for that challenge, you can install plywood on your wall!

This is not the only fun seating idea you can do in your condo for sale.

Consider Banquette Seating

Sounds fancy, isn’t it? It is, and very resourceful, too! Is it furniture where you store things? Or is it a couch? Try both with banquette seating!

Simply put a cushion on top, a couple of throw pillows, put a dining table in front of it, and voila your innovative dining room!

If a condo doesn’t make you and your family more creative and problem-solvers, we do not know what will. Just make sure your bench can indeed be opened from the top so you can store stuff in there as well!

In a condo, every space is taken into care so that you beautiful people have more room to make memories.

There Is More to a Bookcase Than Books

A bookcase can totally be maximized as well! Not only you can put books, but you can also turn them into a semi-display space. I mean, come on, we know your children have many awards that you must always take pride in. Always remind them that they can always achieve their goals just as long as their work had and believe in themselves by having their past awards displayed out in the open for them to always see. You can display the medals and the trophies of your child (and your achievements too, of course!) on your bookshelf.

Otherwise, you can also make it a little museum of the things you love. May it be collectibles such as small paintings dolls or CDs, you can put these as well on your bookshelf.

Something Harry Potter Theme in Your Condo: Below the Stairs Hidden Storage Space

Or, just like our favorite wizard, feel free to have a little room of storage capacity there! If your place is something that has a little up place where you have stairs, make use of the huge amount of space the stairs inevitably give you!

You can put your refrigerator there, a closet, and a bookshelf, indeed your condo is your oyster where you can fill it up with wondrous ideas to astound your friends when they visit your dear home!

Which consequently reminds us of…

YOLO. Have a Raised Platform to Save Space

In line with the previous tip, let us level it up for the next one. If the ceilings of your condo are high enough, we highly suggest you build a platform where you can have your loft, studio, or work/productive space for you, your spouse, and your children!

Did you know that Ex-President Barack Obama has this special room where no one dares enter because they know he is busy working? According to Michelle Obama’s autobiography, Becoming, this room somehow changes her husband. When he enters it, he automatically goes into work mode and is very seldom disturbed here. This is why we highly recommend you to have a separate space for work and productivity!

Having a designated place to concentrate and not be bothered increases productivity, according to research. This productive space can be your raised platform! If your workspace is near the kitchen, or worse, in the kitchen table, not only you might gain a few pounds, but you will definitely not be as productive since you will always be tempted to eat if not indeed eating.

Indeed, your children have been always nagging you to go to BGC every weekend. Save tons of gas and move into the condo for sale of your dreams. There would definitely still be more room for growth if not even more than it used to be.

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