Should You Invest in a Virtual Reality Machine

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Should You Invest in a Virtual Reality Machine

It is no brainer that humanity has grown so much. From the age of living in caves and using primitive tools to hunt our food to our current age of living in exquisite castle-like homes such as your Crown Asia house and lot for sale that is Italian-inspired, and getting our bellies purely satisfied with just a click of a finger, it is indeed evident that if there is one thing that is constant with humanity is that we keep on progressing. And in many aspects, it is not only the way we get our food that is always changing and where we live, but also how we entertain ourselves, how we communicate with one another, how we educate ourselves and learn new things, how we move, how we sleep, and how we even clean ourselves. This has been possible because of technology. Basically, our lives have been ever-evolving since the dawn of time because of the progression and the modernity of the tools we use. Indeed, our lifestyles keep getting more convenient and extravagant by the day, especially because of technology. Indeed, through technology, our realities have been getting closer to what we thought is impossible to do, to have, to achieve. With that,


We want to introduce you to virtual reality.

Although, you may have already heard of it. Perhaps you saw the Ready Player One movie. You might’ve played Pokemon Go – a form of an augmented reality video game. Or, you may have even brought virtual reality to your child when you purchased them virtual reality headsets or virtual reality devices to enjoy the most modern of games in your house and lot for sale. And, indeed, you have seen it many times, especially during our favorite futuristic shows and movies. But the virtual world is more than games and entertainment.

Here at Crown Asia, the curator of your beloved house and lot for sale, we will dig deeper into virtual reality, and why you should engage in such a world.

VR is an online platform that is more than pics, vids, and text

Isn’t it Virtual Reality just like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Meets, and Zoom where you can interact with people online in real-time? You may ask. And quite understandable. Why do you have to go through the hustle of putting on some goggles to interact with your friends and loved ones, or meet with your colleagues to discuss work when you can just do so via the already self-tested online chat or video calls? But that is just the thing: it is just mere chats and video calls. Why not interact with them online, but in a no longer 2D kind of way, in a virtual environment?

With humanity’s constant progression, is it not time to try to be literally online and see the virtual world that you normally see in front of you on your screen, but this time around you?

This is why virtual reality technology could be very helpful in your self-empowerment and education. You and your children may have been complaining nonstop because it seems that online class does not seem to get your money’s worth. Even in the most prestigious schools in our country, the limitations of an online class definitely cheapens the quality of education that is usually achieved through a face-to-face setup. But virtual reality systems can fix just this.

Remember that scene from the Good Doctor? If you have not heard of this top-rated show, the Good Doctor is pretty much like Grey’s Anatomy. And in this show, the doctors have used a computer-generated environment and simulations to practice their surgeries and/or to find out what they must do in order to successfully conduct rather an impossible surgery. If virtual reality machines could help doctors save lives, just think how much knowledge and practice you and your children can get through such a platform? You can learn how to drive, for your child who is studying engineering, they could learn the ins and out’s of building, your aspiring pilot child could use flight simulators, and even learn a sport, let us say, karate, and even compete through virtual environments!

Now, do you think VR is the same as other social media platforms? Don’t you think it is very much worth the hassle?


Virtual Reality is pretty much our physical world as we know it, but computer-generated. And in many ways, that is a plus.

Aside from getting profound knowledge, your entertainment, creativity, and imagination will definitely go beyond the roof here. Virtual Reality, though, heavily mirrors our current world, it is pretty much a world of its own. Or should we say, worlds?

Through the powerful and endless capacity of virtual reality, and how its advancement is progressing at such a fast pace, we are already at that stage where we can build our own worlds to our liking through virtual reality! This is the plus of technology. It may not be our real environment, but it will get to let you experience things you did not know it was possible? Want to experience snow all year round? No problem! Want to feel how it is like to be surrounded by dinosaurs? That is very much possible with VR. Want to experience a pretend zombie apocalypse? Sure, if you are THAT curious.

Again, let us stress that you will not see this much of a world in front of you, per se, but AROUND you, since, more or less, you will be in it.

With VR, the world is indeed your oyster, because you are pretty much the creator of it.


Metaverse, your upcoming new universe

Experts refer to the digitalized world that is parallel to the real, tangible one as the Metaverse. According to The Conversation in their article “What is the metaverse, and what can we do there?” published just last May, “The metaverse is “an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds.” These worlds are accessed through VR headsets — users navigate the metaverse using their eye movements, feedback controllers, or voice commands. The headset immerses the user, stimulating what is known as presence, which is created by generating the physical sensation of actually being there.”

That is totally exciting, isn’t it? We are all pumped up to see humanity’s technology succeed in making such a world, a universe rather wink, come true so that we can all meet there! See you in the Metaverse, our dear friend!

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