Top 10 Smart House Gadgets for Your Home’s Security and Safety When You’re Away

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
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Having a smart home is not only for the gadgets present in making the space more aesthetic looking or modern, but these smart home gadgets are also used now for securing the home for many homeowners. It’s no wonder a lot are leaning to adding smart house gadgets for their new homes. But given the market, there are plenty of these to choose from. And as the article list down recommended smart home gadgets, there will also be a reason why AI or artificial intelligence devices for home are the next big thing for homeowners.

Why AI or Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing among smart homes

AI offers energy-saving features for smart home

One of the benefits of using AI for smart home is its energy-saving abilities. AI optimizes energy consumption and distribution which results in cost savings for homeowners. Smart home devices that use AI can monitor appliances and then predict how much energy they need to use which is how they adjust their specific range.

AI can increase control over security and access

One of the key factors to AI-generated smart home devices is the importance of security, which is needed for restricting access to home or private spaces. Smart cameras identify individuals and can grant or deny access when needed. They can also monitor and evaluate potential threats which reduces manual recording and reduces any false alarms.

AI smart home devices can help monitor and authorize access to certain individuals or users through advanced biometric authentication such as face detection and recognition, fingerprint, and others.

AI features better smart home functionality and better user experience

Another feature of AI smart home devices is that it’s able to learn and adapt to user’s habits and preferences. For instance, smart thermostats make use of a user’s schedule and adjust the temperature without the user changing it manually.

AI is also able to become more integrated and interconnected like when smart lighting systems automatically adjust throughout the entire home depending on the user’s activity.

AI can adapt to user behavior

AI uses algorithms that allows smart home devices to gather and analyze data on how users interact with their devices and be able to adjust accordingly. One of the benefits to this is that AI can make users’ smart home more personalized and efficient.

AI offers data and security privacy

AI advanced systems offer more data security and privacy for smart homes through data processing made locally rather than in the cloud.

With this, a smart home’s data like voice commands, facial characteristics, and readings are never removed from the device and not transmitted over the internet to any remote server. This is a necessary process for smart homes that have sensitive information for when the homeowner is out or at home and can be inferred from the sensor date.

AI has less bandwidth

AI can help reduce bandwidth through reduced amount of data transferred over the network and latency caused by data sending to a central location for processing. This is an important feature especially when bandwidth is limited in remote locations or when data transmission is expensive such as dealing with video footage like Smart video doorbells.

What smart home gadgets to use

Smart Doorbell Cameras

Smart doorbell cameras, like the popular Ring doorbell, have gained immense popularity in recent years. These gadgets not only allow you to see who’s at your door but also enable two-way communication. Whether you’re at home or away, you can speak to visitors and deter potential burglars by giving the impression that you’re present.

Smart Alarms

Smart alarms remain one of the most effective ways to ward off intruders. Modern alarms are equipped with advanced features like motion sensors, broken glass detectors, panic buttons, send signals, light sensors, and more. Clear images and video quality that pans in a wider angle are also given with modern security systems.

When alarms are triggered, not only does it emit a loud warning siren but also, send alerts to the homeowner’s phone or monitoring device.

Smart Locks

Smart locks allow homeowners or users to have keyless entry to their homes or business premises. They can control and monitor these locks remotely through their smartphone app. Some models can also grant access to specific individuals for a limited time, which is an additional security.

Motion-Activated Lights

Simple yet effective, motion-activated lights light up dark areas around the property when motion is detected which can surprise and alert possible intruders. They are also energy-sufficient which makes them cost-effective and an addition to your security setup.

Security Fences and Gates

Security barriers like fences and gates are not only the overall security of one’s property but also deter any intruders. Installing strong, maintained barriers can show that potential intruders are not welcome on the premises. Smart home security, allows more access to identify possible threats and intruders and send off alerts to users’ smartphones.

Safe Deposit Box

Those needing to safeguard important documents or belongings should install a safe deposit box. These are fireproof and tamper-resistant, which secures anyone’s most valuable possessions.

Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras are a staple among modern smart home devices. Not only can they monitor and record both indoors and outdoors of the premises, but also have built-in features like motion detection, night vision, and cloud storage. These are additional security measure for keeping a look out for one’s property while away, and allowing them to review footage or receive alerts on their phones.

Pet Camera system

Clear video quality, audio, and accessibility to smartphone are just some of the things to consider when shopping for smart pet camera system. Since they spend most of their time in the living area, feeding station, play area, these should be where the camera is located.

Another useful feature is the two-way audio function. This enables pet parents to speak or be heard by their pet in addition to seeing them through the camera. Barking, meowing, and other distress signals can also be heard.

Smart home products for your security

Google Nest Doorbell

Having crystal-clear footage is not only convenient for indoor but outdoor security purposes. With this smart doorbell, Google nest comes with free intelligent alerts that differentiate people from packages to animals, and vehicles. It’s batter also lasts up to six months which is less of a maintenance.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

With this indoor camera, users can stream clear 1080p HD videos right from their smartphones, and also offers a 130-degree field of view. With a premium plan, it will be able to store video clips in the cloud. This smart camera also includes a sliding privacy shutter that can be closed for privacy use.

Amazon Echo Show

Image form: https://www.amazon.com/

Equipped with an Alexa guard skill, this device monitors the sound of glass breaking and any smoke alarms; it sends an alert if anything unusual is detected.

Wyze Lock

One of the affordable options on the market, Wyze lock is not just easy to install but allows users to lock or unlock doors from anywhere. This smart lock also keeps a detailed history every time the door is locked or unlocked through the app. It grants a temporary digital key who might be a sitter or a guest in the user’s home.

Wyze Plug

The Wyze plug can be controlled from any device and features a vacation mode that can cycle from on and off randomly, making it seem like someone is at home. Another note is that users can turn the lights even before arriving home.

RingAlarm Pro

This smart alarm is a few on the market that is easy to set up and has a variety of sensors that can be placed in doors, windows, and motion sensors. If there are threats or emergencies, it will automatically be dispatched to the user’s home.

Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

Floodlight Cam 2 delivers 3,000 lumens of brightness that can light the whole area and has a built-in camera that captures images in full 2K HD. This is an ideal camera for those looking for clearer images and provides a wider lens. It can pan 360 degrees and has a motion-triggered video. Not to mention, can even lock to people in the yard and track their movement.

Wifi Door Sensor

This door sensor is among the simple battery-powered sensors on the market. It sends smartphone notifications if there are any doors or windows that are opened and its battery usage can operate for up to two years.

Nest Thermostat

Image from: https://brandonairconditioning.com/

This thermostat can set the temperature for your home and monitor its energy usage which can be an energy-saver. Users can also turn the aircon or heat back before even returning home.

Google Smoke Alarm

Google Smoke Alarm is one of the best to help detect any smoke or CO among property owners. It is both wired and battery-powered and can instantly send smartphone alerts, regardless of location, which can contact users for emergency services ASAP.

Moen Flo Water Leak Detector

This water detector can send instant alerts when it detects water in places that it shouldn’t be among the property. A smart water shutoff can be paired with this device to be able to turn off the water line at the property remotely. Besides this, homeowners don’t have to worry if they are away for a period of time since it also monitors temperature and humidity of their home.


Thanks to today’s technology for improving the overall security measures regardless, of one’s home or business establishment. AI security gadgets can ease property owner’s minds while they’re away knowing how easily accessible security updates are just by looking through their phones. It’s one less thing to worry about, not only for intruders but for possible disasters like fire incidents or water leakage.

Investing in smart home devices is one of the best things property owners should consider doing especially among houses in the Philippines.

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