Self Love : How to Invest on Yourself this 2022

By: Jessa Lubiano
Self Love How to Invest on Yourself this 2022

We’re more than halfway to the end of 2022, and a lot of us have already forgotten our new year’s resolutions. No need to feel guilty, we’ve all been there before. As the great Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” There is no better time to start than today. So be it learning how to cook, or losing weight and becoming healthier, or investing in your future by buying your own RFO House and Lot in a prime hotspot, we can all start somewhere; big or small for our well being.

Here is a compilation of the best habits to invest on yourself, practice self-love, self-care, better mental health, and becoming the best you, you can be:

1. Set goals for a better self-esteem


Consider setting goals as an investment in yourself and a way to practice self care. By outlining what you wish to achieve, goals can help you get desired outcomes. You could be more likely to succeed if you make a list of realistic goals. When you have goals, it’s easier to picture what you want and understand the steps necessary to get there.

Here are some helpful tools to help you set goals (and make sure they stick this time around!):



Photo from: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/habit-bull-daily-goal-planner/id1041482672

A productivity app that supports goal creation, management, and tracking. Viewing progress toward both individual goals and general success is a unique and helpful feature within this app. Bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts are just a few of the various chart types available in HabitBull. Daily reminders will be sent to you through the app, which also keeps your data in the cloud for access from many devices.

Way of Life


Photo from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wayoflife.app&hl=en_US&gl=US

It features a color-coded calendar that makes goal creation and tracking simple. You are reminded to check in periodically during the day and indicate whether you have finished a skill for that particular day. The day will turn green or red once it has been recorded. A chain calendar is included in Way of Life, like like HabitBull, so you can see which days you’ve finished a task and moved closer to your goal.

Google Drive


Photo from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.docs&hl=en_US&gl=US

The simplest method is sometimes the best for keeping tabs on your goals. With Google Drive, you can create, manage, and track your objectives using Sheets and Docs. You can simply organize and view all of your material in one location by establishing a folder in Drive just for your goals. This application gives you a platform to set, plan, and record your objectives, but it does not contain reminders, analytics, or advanced tracking. Nevertheless, it gives you all you need to achieve your goals.

2. Invest in training


Your knowledge and skill set can be expanded by participating in a workshop, seminar, or webinar on a variety of topics. You can decide whether to attend a discussion on a subject or new skill you are already knowledgeable about to hone existing skills or a subject you are unfamiliar with to discover something new. Consider arranging workshops once or twice per month with experts or wellness professionals. Even watching educational videos on various topics can you give an edge and help you expand your knowledge on a wider scale.

Here are some TedxTalks that specifically help with self improvement and personal development that you can listen to while you are spending time with other tasks at hand:

Be More Mindful: All it Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes by Andy Puddicombe


Photo from: https://www.ted.com/talks/andy_puddicombe_all_it_takes_is_10_mindful_minutes

According to mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe, stress is a result of poor mental health. Nobody wants that.

He claims that the current moment is undervalued. So take advantage of it by meditating for just 10 minutes each day. It’s really simpler than it seems, and his fast demonstration will make it feel much less intimidating to try.

Take Control of Their Life: What Reality Are You Creating for Yourself? by Isaac Lidsky


Photo from: https://www.ted.com/talks/isaac_lidsky_what_reality_are_you_creating_for_yourself

One must see to believe. That saying has undoubtedly been repeated a gazillion times.

But take it from Lidsky, a businessman and author who went blind at a young age: sight isn’t the only way to see the world. In fact, he would contend that rather than just passively observing reality, we really make it. Go ahead and create your own now.

Speak More Confidently: How to Speak Up for Yourself by Adam Galinsky


Photo from: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/five-steps-to-become-more-confident-and-assertive-300377267.html

How do you tell if your boss can be corrected? Or how about requesting a raise? Or, express your position in defense? It’s about power relations, according to social psychologist Galinsky, and here’s how to determine where you stand and when you should speak up and feel confident with yourself.

3. Start investing financially


Investments and savings are a little intimidating for those who know little to nothing about it but it’s one of the best practices you can do to secure your future. A great way to start investing is to invest in real estate. Real estate investing can add a lot of money to your bank account, but it also has potential risks and requires research. Here are a few of the most significant justifications for real estate investment. (Just keep in mind that appreciation and cash flow aren’t guarantees, and so researching potential properties and neighborhoods will improve your chances of making money.)

Great Returns


You can sell the real estate you own for a healthy profit if its value rises over time. But keep in mind: Appreciation isn’t a guarantee. To get those high profits, you must invest in the right kind of real estate. Make sure to invest in well-known developers such as Crown Asia by Vista Land for a guaranteed secured investments. Whether you are looking for lot only properties or RFO House and Lots.

Passive Income


You don’t have to work every day to get the much-desired passive income that investment properties provide. Imagine you own a single-family or multifamily property and charge rent. You can gain an additional flow of income without necessarily doing extra labor.

Satisfaction And Control

Other advantages that aren’t just financial come with owning investment properties. Owning investment properties lets you be your own boss, which many investors find rewarding. You have full control of what to do to these properties and how to make sure you can gain a high return of investment from them.


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