Scandinavian Philosophy for Interior Design

By: Arvie Midel

Natural light, airy spaces, and clean lines are just some of the design principles incorporated in Scandinavian interiors. This type of design is perfect for those people who want a minimalist aesthetic along with its modern decorative items that make the room cozier and inviting.

Who doesn’t want to be in a room that looks so clean and pleasing? Everyone, isn’t it? After a long tiring day that is full of meetings, deadlines, and negotiations, a Scandinavian design is definitely the way to go. According to Livemore & Allen (2022), architects and designers like Josef Frank, Alvar Aalto, and Arne Jacobsen were instrumental in the development of Scandinavian design in the 1930s. The 1950s have seen a growth in its appeal on a worldwide scale. From 1954 to 1957, a design show that toured the United States and Canada highlighted the modest designs created by Nordic designers and drew inspiration from the local environment. In addition, Scandinavian design is unquestionably part of the modern trends that significantly catch the attention and interest of the people.

Scandinavian Style

With Scandinavian, everything is balanced for it promotes not too little, not too much. This type of interior design offers warmth to people because of its natural light and natural textiles. It is very minimalist but it does not feel incomplete at all because the Scandinavian interior rationale is anything that is added has a purpose. The interior designers achieve this style by incorporating wooden accents, neutral color palettes, botanical prints, house plants, swan chairs, and anything that gives a minimalist feel to the people inside the room. Basically, Scandinavian countries want to have an emphasis on uncomplicated, uncluttered, clean lines and bright areas. Scandinavian design can blend in easily with almost any style and era because of its simplified appearance. Interior designers can attain Scandinavian design even in small spaces such as sleeping spaces or living rooms.

Another point worth noting is the Scandinavian colors that consist of bright colors and neutral colors. A color scheme that is predominantly neutral is a trademark of Scandinavian design. The Nordic design makes use of whites, grays, and tans to create a harmonious and bright ambiance. Moreover, Nordic design is a versatile style because of its components such as light woods, soft hues, white walls, and wood accents. Furthermore, Scandinavian homes are like condo in Tagaytay, specifically Crown Asia’s Pine Suites and Pinevale‘s Danish-Influence design because both offer an out-of-country experience. The two condominiums are strategically located in Tagaytay which can be seen in a tranquil mountain setting designed for peaceful relaxation and joyful gatherings. Interior designers can do Danish-inspired interior design bedrooms in the aforementioned condominiums by installing modern furniture or Scandinavian furniture.

Scandinavian Design Philosophy

The goal of this is to develop long-lasting creations in harmony with the environment. It focuses on establishing a minimalist home filled with high-quality products that support an unburdened lifestyle free of consumerism. The Scandinavian design showcases simplicity and elegance which came from the simple lines derived from the interwar art movements and the delicate artistic characteristics derived from the early 20th-century art movements.

Scandinavian interior design can be attained in the smart condo in Tagaytay because it is the ideal place to take in the magnificence of nature while learning about and exploring the essence of life. On top of that, Tagaytay is a well-known place in Cavite that has a refreshing scenery and cool climate just like the five Nordic countries which are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. These countries are described as geographical and cultural regions in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic. With that being said, to have a world-class experience, the condo in Tagaytay is undeniably the answer.

Interior Design

Interior design continues to draw heavily from Scandinavian aesthetics. Space can feel bigger and brighter by using natural light. The use of a few window treatments and white walls enhances the light that is already present in the room. Contemporary designers are more likely to make Scandinavian designs with natural light together with natural textiles, simple furnishings, natural materials, and clean lines. Because Scandinavian dwellings have always been modest in size, there wasn’t much room for lavish accents and decorations. As a result, Scandinavian interior designers do not focus on putting ornate or excessive detailing.

On the other hand, the Scandinavian style can also be seen in other areas to make the space feel more relaxed and uniform. It could be a Scandinavian kitchen or a dining room by just putting up wall art, modern furniture, and wood floors, and making sure that a neutral color palette is present. Get a creative look with lighting options like the PH lamp series and window treatments to compliment the spaces may it be in the dining room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Whatever interior design the person may come up with, it is important to just enjoy the designing process. Be bold and creative with all the ideas because that is exactly what modern life is all about. Do not be afraid of having an all-white dining room or an all-blue Scandinavian bedroom design because every element has its purpose and beauty. The design principles collaborate to produce designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional for people. Every interior designer has their own specialty and even the Scandinavian style is a challenge for them make. Along with that, good and knowledgeable furniture designers are important to have because one piece of furniture could serve as a focal point that attracts the attention and interest of the people. To achieve this modern design, everything must complement all together.

The Scandinavian style aims to make life better just like the condo in Tagaytay because it invites people to create unforgettable experiences without the need for any planning or itinerary. With the help of a smart condo in Tagaytay, people can rest easy knowing that even when nobody’s at home, the property is taken care of. Convenience, comfort, and safety will always be the priority of Crown Asia.

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