2023: The Lucky Color of the Year

By: Hadj Cabonegro

Chinese Feng Shui this coming Chinese New Year suggests that a Chinese zodiac sign lucky color can affect your business, love life, and other aspects of your life. So for 2023, learn more about the lucky color of the year and a few of the luckiest colors for 2023!

As the current Chinese new year of 2022 slowly draws to an end, many are looking forward to a more auspicious period in the 2023 lunar new year, where they can be free from bad luck and ideally blessed with both good health and more money for their family, friends, and their loved ones. For those who believe in Chinese zodiac signs, the lunar calendar, and fengshui 2023, people born in the year of the rabbit are predicted to both attract positive energy and personality and good fortune, with such an example as finally being able to purchase one’s own house and lot, which can be made more likely if they were to include the lucky colors associated to their zodiac sign within their everyday lives.

As a practice with roots tracing back to ancient times when people still heavily believe in charm bracelets and other feng shui bracelets, Chinese astrology has many adherents not only in its country of origin but in other nations such as the Philippines as well that is why people really check into the specifics like the lucky curtain color for 2023 so that they can have it on their homes.

While some may argue that these are mere superstitions, a significant number of supporters say otherwise, and do their best to involve it in their lives, attributing many of their successes such as wealth and successful romantic relationships to the luck derived from them.

With the recent announcement of Pantone that Viva Magenta is the water rabbit lucky color 2023, it’s time to think of ways to apply it to our homes.

For the success-oriented Filipino who wants to gather as much luck as possible, below are four ways how they can utilize the four lucky colors of 2023 and color trends to bring fortune to their investments and life in general.

Redecorate/Paint the Home According to Next Year’s Lucky Colors

Of all the places where one may want a fortune to gather around, the home and home decor is definitely among those that are at the top place. A person wishing to attract positive energy into their household may do so by simply incorporating the color of the year of their zodiac sign in the year 2023.

One may opt to change out the furniture to match the four lucky colors associated with the year of the rabbit, which are azure blue, apple green, burgundy red, and pink. For a more significant change, homeowners could also instead go for some extensive interior painting to better increase their chances of attracting money, luck, and possibly even love. Not only would one’s household become more auspicious, but if it’s done right, then it may even improve its overall level of beauty as well.

Here are some of the lucky colors for some zodiac signs and Chinese zodiac signs: The lucky color for Sagittarius 2023 is Yellow while the lucky colors for Goat 2023 are brown, red, and purple. Sheep’s lucky colors in 2023 are Blue, Pink, Purple, and Red. 

A properly refurbished house and lot, even if it’s done in accordance with Chinese astrology, would do wonders in improving its value in the real estate field, especially to relevant parties that value the said practice.

Utilize One or More Color of the Year in the Workplace

Other than the home, one other place that could greatly benefit from some luck would be one’s workplace. Individuals born in the year of the rabbit should take as many advantages as they can if they wish to succeed in their coming endeavors, and one way to do so is to begin including the lucky colors of 2023 in their work life.

Simple inclusions such as appropriately-colored pieces of decorations can go a long way in dissuading bad luck, even better if the said ornaments are connected to rabbits. Depending on the policy of one’s workspace, some of those decorations may not even be allowed, and one should start being creative as to how they can effectively implement them without causing issues. For those looking to find a new workplace to be employed in, attending job interviews while possessing something that has a lucky color may just be the trick into getting that position they’ve always sought.

When it comes to one’s job, one would need all the luck they can get to move higher from their position in the workplace hierarchy, and with the boon provided by lucky colors, these might just be what one might need to go further in life.

Wear Clothes with the Lucky Color 2023

People born in the year of the rabbit with a sense of fashion may also choose to integrate the lucky colors of the coming year in their attire to better attract prosperity towards them. With only creativity being the limiting factor, an individual with a knack for self-expression can easily achieve not only looking well dressed in next year’s lucky colors but also bring forth wealth and luck in their life as well.

With at least four colors to pick from, one can choose to either clothing choices to wear green at the cusp of the Chinese new year’s Eve, a lucky color that symbolizes growth and new beginnings. For those looking to increase their luck at finding wealth, going for red or even pink as their clothing’s primary color is an excellent choice for next year, given how it is perceived by the Chinese people as the color of good fortune and happiness. Lastly, people looking to gain good health in their lives may instead wear blue clothing, since the aforementioned color is associated with longevity in Chinese culture and the wood element, which in turn is said to represent vitality.

One does not need to strictly limit themselves to only one color of the year out of four since it only needs a bit of creativity to determine which combination fits bests together and how to wear them properly when going out.

Don’t Forget to Consider Feng Shui and Lucky Numbers as well

Any serious believer in Chinese astrology knows that lucky colors aren’t the only factors that one should take into account to get the most luck out of their life. For the upcoming Chinese New Year, Filipinos who really want to maximize their future prosperity should also ideally incorporate the many Feng shui elements along with the concept of lucky and unlucky numbers.

Feng shui is considered one of China’s important cultural traditions, one that is still practiced to this day even with the advent of modern science. For homeowners seeking to make their homes a magnet of positive energy through this Chinese practice, they can do some interior redesigning based on the recommendations of Feng shui experts. Numerology also has its place in Chinese astrology, wherein there exist assigned numbers for each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs that can either make one luck or bring about misfortune. In the case of those whose zodiac animal is the rabbit, their unlucky and lucky numbers are 1, 6, 8, 3, 7, and 9 respectively. Individuals who believe in this practice may consider keeping around or being in close proximity to items that match their lucky numbers and in turn avoid anything that corresponds to their unlucky numbers.

While considerably requiring more effort to accomplish than just following one’s lucky colors for 2023, those who are dedicated to their beliefs in Chinese zodiac signs should consider applying both Feng shui and Chinese numerology in their daily lives in the coming year.

In conclusion, applying the concepts in the Chinese zodiac may bring fortune to oneself in the following year of 2023 if they follow its tenants. By either implementing one’s lucky colors in their household, workplace or even in the clothes one wears, good fortune is sure to come to them, especially if one also adheres to the values of Feng shui and carefully observes their lucky and unlucky numbers too.

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