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By: Mariel Andrea Mijares

When considering a great area to settle in, Metro Manila frequently comes to mind first. Shopping centers, schools, grocers, business areas, and a lot more places where you can undoubtedly practice city living are all nearby. Although there are drawbacks to the metro. A few of these drawbacks include congested traffic, the environment’s stress, pollution, and overpopulation. Recently, things have moved so quickly that even the city is struggling to keep up. Not only is it the ideal place to live or retire, but there are also excellent job prospects here.

Therefore, Tagaytay City is the finest destination for you if you want to relocate somewhere other than a city but yet have access to certain facilities.

Tagaytay is still a viable residential community and a prime location that provides modern conveniences while keeping some regional characteristics. In comparison living in Metro Manila, is one of the best options. Moving to Tagaytay would be a smart move on your behalf given that the latter has grown increasingly congested over time and that traffic jams are now commonplace.

What More Does Tagaytay Offer, Other Than Being a Picture-Perfect Residential Area With a Less Polluted Environment?

Aside from the milder weather, and the cool breeze, the region is renowned for its abundance of spectacular natural views and diverse selection of business facilities, in addition to being a great getaway location for local and foreign tourists as the second summer capital in the Philippines, Tagaytay is also ranked as one of the greatest cities in the Philippines for retirees. Given its proximity to Metro Manila, Tagaytay City appears to be a rural area where most people may picture themselves residing without completely renouncing the city.

It is also recognized for having a consistently cool climate, which is matched by the wealth of stunning natural surroundings, including towering, lush pine trees and verdant, rich landscapes.

Real estate developers and investors will inevitably be interested in Tagaytay’s appeal as a prime residential location. Many Tagaytay properties have made their way into the city over the years. Given the wide range of residential properties available in the area, it should be simple to discover a suitable and ideal lot for sale in Tagaytay. Despite being only one hour from the city, Tagaytay is a fully developed city. Although the city may have had several businesses over the years, it is undoubtedly more rural than urban while still providing a modern lifestyle.

Less Traffic

Although you can’t entirely escape it, traffic in Tagaytay is manageable. You won’t have to worry about arriving on time or returning home early because it is significantly less congested than other rapidly expanding cities.

On typical days, traffic snarls are to be expected, but they are generally tolerable and quickly cleared.

Even if traffic in Tagaytay is worse during holidays and long weekends compared to other cities, there is still a significant improvement.

Cool Weather

A large number of beaches are a given while living in a tropical nation like the Philippines. If you live in a city, afternoons, noontimes, and even late mornings can get so hot that it can quickly become uncomfortable if you do not turn the air conditioner on. With that considered, you might want to explore living in a city where the chilly climate is natural and not artificially produced. Due to Tagaytay’s average elevation of 610 meters above sea level, you may enjoy deliciously cool weather all year long.

Although the city still has hot summers, evenings and early mornings are generally cool, even at the height of the season. As a result, you don’t need to use your air conditioner as frequently and may even decide to reduce its consumption, which can significantly reduce your electricity costs.

Fresh Air

There is no denying that the air in Tagaytay is significantly fresher and cooler. This will be a welcome change if you have spent your entire life in crowded, polluting cities. Imagine waking up with no poisonous fumes, only the gentle touch of fresh air on your skin, like you would in a metropolis. The majority of people would make the trip to Tagaytay only to breathe in the clean air, even for a weekend.

But with a retirement home nearby, you may look forward to the remainder of your days without ever again having to be concerned about breathing in contaminated air.

Due to their often cheaper entrance price compared to standalone residences, condos can be an excellent investment. This facilitates the market entry of younger investors as tenants and homeowners. Additionally, in the right market, a condo can be converted into a respectable, positive cash-flow property if it is in a desirable location and you can locate dependable.

However, as with any real estate investment, determining if a condo is worthwhile depends on a few important factors. Location and financial information about the property are crucial. No matter what, the condo must be in a prime area with a strong applicant pool. The return on investment (ROI) of the particular property must also line up with your investment objectives. Along with single-family homes, condos make up a chunk of your real estate holdings. Therefore, I would suggest that a condo can be a good investment.

You may rent your own condominium anywhere with the right interior and location, not just on one social media platform. You can list it on Facebook, Lamudi, Locanto, and many other sites. Many individuals enjoy relaxing in Tagaytay since they know that the area is ideal for both physical and mental relaxation, an area with lower pollution levels and traffic. A weekend getaway from work or any stress, a chance to spend time with family, and a moment to let yourself think and focus are all essentials these days.

Its location is most accessible from other cities, like Metro Manila and Makati City, through the major road networks, such as the E. Aguinaldo Highway, the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, the Tagaytay-Calamba Highway, and Tagaytay Nasugbu Highway.

You can still choose from a studio unit and a two-bedroom unit at Pine Suites Tagaytay. If you own one of these units, your rental investment might be very significant for your future real estate investments.

We are also close to restaurants and a popular tourist destination, yet you can still experience the peace and quiet in the area, and our area is well renowned for being a great place to spend a staycation in the picture-perfect city.

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