Preparing for the 2022 Holidays: Staying Safe and Healthy  

By: Rehian Vicente

The Holidays are already upon us like the Christmas season, new years and of course the Chinese new year, evident by the month of September, the start of the annual celebration of the “-ber” months. The malls have already prepared for the holiday season since August with decorations of Christmas blindingly shining mall goers and motorists. A tall Christmas tree greets everyone and the mall music has changed from the latest pop music and jazz to Mariah Carey, Michael Bubble, and Jose Mari Chan’s iconic seasonal and classic hits for the jolliest time of the year. House and lots in Bacoor, Cavite are decorated with parols and Christmas decorations.

Funny enough, Halloween is also around the corner and it is common that both holiday seasons are prevalent in every retail store. Still, it is fun and exciting to see droves of families and friends going to the malls and other amazing places around Metro Manila to hang out or celebrate their long-awaited meet-up after a long day of work, school projects or, even pushed-back plans from the last two years. Face-to-face classes came back and it is easy to say that the New Normal has been fully realized after being promised so long ago by our bravest front liners and government bodies. 

But, it is not yet fully back to normal, since variants of COVID-19 still exist, though not as deadly as the first year’s cases and the monkey-pox one runs rampant. Families should remain vigilant and aware of these diseases and still continue with the precautions that everyone has adopted since 2020. 

The holiday season as well attracts large groups of people and surely enough, traveling will be the trending activity too. So, this article and guide will be your best friend during the holiday vacation. After all, the holiday should be free from worries and fear, and only happiness, joy, and laughter surrounding your loved ones must be on the top of the list. And managing finances for the gift giving and celebrations with your closest people.

Save this article and let us remind you how to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy!

The ways to not get sick are very much a routine. You must practice them every day, just like with many of your usual routines in order to prepare for your work, school, or wherever you need to go. Plus, you have been doing some of them ever since you were a kid. It is one of the basic ways of living and it is timeless.

Preventing from getting a sickness is all worth it, compared to the numerous costs of recovering from a sickness and losing days from spending time with your loved ones and going back into productive habits for work or school. The following steps are highly recommended and repeated daily by several doctors and specialists from the Department of Health (DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The First Habit Is Fairly Obvious – Washing Your Hands.

The most basic and well-known habit is the main factor in how to not get sick. Wash your hands frequently, when you get home, after using the toilet, before eating your meals, and after you have touched anything in public spaces (e.g. escalator handles, door knobs, tables, etc.)

The manner in which you should wash your hands is to scrub your palms, in between your fingers, and wrists.

You are somewhat giving your hands a good old massage soapy bath. The length of which you should wash your hands must be around 20 seconds or to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” Be sure to wash your arms as well if you are wearing short-sleeve attire. Even in public, washing your hands with alcohol that contains at least 60 percent alcohol is good for maintaining cleanliness.

Let’s say that you are purchasing something from the store and you receive your change at a counter. Spray immediately your hands with alcohol. Also, anything that you purchase, physically or online delivered directly to your home, disinfected with a UV light, or put in heat. Also, with your groceries, wash with water only your fruits and vegetables.

The Second Habit Is Social Distancing.

This is for public travel because you don’t know where strangers have been, despite the fact that they too are practicing safety precautions. Sometimes, they might even cough out of nowhere, so your best bet is to play a lone wolf in public or only stick by with your family and friends because you know them to know where and what they have been doing.

Still, certain circumstances may occur and a family member or anyone that you are currently living with may fall under the weather. Limit your contact with them and isolate them in one room to make sure that any contaminated items are only within that room. 

When going out or in an enclosed public space, do not forget to wear a mask. Though Covid 19 seems to be taken lightly than in the first few years of the pandemic, it is still best to wear a mask and prevent greater health risks.

The Third Habit Is Connected to the Previous Step – Clean and Disinfect Your Personal Items or Anything at the Workplace.

Cleaning goods does the job perfectly for any surface for maximum disinfection of viruses. And if your nose is sensitive to the smell, don’t worry, there are many pleasing scents that will relax them. 

We handle door knobs, computers, tables, toilets, and many items and furniture every day so make it a habit to clean them regularly to prevent the spread. 

The Fourth Habit – Rest.

Sleep and recovery are two peas in a pod and you will feel refreshed the next day to continue. 7-8 hours is the recommended time for rest and sleep so that your body will recover and replenish its immune system. The earlier you sleep, the better you will be when you awake. 

Nowadays, with our busy schedules, getting the time to relax is a treasure. So, in order for you to sleep better and faster easily, you need to lessen your screen time an hour before bed and not consume sugary sweets or coffee (or any caffeine foods and drinks) at night. Do some stretches and drink warm water or milk so that you can be relaxed. 

In addition to rest, to have a safe and healthy holiday season, you must remember to eat healthy food. While it is expected that you will feast on sweets for the holiday, you must not remember to take in food that would help your immune system battle any kind of virus.

Despite following all of these steps to a tea, you might get sick from a random encounter or unforeseen consequences. This is true for COVID-19 or any disease that is considered a new discovery because every body system around the world will still adapt to it. But, if it is a known disease, the recovery stage will be fast, depending of course on your immune system, but, your body, environment, and close contact persons (aka your family and friends) will thank you severely. Good practices equate to an amazing healthy system and place, which is one of the main goals and factors on how to not get sick. It would be best, too, If you have knowledge of personal and family history when it comes to your health and other medical ailments, it is best to be prepared for such events.

It is a rigorous process, but making it a habit every day will become an involuntary action from you and it is an important habit akin to eating and sleeping. So, this holiday season keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy in your house and lot in Bacoor, Cavite! And head to places that also practice safe precautions against sickness like Evia Lifestyle Center in Daang Hari, Las Pinas, and NOMO in Bacoor, Cavite where they also hold a Christmas vibe ready for the holiday cheer.

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